Out Of Their Hands: NYCFC playoff hopes contingent on rivals results



If New York City FC hope to secure a spot in the postseason, they will need some help to do it.

NYCFC trail the Montreal Impact by five points in the playoff chase, but the Impact have two games in hand. To close that gap in their favor, NYCFC will have to rely on their rivals to take down the Impact: namely Orlando City and the New York Red Bulls.

Desperation lends itself to the creation of awfully strange bedfellows doesn’t it?

After Friday’s match against DC United, NYCFC will not play until Oct. 16. While NYCFC waits, the Impact will play three times knowing that two wins will clinch a playoff spot for them. Considering Montreal’s current run of six games without a defeat, picking up six points out of a possible 15 is not a daunting challenge.

There is not much to say about NYCFC’s current playoff chances beyond what head coach Jason Kreis said after Saturday’s win against Vancouver.

“In our minds we have to win out, that’s clear in our mind. It’s the only way we have a chance, and then we [still] might not,” Kreis said.

If NYCFC loses any of its next three matches and the Impact win any of its next five matches, NYCFC will be eliminated from playoff contention. It is long odds for NYCFC, but their final schedule suggests that it is possible for them to do their part. They will be playing a DC United team on Friday that is winless in its last six and will be without centerback Steve Birnbaum due to yellow card accumulation. They finish the season against Orlando City and the New England Revolution, teams they have previously beaten.

The Impact have more than the sixth seed to play for. They can move into second place in the conference by winning their games in hand, so long as they do not drop points this weekend against Orlando. From Orlando’s perspective, a loss on Saturday would eliminate them from playoff contention. If both expansion teams win this weekend, spots 6-8 would be separated by only two points.

Then Orlando would join NYCFC in waiting to see if their matchup will mean anything. The Impact will face both the Red Bulls and the Colorado Rapids. The Rapids are out of playoff contention and have only gained 10 out of a possible 30 points since Aug. 1. Safe to say the odds of NYCFC and Orlando getting help from the Rapids are as long as their own respective playoff chances.

If the Impact beat Orlando City on Saturday, NYCFC will have to rely on a Red Bull result to keep their playoff chances alive. Though that sentence may make many fans cringe, that is what happens when a team has no control over its playoff destiny.

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  • Cosmos Country

    No matter. The goal of a farm club isn’t to make the playoffs…it’s to be the bitch to the real team. And the non-carbon copy City is doing pretty well this season.

    • sloweleftarm

      What’s the goal of a farm team’s farm team? I suppose it’s to play in a league nobody cares about.

      • William

        the MLS is full of bitches

      • slowleftarm

        What’s the goal of my impostor? I guess it’s to make the cold lonely hours of the night go faster by making pointless posts on EoS.

        • William

          u have way way too much freetime little boy

        • William

          Ok if it upsets you that much, I’ll stop.

          • William

            hahahhahahahaa I didn’t say that hahaahahahahahahahahaha booyah

            • William

              yes I did say that no I didn’t another imposter of an imposter

  • David Carlin Goat fucker

    Oh well. Hahahahahahahaha !!!!!!

  • William

    Blue Man Group haahahahahahahahahahahaa who cares ?

    • Rip

      You spend a lot of time commenting on NYCFC…..so apparently you do.

      • William

        yea not really. I am a busy man u know u wouldn’t know how it is friend.

      • Anonymous

        Agreed. I would troll The Cosmos stories except I always seem to forget they exist. Also… I kind of like The Cosmos. They aren’t even in the same league as NYCFC. Why is this a contest? I was impressed by their victories over RBNY and NYCFC. I hope the NASL is successful. I know this all sounds very strange, but the thing is… I like soccer.

        • William

          I think its just natural that’s sports – the rivalry was established with Open Cup game –

          same as Mets Yankees etc etc its fun

  • William

    see ya next year Plastic Blue !!!!!! yea but we have like 100,000 at our games yea our attendance is for real yea deal with it yea the third railllllll hahahahahaahahahahahha see ya losers !!!!!!!

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