Player Ratings: U.S. 1, Honduras 1


US logoA sluggish World Cup qualifying match for the United States men’s national team ended in a draw. The visit to Honduras saw a struggling defense and an uninspired offense, until that last gasp. If it wasn’t for smart substitutions, it could have been a crushing loss for the U.S., losing back-to-back contests. For the second straight game, the U.S. presented the opposition few problems on offense.


Brad Guzan did his best on the night. He wasn’t entirely at fault for the goal, but better communication with his back line could have helped his sluggish defense. Grade: B-


Graham Zusi was nonexistent. His offensive production was absent while his defensive effort was average, at best. Grade: C-

Matt Besler was part of another shaky backline. There were no clear mistakes but he wasn’t able to make a positive impact. Grade: C+

Omar Gonzalez was the worst player on the field. He muffed a tackle on the Honduras goal. Grade: F

DeMarcus Beasley didn’t offer much. He was bulled off the ball repeatedly and made no impact on offense. Grade: C-


Darlington Nagbe faded in and out of the game. Apart from a few creative runs, his contribution was small. Grade: C

Michael Bradley tended to sit farther back after his defense’s collapse on the first goal. His offensive production stalled and his set pieces were weak. Grade: C+

Kellyn Acosta stepped up. His strong tackling kept the opposition honest and his free kick led to the game-tying goal. Grade: B

Christian Pulisic left his heart on the field. His non-stop energy and passion resonated on the field and offered a glimpse of hope. Grade: B


Jordan Morris disappeared 20 minutes in, but played a part in the game-tying goal. Other than that, he didn’t do much. Grade: C+

Clint Dempsey was quiet throughout the full 90. The only time he appeared on screen was when he was complaining to the referee. Grade: C


Paul Arriola added energy when his team looked to be all out. He didn’t make a significant impact offensively but his hustle rubbed off on the rest of his teammates. Grade: B

Geoff Cameron‘s presence calmed an out-of-sync defense. Grade: B

Bobby Wood did his job. He was brought on late to score a game-tying goal — and did. His perfect technique and positioning led to the goal. Grade: A


Bruce Arena started a miserable backline. The back four was a mess but it was fixed early in the second with two smart substitutes. Arena realized his mistakes and fixed them. His decision to bring on Wood late in the contest was applauded after the goal. Grade: B-