Pay Up: Cosmos asking a transfer fee for Savarese



Giovanni Savarese is the hottest coaching prospect in America — and the New York Cosmos want to cash in on his next move.

EoS has learned that talks between Savarese and Minnesota United fell through on the Cosmos’ insistence of a transfer fee. The news was first reported via social media by FifyFive.One reporter, Jeff Rueter.

The subject of several head coaching vacancies, Savarese enters the winter transfer window as one of the most sought after bosses on the domestic front. However, he is contracted with the Cosmos through 2017.¬†Initially, Cosmos ownership had assured Savarese that they would not get in his way if he so chose to move on to another team — a fact EoS reported several weeks ago.

The gesture was in deference to the years Savarese had put in with the organization and an ode to the coach’s own philosophy. As Sporting Director of the Cosmos, Savarese made it his policy to offer the path of least resistance to players seeking to improve their careers. That is why the Cosmos never haggled for outgoing players like Haji Wright and Walter Restrepo, amongst others.

Now it seems the team has had a change of heart — and it cost Savarese a shot at one of the more coveted posts in North America today.