Pellegrini “confident” of Lampard loan extension; decision looms


The question seems to no longer be will Frank Lampard extend his Manchester City loan, but how long will he be in England.

In comments leading up to Manchester City’s Boxing Day encounter at West Brom, team boss Manuel Pellegrini updated Lampard’s loan status ahead of his scheduled return to New York City FC.

“I’m confident he’ll stay but I can’t say 100 per cent because it doesn’t depend just on me,” Pellegrini said. “It’s not so easy because Frank is a New York City player. He’s only on loan until December so we must respect the other people.”

Lampard was originally scheduled to stay with City through the first week of January, completing an agreed upon five month loan.  Pellegrini, however, revealed that was never Manchester’s goal.  “One of the reasons we asked him to play here was because we knew Yaya [Toure] would be leaving us to go to the African Cup of Nations,” he said.

Toure leaves on January 4th to join preparations with the Ivory Coast, while Lampard is expected to be with City through the 1st.

New York City FC officials have been adamant about honoring Lampard’s return date, but have recently softened that message, most notably demonstrated by Director of Football Claudio Reyna.  “Great players adjust and get to know each other really quick,” Reyna said of Lampard’s potential absence.  “I don’t think it would be a huge disadvantage if he is not here from day one [preseason].”

Meanwhile, Pellegrini has steadily kept to his message, speaking on Manchester’s desire to keep Lampard on through May.

For his part, Lampard remains quiet on an extension.  However, Pellegrini has repeatedly spoken on his behalf, claiming both club and player want a further stay.

  • Anonymous

    Junior Varsity

  • Smith

    Aaaaaand….everything the naysayers said would happen is happening.

    If you listen carefully, you can hear Nick Chavez’s heaviing sobs of anguish.

    • Anonymous

      or his digits dialing the Cosmos ticket office to see his beloved Raúl González Blanco in action.
      You could read the writing on the wall from the start with this sister club franchise debacle but they wouldn’t listen.

      • Smith

        All of these shenanigans make MLS look very minor league. It’s like Man City is saying to NYCFC, “We need Lampard here in a meaningful competition; not your piddly 2nd rate competition!”

        If MLS goes along with this, they are, in effect, agreeing. For shame, Don Garber.

        Meanwhile, Nick Chavez weeps tears of agony, crying, “City, City, why have you foresaken me?!?!?”

  • Stevie

    Reyna reminds me of Pussyboots my neutered cat

  • Anonymous

    NYCFC the gift that keeps on giving ! Disgrace that they put NY in the name of the franchise, should have been ManCityUSA like ChivasUSA

    • Strupp

      It’s gonna be great 5 years from now when Jr. City is still playing at Yankee Stadium, the Euro Snob fans have moved on, the team stinks, Man City has lost interest, Nick Chavez admits he was wrong about literally everything and Dandy Don has to give this disaster the Chivas USA treatment.

      What a disaster, Donnie Boy!

  • NASL to El Paso tx

    Cosmos the only New York team. If you ask a soccer fan in the U.S. Which New York team has a better future, who would it be, red bull, blues, or cosmos.
    I say if red bull rebrand they would have a very positive future, if cosmos get a stadium then their profile will totally change, and it all depends where the nycfc blues play, queens or Brooklyn.
    I would love too see a stadium battle between nycfc and cosmos.

  • NYsoccerfan

    “The question seems to no longer be will Frank Lampard extend his Manchester City loan, but how long will he be in London.”

    Note, Manchester is not in London!

    • Strupp

      It ain’t the Bronx either!

    • Ugh … meant to say England. Dummy I am haha.

  • Anonymous

    This is precisely why people were critical of the MLS allowing Man City to own the club and why they called it a repeat of Chivas USA, albeit slightly better disguised. Well, with the way things are playing out with Lampard, the disguise is clear as day. There is no way a player signs with a club, gets loaned to stay active and doesn’t play for the original club that signed him. That is ridiculous to say the least and an out right sign that NYCFC is not going to be the focus of the owner or even run on their own merit, but merely being used for Manchester City. I was excited for NYCFC and their upcoming season, but if I am one of those 11,000+ season ticket holders, I would be one pissed off fan! You announce Lampard as one of your key stars to help launch the club and now that he is playing well at the big club, you don’t want to honor the original contract. He’s on loan, if he plays well, great, you bring him back to the original club he signed for. If he doesn’t return to NYCFC at the launch of the MLS season, NYCFC and MLS should hang their heads in shame. This whole launch of a team is a farce and makes both club and league look like a joke. NYRB and NY Cosmos fan’s are going to eat this up, rightfully so!

    At this point, they should just cancel his contract with NYCFC. I don’t know how he’ll have any face coming to the team at this point anyway. I hope they boo him if he tries to return!

    • Anonymous

      i respect you for actually seeing the truth, it’s a shame all the PR stooges surrounding the fake supporters group get more attention than the actual people who believe in this project.

      • Smith

        I wanna see Nick Chavez’s piece spinning this as a positive for City Lite.

  • Lou

    Best. Boxing Day. EVER. Up the Mos. Down with false clubs that only exist for marketing purposes (Red Bulls) or logistical workarounds (Jr. City).