Red Bulls Notes: Perrinelle suspended, Lawrence injured, Zubar update

New York Red Bulls defender Damien Perrinelle may have thought he got away with a punch directed at New York City FC defender Jefferson Mena this past Sunday — but he didn’t.

While the officiating crew missed the incident in game, the MLS Disciplinary Committee has made up for their errant ways, suspending Perrinelle two matches and fining him an undisclosed amount for “endangering the safety” of an opponent.

Perrinelle and Mena tangled during a set piece situation late in Sunday’s 2-0 Red Bull victory over NYCFC. With Mena clutching to the Frenchman, Perrinelle pushed the Colombian defender away and sent a wild right hook that just missed Mena’s jaw. It was just one of several infractions between both players throughout the evening, but was just enough to earn Perrinelle an extended stay from action.

The Frenchman will now miss this weekend’s home bow against Toronto FC and next weekend’s road encounter against the Chicago Fire.


The busy summer months have taken a toll on New York Red Bulls fullback Kemar Lawrence.

Following another busy slate that saw the young Jamaican defender play two consecutive 90 minute matches against Montreal and New York City FC, Lawrence has been out of practice this week with a hamstring injury.

Will he be available this weekend against Toronto FC?

“It’s not certain yet,” head coach Jesse Marsch said.

If Lawrence is held off, both Roy Miller and Anthony Wallace would be the assumed contenders for starting minutes. Wallace filled in for Miller and Lawrence during their Gold Cup stints this summer, showing well with the Red Bull starters.

“Anthony has done well and our record when he plays is very good,” Marsch said. “In that sense he has established himself within the team and earned the right to be on the field.”

Miller is coming off of a short loan to the USL’s Red Bulls II team.

“Roy has had an up and down year,” Marsch assessed. “In many ways with us, the injuries, Costa Rica — it hasn’t been an easy year for him. I’ve challenged him to keep himself going mentality.”

While Marsch said “It is very likely and possible we call on [Miller] in a major, important part of our season,” he fell just short of assuring him as the starter for this weekend’s Toronto FC clash.


  • MARSCH ON RONALD ZUBAR: “He is very close. He looked strong physically [against Charlotte of the USL].”
  • While Marsch acknowledges a need to reinforce his defense, he is in no rush to bring Zubar along quickly. “We are looking more towards the Chicago matches.”
  • Asked about starting newcomers Gonzalo Veron or Shaun Wright-Phillips, Marsch again chose a patient approach with both, hailing his current starters for doing what they could to hold their positions.


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  • BleedingRed

    Despite this being a six pointer, I think it would be prudent to rest a few starters so they don’t also pick up injuries. Besides, Toronto gives away more goals than it scores.

  • Gruff and Manly Bob

    Good point about the Toronto D ….

  • El CB

    Marsch is in love with Felipe and Kjlestan, though the former has been a bust for virtually the entire season (I don’t think the goal last Sunday comes anywhere near to changing that) and the latter for most of the season, including recently, has played poorly. Good luck on SWP and Veron changing that- of course management could put some pressure on him to at least put Veron in the first 11 if it does not happen soon, in view of the money and hype they have invested in him.

  • BleedingRed

    I know it seems like that but his role is subtle and in no way unimportant. This is taken from a post on the NYCFC forums:

    “Here’s some statistical analysis I pulled/compiled from whoscored:

    Dax and Felipe really ran the show for NJRB in their double pivot roles and we had no answer for them.
    Dax: 82 touches (game high; #1 for us was Facey with 63!); 83% passing (66 passes; 2nd most in the game); dispossessed 0 times; 4 tackles and 8 interceptions; committed 0 fouls
    Felipe: 77 touches (2nd highest in the game); 88% passing (67 passes – game high; #1 for us was Facey/Pirlo with 45 each); dispossessed just 1 time; 4 shots, 1 goal, 1 key pass”

    It goes on to talk about some other stats. Felipe’s job isn’t glamorous and doesn’t get enough credit, but he’s actually a key player in possession.

    P.S. I swear I’m not spying on the Smurf village. It’s just the neighborly thing to do when someone new moves in next door to extend your hospitality and be all up in their business.

  • BleedingRed

    As far as Sacha’s contribution, I think this is pretty astute:

  • El CB

    I am sorry. Those statistics do not truly reflect just how poor and nonproductive Felipe’s touches are. He is utterly uncreative and builds up his “completed” passes with negative balls and inaccurate or poorly paced passes that break down any momentum forward. When even mildly pressured and having the option between making a doable advancing pass to a player making a run across the pitch, he almost always chooses to make safe purposeless sideways or back passes to teammates that are only a short distance from him. Don’t be fooled by statistical jibberish- just watch him play and see just how little substantive contribution he makes to the team. There is a reason why Montreal, after 4 years with this guy, would so easily part with him at the age of 24. He simply does not have it, even by MLS standards. As far as defense, the LION’s share of the central mid defense is done by McCarty, who probably is the best defensive center mid in the league. Most of the time Felipe is just taking up space on the field.

  • maso

    Perrinelle gets too many cards. He needs to shape up.

  • El CB

    I read the article. Again we are dealing with pseudo-technical analysis of the midfield’s positioning in an effort to spin Kljestan and Felipe in a positive light. The bottom line is how these guys actually play technically and tactically on and off the ball. And the fact is that their touches, field vision, and decisions on the ball are generally mediocre. Sometimes they appear to be competing over who can produce the most turnovers. Kljestan lacks creativity, pace and is easily closed down. Felipe is just outright technically deficient. I watched Poku play as a starter against DC. He demonstrated strength, technical proficiency and excellent pace- truly the kind of impact attacking midfielder that Kljestan is not. Since NYCFC has to put Lampard on display, it is unlikely that Kreis will give him the as much playing time as he deserves. Thus I have mused that I would trade Kljestan for Poku in a heartbeat if that were possible and throw in Felipe for good measure (give Sean Davis a chance- he could not possibly be worse than Felipe).

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