Player Ratings: Colombia 2-0 U.S. Men’s National Team

USMNT Brooks Pulisic


Colombia is the number three team in the world. The U.S. has only just recently started to look settled. Both goals were not scored from the run of play.

When put in perspective, that’s not so terrible. Remember the 2015 Gold Cup? Being outplayed by CONCACAF minnows? That was bad. This match was not.

There’s not a lot to like, but there’s also not a lot to hate. The biggest plus on the evening?,The hardest match in the Group stage is out of the way and no one can argue the U.S was run off the field. But the tournament doesn’t end with Colombia. Costa Rica and Paraguay remain, giving the U.S. some hope after this storm.

Here are the player ratings on the evening:


Brad Guzan – GK: 5
Definitely a bit shaky between the sticks. PK’s are hard to defend, but he was woefully faked out.

DeAndre Yedlin – RB: 5
A tough handball call hurts his mark. Was mostly solid on defense, but offered little going forward aside from a few late runs.

Geoff Cameron – CB: 5
Aside from losing his man on the opener, he really had a fine match, but that moment set the tone the rest of the way.

John Brooks – CB: 7 (EoS MotM)
The best player on the field for the U.S. Killed a few chances for the Colombians, and played with high energy throughout.

Fabian Johnson – RB: 6
Fine defensively, not much going forward. Might be a better winger than left back, but he’s still the best left back in the U.S. pool.

Michael Bradley – CDM: 5
Defensively sound, had a few pin point long balls, but his short game was sorely lacking on the night. In many ways as Michael Bradley goes, so does the U.S.

Jermaine Jones – CM: 6
Probably one of the most active players on the night. Unfortunately it didn’t lead to anything in the offensive zone.

Alejandro Bedoya – CM: 5
A bit too little too late. Had a bunch of dangerous moments and chances created when it came to the desperation hour. But not enough earlier.

Gyassi Zardes – RW: 5
Had a few nice moments, his touch was a bit more on than usual, even tracked back very nicely on defense. But much like, Wood, he’s not a winger, and when he got the ball in the corner, he seemed to lack ideas of what to do.

Clint Dempsey – F: 5
He earned the U.S. a few nice free kick opportunities and came alive late in the second half. But it wasn’t enough by the man from Nacogdoches.

Bobby Wood – LW: 4
Bobby Wood is an average winger. Playing against a Colombian side exposed his deficiencies at the position as he produced little to nothing.


Darlington Nagbe – CM: 3
Everyone was clamoring to see him come in and change the the game. He came in — but definitely didn’t change the game.

Christian Pulisic – LW: 5
A few nice touches here and there, but none made much of a difference, might warrant a start Tuesday against Costa Rica nonetheless as he’s an actual winger.

Graham Zusi – RW: N/A
Short cameo, not much to do.

Jurgen Klinsmann: 4.5
For the most part, Klinsmann got the formation and lineup correct. You could argue Zardes and Wood out wide were experiments, but they’re experiments that have, at times, worked. The team lacked a sense of urgency and seemed a bit out of sync. Nevertheless, a Klinsmann howler, this was not.

  • Rest of the World

    So tired of Michael Bradley. He is very difficult to watch. All that running without the ball is great the rest is aweful.

    • The Truth

      He turns the ball over relentlessly. He’s just not a very good player. So over-hypes.

  • Don Garber

    I was getting my manicure last night.
    Did I miss something?
    How did Beckham do?

  • tytriler

    Poor Klinsmann…How could that dude with a weird looking skull always chasing his bald head shadow up and down the field still be on a team. A 4 year old kid could definitly recognized a soccer ball. Klinsmann and Bradly are a perfect match.

  • Ouch!

    We just don’t have the players, especially up front.
    What has happened to our player development? Is it the way the league is set up?
    Is it US Soccer?

  • Don Garber

    They will never sellout metlife stadium.
    It’s no home depot center. I started US soccer there and at Real Salt Lake.
    I’m a hall of famer damn it.

  • James

    You’re an idiot… How in the world have you been given the ability to rate these players? Bradley was a 1 and Jones was a 1… absolute donkey you are!

    • tytriler

      Did u see a finger in your nose?
      Small skull….another perfect match….

  • slowleftarm

    Sad fact – Hempstead fans think US Soccer is engaged in some conspiracy against their clown club so they will actually root against the USMNT.

    • The Truth

      I have never seen any evidence of this. What are you vading this on?

      • slowleftarm

        I’m basing this on many comments by Cosmos fans on here. Basically if the USMNT performs poorly, they delight in blasting MLS for not producing better players and then onto their usual spiel about NASL, pro/rel, MLS sucks and so on.

        • The Truth

          Then they are knocking MLS, not rooting against the national team.

          • slowleftarm

            No, it’s clear from their glee that they want the team to lose. There was a Cosmos fan on here before the Colombia game saying he couldn’t wait for the USMNT to lose every game. They think it makes US Soccer and MLS look bad, which I guess somehow makes Cosmos look good, and that’s more important to them than the national team doing well.

            • The Truth

              I disagree entirely. I don’t recall any Cosmos fan gleefully looking forward to the US losing any games. Several fans, Cosmos and otherwise, have pointed out, correctly, that MLS has done a poor job of developing talent for the National team. That is indisputable. There is not one world clasd player developed by MLS on the US team at the Copa. You need to get past your Cosmos hate. I’m a Red Bulls fan and I’m telling you that. The US team is badly coached, yes. But MLS player development is sub par. When Michael Bradley is among the best we produce, we’recommend in trouble.

              • slowleftarm

                Ah yes, the supposed RBNY fan who doesn’t like me mentioning Cosmos. Yeah, that’s believable.

                • The Truth

                  Ivery been a metristars dance since 96. People get tired of you bringing up the Cosmos because it has nothing to do b with the article. The issue here is The USMNT teams struggles and that comes down to bad coaching and poor player developmento, of which Jurgen and Michael Bradley are the poster boys. MLS player development for the US National team has been poor. Just look at the current roster!

                  • The Truth

                    Damn auto correct. I mean that I have been a Metro fan since 1996.

                    • slowleftarm

                      The problem is posters have posted under multiple names saying the exact thing you’ve been saying “I’ve been a RBNY fan since 1996 and don’t like you posting about Cosmos” when in reality all of these posts are being written by William the Cosmos fan, aka Angry Bill.

                    • The Truth

                      Or….there are many Red Bulls fans here who are perplexed by your desire to bring the Cosmos into literally every thread and equally perplexed that you are not upset about MLS sub par player development history. I havexpect never heard any fan of either MLS or NASL say they are rooting against the Nats regardless of where they stand on promotion and relegation or anything else. The issue here is that the US is stagnating at best on the national level and MLS is not producing world class players. That’s the issue. Not the Cosmos or NASL or USL or whatever else.