USWNT parade includes Red Bulls, NYCFC, MLS floats; Cosmos decline place

Ticker Tape Parade

The World Cup Champion U.S. Women’s National Team will have some unlikely guests sharing the stage at their Canyon of Heroes Ticker Tape Parade on Friday.

New York City FC, the New York Red Bulls and Major League Soccer will each have separate floats in the World Cup victory lap in downtown Manhattan.

Joining them will be the National Women’s Soccer League and Sky Blue FC — the local NWSL affiliate. As of now, it is unknown whether either organization will have their own float down the Canyon of Heroes. The possibility exists they will instead share space with some of the other attendees on two separate floats. Of course, that can change as logistics continue to be worked on ahead of this unprecedented event.

The NASL’s New York Cosmos were offered a spot on the parade but declined the offer in respect to the Women’s victory.

The NASL itself, however, did not receive an invite from U.S. Soccer.

Word first broke about the unexpected participation of the MLS triumvirate after New York City FC began a Twitter campaign Thursday afternoon inviting members of their “Cityzens” program to “bid” on a pair of spots on the club’s parade float. EoS reached out to league contacts who revealed the New York Red Bulls — and yes, Major League Soccer — will both have floats in the World Cup celebration.

The news of the added participants, particularly on the MLS side, has been received with a mixed response from fans. On the one hand, the U.S. Women’s World Cup victory is a celebration of soccer throughout the nation, making the addition of clubs and leagues to the parade a larger homage to the sport in this country. On the other, the addition of MLS and their affiliates arguably draws attention away from the celebration at hand — a historic World Cup victory for the Women’s National team.

Whatever perception may be, the Red Bulls, NYCFC, MLS, Sky Blue and the NWSL will find themselves right in the middle of the party. The parade begins Friday, 11 a.m., starting from Battery Park down Broadway to City Hall.






  • Alan Smithee

    So Sky Blue FC may have to share space on a float while RBNY, City, and MLS each get their own. One would assume the Cosmos were offered their own as well.

    Why celebrate women’s soccer at a parade for a women’s soccer team?

  • slowleftarm

    You would think Cosmos would want to participate just to get some name recognition seeing as few people have even heard of them. Maybe then they could draw more than 3465 to Hempstead.

    • WTF?

      At first, I thought ‘WTF? Don’t the Cosmos didn’t respect the USWNT?”, but upon further review, it seems like the Cosmos are taking the classy road by not trying to leech on to them for a publicity stunt.

      Now, I’m thinking ‘hey NYCFC & NYRB… WTF?’ Can’t these two organizations ever make the right decision. From the handling of Lampard & Petke to mini-fields and cheap owners, NYCFC & NYRB would f up a wet dream.

      Bravo Cosmos and more importantly… BRAVO USWNT!!!!!! You make this country PROUD!!!

    • Cosmosfan

      They’ve drawn more than that several times……and many times that on different continents in the past few years. It’s almost like those nights with 2000 people at Giant Stadium have erased themselves from peoples memories.

      • slowleftarm

        I know they have drawn more than that but that’s what they drew last game. And 4900 average last season. Seems like they could use all the help they could get and participating in the parade as they were invited to do wouldn’t have hurt. Maybe their huge “global brand” is just too big for such an event.

    • trollleftarm

      Bro, you need to see a surgeon about removing that giant Cosmos shaped bug up your rear.

      • The Realist

        Left Arm really is obsessed with the Cosmos. It’s almost like cyber-stalking.

        At least he’s relatively polite.

        Larry the Simpleton is rude and borderline illiterate based on posts.

  • Zarge

    IF that’s true, The Cosmos have class.

  • Paul D

    Jesus. Why? This isn’t a celebration of MLS, or even the NWSL. It’s a celebration of the USWNT.

  • Anonymous

    NYCFC and Redbull have no reason to be there. This is the women’s national teams moment to shine as well as women’s soccer in general. Low class move boys. Country over Club tomorrow!

    • slowleftarm

      They were invited. Nice spin attempt though.

    • Andrew Bissonette

      If they put out a nice float honoring the USWNT and it isn’t a marketing play, then why shouldn’t they do it?

      • Steve Montomgery

        its silly. people love to have righteous anger and shame on the internet. its a couple of stupid mls floats in parade mls is paying for. its like when the women refused to be in an wmls league. that league would still probably be around.

        • Mick

          Do we even know if they’re paying for anything? And yes it matters. This kind of piggy-back marketing would never happen to the USMNT or to any winner of the World Series or the Super Bowl. MLS, RBNY, and NYCFC are certainly CHEAPENING the event, alright.

          • clay

            The Red Sox sponsored a float in this year’s Pats Super Bowl parade…

    • Juan

      I don’t know NYcfc BUT Red bulls has women team at the academy.

  • Ryan

    I’m nowhere near New York, but if my club ever pulled something like what NYCFC and RBNY are doing, I’d be furious. How embarrassing. They weren’t even tacitly involved in this victory. They have no business taking a victory lap.

  • Kei

    “He who loses his reputation, loses his shame.”

  • The Don

    Another classless moment brought to you by MLS.

  • Cosmosfan

    The Cosmos prove once again that they are the only organization in the NYC area that “Gets It”.

    • John

      gets what ? no fans at their games

      • Mick

        And somehow stealing the thunder and attention of the women’s team — WINNING THE WORLD CUP — for a marketing ploy will do that?

        Simply put, MLS and the local teams don’t belong in this parade. This should be only about the USWNT. When the Yankees won the World Series and got their parade, the Mets weren’t invited. When the Giants won the Super Bowl, the Jets weren’t invited. And that’s on a local scale.

        Screw all this talk of “sponsoring” or “funding.” This should be a celebration of the achievements of the US Women’s National Soccer Team and women’s soccer in general, not an advertising campaign for a financially stable men’s domestic league.

  • Bryan

    Pure class by the Cosmos! Hat’s off to the boys in green. Everyone knows that you don’t put club over country.

  • Ned

    I would understand it if MLS, NYCFC, and RBNY were using their resources to encourage their fans to go to the parade. But joining in like this? It’s tasteless. Let the USWNT shine — this parade should be an acknowledgment of THEIR victory, not a marketing stunt for MLS teams.

  • slowleftarm

    Hey, I don’t know why they were invited but they were. Only thing low class here is Cosmos spurning the invite and then acting high and mighty about it.

    • OpenCupFan

      “Slow.” Only way to describe you.

    • fastrightleg

      I know you’re upset that you won’t be able to see the Cosmos crashing and cashing in a parade that has nothing to do with them, but don’t worry! You’re always welcome at Hofstra, where we know your heart truly lies.


      • Larry’s A Simpleton

        sure. theres plenyt of room out there to stretch out among those thousands of empty seats.

        • The Sheik

          Then I shall use their stadium for the mass execution of dissidents!

    • Lou

      Sorry. Did I miss the part where the Cosmos acted high and mighty?

      • The Don

        I told him to say that and he listened. He is the Lamb of Don. I taketh away the sins of the Cosmos. Happy are those who called to the parade.

      • slowleftarm

        I was referring to their fans.

  • OpenCupFan


  • OpenCupFan

    The reason mls is stealing the USWNT’s thunder is because they want all the soccer loving kids in NY to be in one spot so mls can steal all their academies’ lunch money in one fell swoop.

  • Larry’s A Simpleton

    Im calling bull **** the cosmos were ever invited. nobody in nyc give a fat rats ass about them

    • Moe agrees and smacks you over the head

      Numerous sources have said they were invited, so you’re probably wrong there. You should step away from that red bullshit sometime and have fun with us at Hofstra. Who knows? We might grow to give a rat’s ass about you, too.

      • Larry’s A Simpleton

        you cosmos fanboys are the most gullible and naive jerks ive ever seen. then again youve been lapping up all that bull **** they’e been tossing out from nassau county why should anything be different now?

        with a million people up and down the streets of manhattan the cosmos are going to pass up the opportunity for all that exposure and publicity? lmffao!

        They were never invited or asked to chip in for the parade they declined because they dont have the money.

        but who needs exposure and publicity in New York? The cosmos have a huge following in sweden and habana!

        God you guys are dumb

        • Moe macks you over the head again. For your health, of course.

          There, there, Larry. We know you’re a simpleton. You even say it outright. You don’t need to prove it so often to us.

          Also whatever bullshit your smoking, share the name of your dealer and whether he delivers across to rivers. Because that must be some serious dope you’re taking.

          • Larry’s slow left arm is a Simpleton

            Hey, everyone! Don’t forget that I’m having an NYCFC – themed naked dance party in my mom’s basement after the NYCFC game on Sunday! You know, just the guys! Bring your team scarves so we can tie together and limbo. It’s gonna be great. We’re gonna eat s’mores and listen to Moby!

            • Larry’s A Simpleton

              lol. bitter bitter f.cosmos fans are hilarious.

              • Moe wonders if he’s giving Larry’s A Simpleton a concussion

                Don’t worry, I’m sure there will be plenty of Cheetos at Larry’s slow left arm is a Simpleton NYCFC-themed naked dance party to satisfy your munchies.

        • Lou

          Larry, the fact is that Giovanni Savarese was invited and sat on stage during the event.

    • The Don

      You are an obedient servant. You will sit at my right hand when I come to judge the quick and the dead.

      • Larry’s A Simpleton

        thank you don, but when are we going to have that soak in your hot tub?

        • The Don

          As soon as I crush the NASL and use the sheik’s blood stained hands to finish counting the money I have bilked from youth academies.

          • Moe

            …Okay, honestly, Don? THAT plot would justify and carry a $30 million dollar vanity movie.

            • The Don


              If FIFA got a movie so should I. I created American Soccer out of nothing in 6 days. I built the USL from one of Landon Donovan’s rib. Bow before me.

              • Moe

                Do it, Don. It’d be The Godfather and Ben-Hur and soccer all in one. This must be done.

                • The Don

                  More like the greatest story ever told.

  • Jessie

    what this article doesn’t make clear is whether MLS, NYCFC and Red Bulls are sponsoring the event i.e partially paying the costs for the parade, the rest of which will be paid for by the city. If they are, which i believe to be the case, instead of bashing these two clubs you should be thanking them. For making this event possible. And yes the whole idea of sponsorship is to advertise yourself. Why wouldn’t they do it? As for taking the spotlight away from the women’s team, that is utter nonsense. This is a soccer event and all organizations involved (uswnt, nycfc, nyrb, nwsl etc) are united by a common goal – to grow the sport of soccer in this country. The Cosmos, rather than being classy actually look like cheapskates (if indeed they were invited to be a sponsor but declined).

    • Anthony

      So that means they get the right to co-opt it? If they truly cared about these women getting a parade they deserved then simply donate to support it…no one wants to see a NYCFC float when cheering their country’s women soccer heros in a parade celebrating their triumph. Seriously, this isnt rocket science here, its common sense. Not that i’d ever expect fans of teams that exist purely as marketing apparatuses to get that.

    • ForClarity

      New York City and New York state are the ones involved in the financial costs of Ticker Tape Parades in NYC.

  • Anthony

    I applaud the Cosmos for declining, shame on the MLS teams for using this as an opportunity to co-op women s national team spotlight to promote themselves. Can you imagine of England won world cup and they had Arsenal floats during the parade…

  • Jin Old-Boy

    Why the hell is MLS being involved with a woman’s world cup victory celebration? I have no problems seeing NWSL flots, but MLS have no business. This shows what little respect MLS have for our women athletes. You can bet your ass that you won’t see any USWNT and NWSL flots if our men’s national team is being celebrated. I have even more respect for the Cosmos on not sticking their name in it like a marketing hungry hore.

    • Ulrich

      To answer your question, I guess the question would be whether the USWNT or NWSL clubs were chipping in $$ for the parade.

      I read this morning that only $450K of sponsorship had been given and that was less than 1/6th ($3M) of the amount of the parade; the MLS clubs likely raised the bar considerably on what’s been collected/sponsored. I’m all for a parade, but not necessarily on the backs of NY taxpayers, and if the MLS clubs want to pitch in funding, then I have no problem with them being part of the festivities with their floats giving praise to the Women’s team.

      • Mick

        Let’s celebrate the women! …But we’re cheap so let’s shoehorn in some marketing for the already stable men’s league.

        It’s like FIFA’s overall position toward women’s soccer writ small.

        • Ulrich

          Yes, because in EVERY parade in the country, there are organizations that march in support of the event. You have school bands, auto dealerships, Shriners/Lodges/Clubs, govt orgs, etc that partake in parades…. do you really think they all have a connection to the event, or they want to show their support and carry a placard with their name on it?

          • Mick

            Notice those aren’t OTHER SPORTS teams. This is blatant advertising. If MLS wanted to really do things the right way, they’d donate and be understated about any participation and primarily encourage fans to head out to the Canyon of Heroes. Two whole floats, though? That’s absurd.

            If you’re so concerned about money, which it seems you are, then you should be asking what the USSF is doing. But undeserved advertising for a men’s domestic league in a parade celebrating a women’s team victory at the highest level of international competition does not belong in this kind of event, especially when male sports teams — local and national — would never get this kind of treatment or financial second-guessing.

        • Jin Old-Boy

          Thanks for getting my point

      • OpenCupFan

        I read this afternoon that mls is bush league.

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  • tim

    when I woke up I was like, WTF.. why would the Mos decline? then I had coffee listened to the argument and was like.. oh right, what business do any of these Men have being there. So yea, classy move by the Mos, and yet again MLS and their scum ‘NY’ franchises look like dicks.

    • Larry’s A Simpleton

      like all f.cosmos fanboys youre delusional timmy. only an incompetent jerk would pass up the opportunity for all the exposure this parade will bring. then again looking at the way the f.cosmos have operated incompetent jerk sums up stover and obrien to a t. dark dark days for the f.cosmos and their fanboys

      • Larry’s Slow Left Arm is a simpleton

        Speaking of exposure…don’t forget …it’s a NAKED dance party!

  • tim

    Maybe Keith Obermann will lambast them as ‘Worst’ dickheads of the weak.

    • Larry’s A Simpleton

      lol try to keep up timmy. olbermann is out of a job. just like the f.cosmos are ought of the sight and minds of nyc sports fans.

      • Larry’s Slow Left Arm is a simpleton

        I don’t believe in punctuation!

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  • Nobby Stiles

    Can’t believe the Philadelphia Union weren’t invited. They seem to control the soccer world in this area.

  • chepe

    The classy ,new York cosmos . its a world cup celebration, not an MLS celebration .

    • slowleftarm

      Yeah so classy – refusing to sponsor and financially support a parade for our world cup winners.

  • slowleftarm

    Here’s a link with a better explanation:

    Good thing MLS was one of the few entities willing to sponsor this parade. Looks like the Cosmos were too cheap. Which makes sense given the 3465 that showed up to their last game.

  • slowleftarm

    Also this:

    No first team members of the New York Red Bulls will be on the float, as the aim is to promote women’s soccer and its grassroots development around New York City.

    Nice work by the two local top flight clubs to chip in and help make this event possible.

    • Larry’s A Simpleton







      • The Sheik

        We don’t allow excessive use of capital letters in my country. Do it again and we will execute you at half-time of the match on Sunday.

    • Ulrich

      Yep, and this also confirms that NYCFC isn’t promoting their team- no players are on the float, instead fans who want to celebrate the USWNT will be on it.

      MLS was generous enough to be 1/4 of the sponsorship of the parade.

  • Johnny Feelgood

    I’m just here for the comments. Drinking cheap beer but hey, it’s cold. I feel like breaking out my Tito Puente records. It’s gonna be a long night. I’m happy as a clam !

  • Anonymous

    this whole think is tacky… let Hellary Clinton buy a float… let Trump buy one too… heck let a honmmosexual float in too. why not?

    • The Sheik

      We have no homosexuals in my country.

  • Ali is my man

    What the hell is De Blasio doing there? Guy has done **** for NYC soccer.

  • smurf040

    plain and simple. MLS has no class. Good job Cosmos! Plus the way those two franchises are going. it’s probably the only way they’re going to get close to a championship trophy!!! lol!!

  • Ali is my man

    Can people stop using the term ‘class’ like they’re some British soccer pundit who knows something about the game?

    Obviously watching too much Kyle Martino.