Pellegrini hopes for year long loan, includes Lampard in City’s New Years roster


Manchester City boss Manuel Pellegrini reveals Frank Lampard is a listed participant for Thursday’s encounter against Sunderland.

However, with his New York City F.C. loan set to expire in mere hours, all three parties are scrambling to finalize what looks to be an inevitable loan extension.

“I said during December we will know what happens with the future of Frank Lampard,” Pellegrini said in his pre-match press conference.  “I repeat once again, I think it is important for him to stay with us. Today we finish December. I hope today we will have news.”

Once again reiterating his desire to keep Lampard through the remainder of the Premier League season, Pellegrini stopped short of revealing a deal in place for the celebrated midfielder.

Asked if Lampard was re-registered by the club, a sign of an extension, Pellegrini said, “No, it doesn’t matter.  He will play tomorrow.”

With Yaya Toure set to join Ivory Coast on January 5th in preparation for the African Cup of Nations,Lampard becomes an important part of Manchester City’s plans.  Add on to that a revelation from Pellegrini that City would take a passive approach in the winter transfer window, and suddenly, Lampard becomes nearly untouchable for the Citizens.

New York City FC officials have floundered on their position over Lampard’s loan over the past several months.  Whereas both Director of Football Claudio Reyna and manager Jason Kreis were adamant about his return for the January camp mere weeks ago, the tone has softened to the point where a loan deal, for at least part of the season, seems amiable on both sides.

“Great players adjust and get to know each other really quick,” Reyna said of Lampard’s potential absence.  “I don’t think it would be a huge disadvantage if he is not here from day one [preseason].”

Pellegrini, however, continues to insist on a year-long loan.

A final decision must be made by midnight, English time (6 p.m. ET).  If no agreement is in place, Lampard will be forced to miss Thursday’s Sunderland match, making him unavailable until at least the 3rd.

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    Junior Varsity

    It’s all coming true, Nick

  • Old mc donald

    Old Don Garber had a team
    And on this team he had some stars
    Well, Villa’s here, but Lampard’s there
    It’s startin’ to look like City don’t care
    Old Don Garber had a team

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      Nicky! Come out of the basement! Stop crying! It’ll be okay! It’s New Year’s Eve! Aunt Rosa wants to see you! Wipe those tears! You can still go support RBNY or the Cosmos!

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  • slowleftarm

    Dave, midnight in England is 7pm eastern. Have a Happy New Year, looking forward to more Seeing Red in 2015!

  • Nick Chavez: A source close to City Football Group decision makers has exclusively confirmed that Frank Lampard will be directed to play for New York City FC as planned by, at the latest, the very first match of the expansion club’s inaugural season.

    Wow, that’s some source you got there Nick Chavez. Your “exclusive” source.

    And your welcome for the plug, I’m always happy to embarrass you with more attention.

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