Cosmos, Street Soccer USA Partner to Transform Elmont Youth Field


The New York Cosmos now have their eyes set on creating not one, but two new soccer fields in Elmont, NY.

While the Cosmos wait to hear back from the state capital on their revised project stadium on the Belmont site, they are getting down to the grassroots for a proposal much smaller in scope — and just as important to the community.

The club announced on Thursday that it has partnered with Street Soccer USA to convert a neglected basketball court in the Elmont community into a mini soccer field.

The two parties are forming a unique partnership to make the proposal a reality. Funding for the project will be secured through French-based crowdfunding platform, which announced its expansion into the U.S. earlier this week. This will serve as the platform’s first stateside project.

“Here at the New York Cosmos we understand the power of sport and the impact it can have in young people’s lives,” said New York Cosmos COO, Erik Stover. “This is a unique project and one we are proud to be part of through we hope to raise vital funds to transform this playing field and Street Soccer USA will ensure that the vision for this site is sustainable through their programs.”

The Cosmos and Street Soccer USA have already reached $40,000 of their $98,700 funding goal. Donations to fund the field will continue to be taken over the next two months.

Street Soccer USA plans on offering a number of free programs for youth in the Elmont area once the field is completed.

“The game is the teacher and the kids have the answers. Our job is to give them the opportunity to learn and develop, that’s why this program is so important, because many of these kinds don’t have access to programs or sports that can help them on the field to develop off the field” said Street Soccer USA CEO, Lawrence Cann. “Even the smallest donation will help us reach our target and make a difference in Elmont.”

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    If cosmos do win the stadium bid, I wonder what garber will do that day.
    A. Swallow his pride his has with Cosmos
    B. Call nycfc to buy land ASAP
    C. Give red bull an ultimatum
    D. Expand the salary cap or add a dp spot that same year.
    E. All the above

  • Anonymous

    all the above

  • HydraHamster

    If Garber swallows his pride about the Cosmos, then that means the Cosmos are the only independent team in the MLS. That will not fly well with investors/operators.

  • Anonymous

    You forgot F.

    F. Wish them luck filling it to 50% capacity


    Good one
    But you gotta build and think big and they will come.
    Put it this way, if red bull have fans and they have zero star power, why wouldn’t cosmos average 15k a game with a new stadium, and this stadium wouldn’t be an MLS cookie cutter stadium.
    Cosmos is at 50/50 right now, they can sink in 2 years or fly high and let’s be honest, nycfc will always have their star dps and once nycfc get their stadium land, they will get more fans but if cosmos win the bid, it will create a soccer earthquake in the boroughs.

  • Larry’s A Simpleton

    get off the drugs doc. if the f.cosmos get a stadium, all it will mean is they’ll get 4000 fans in a 25000 seat stadium. If that many.

    seriously doc if think garber gives a **** about the f.cosmos i have some park land in queens i can sell you on the cheap.

  • joe the plumber

    This is.easy ….get a brand new stadium, play in a league that salary cap …get all the dps you want and you have a sell out

  • OpenCupFan

    Real clubs don’t have DPs. That’s only some fake thing made up for #bushleaguemls


    What makes red bull and nycfc so great.
    Don’t get me wrong, i respect THEIR FAN BASE of red bull and nycfc but MLS is holding back soccer in the US and MLS rules are whack BUT with the TAM money things should change.
    Red bull and nycfc can only get 3 big names and red bull doesn’t even have ONE big name.
    Therefore, if cosmos get their big names and some good quality players,i can easily see cosmos averaging 15k at their new stadium.

  • OpenCupFan

    If you’re an mls fan – you’re a s.u.c.k.e.r. – don’t sugar coat it.


    Exactly that’s what I say, but cosmos need a stadium first.
    After getting the new stadium, anything is possible, from getting younger fancy players,winning the open cup and playing champions.
    If Miami and LAFC can get their stadium, why can’t cosmos……and nycfc.

  • ted dev

    so the cosmos who have maybe 3000-4000 fans will get a new large stadium that they can’t even come close to filling,

    but will load up on DPs on the team, playing against minor league teams that lost 7 games in a row to USL teams in the Open Cup last year – sounds like a great plan – deja vu per nasl 1.0 – everyone knows how that ended.

  • Kevin

    I think good things are coming to the Cosmos, but I agree with everything you say Doc, they need a stadium and very soon.

  • Anonymous

    It’s not easy. If it were easy there would be a lot more perspective owners waiting in line to join the NASL. You’re leaving out or forgetting about a very key part, which is at some point the owners actually need to make money (unless you have uber petrol dollars). Also, if you want to draw big name signings that will be no small feat when you’re playing in a league that is behind (in every facet) another league people here think is bush league. Building a 25k stadium is a huge risk when other teams avg 4-8k per game attendance.

    I hope they build an awesome stadium, sell out the place, and play good soccer. What’s good for the Cosmos and the NASL is good for soccer in the US. Just hope they continue to be smart about it.

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