Red Bulls poach NYCFC V.P of Marketing, Media, Fan Relations


Harrison, N.J. – The competition between the New York Red Bulls and New York City FC happens both on and off the field.

Case in point: the hiring of Amy Scheer.

Scheer has been named the Red Bulls Chief Commercial Officer, overseeing the club’s “revenue driving departments including Ticket Sales, Fan Services & Ticket Operations, Partnership Marketing and Red Bull Training Programs.”

Her former position? Vice President of Marketing, Media and Fan Relationship Management with NYCFC.

Scheer joins current Marketing, Communications and Multimedia director Joseph Stetson, reporting directly to club General Manager, Marc de Grandpre.

Scheer brings with her 26-years of experience in the sports industry

Joseph Stetson will continue to oversee the club’s Marketing, Communications and Multimedia departments. Both Scheer and Stetson will report directly to Red Bulls General Manager Marc de Grandpre.  She spent four years as Director of Marketing for Grand Central Terminal before entering the realm of soccer, overseeing marketing, public relations, social media, events and the iconic centennial celebration for the New York landmark.

In the sports industry realm, Scheer took the reigns as Vice President of Marketing and Communications for the New York Liberty of the WNBA where she enjoyed much success, increasing overall ticket sales by 130% and pushed renewals over 80%. She was also the Vice President of Broadcasting for the New Jersey Nets prior to her time with the WNBA.

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  • slowleftarm

    Maybe she convince the team to actually spend some money on marketing. It’s like they want to keep this team a secret – there is literally no marketing anywhere ever.

  • Texas heat

    You sound very convinced and satisfied with the name of New York red bull, but if you ask any expert in marketing or sales, they will tell you that naming an American sports team after a HUGE company, it’s a big mistake. ( don’t get mad or crazy on me, just my thoughts)
    Another important fact, you can pay a person to work for your empire but nothing will change until a new identity is born.
    It’s like Donald trump hiring experienced employees for his presidential campaign and paying them lots of $$$$ but we all know nothing will change, due to the power and rules.
    And let me make it clear, I have nothing against red bull, NYC or cosmos. New York and LA have the population to support 3 soccer teams in MLS but red bull company are wasting their time and money with MLS.
    Red bull fans and non red bull fans want a rebrand and if the owner of red bull expects more than 13,000 season ticket holders and more sell outs, then give your fans a real identity and real dps.
    What is so difficult about just keeping the giant red bull image as the sponsor on the jersey, stadium and seats and rebranding to something more New York.
    If I was her, I would tell the owner and CEO, you will never reach your potential with that name, you have a beautiful stadium for the wonderful sport of soccer, and across the river, you have NYC growing a rapid fan base and never looking back, then you have cosmos trying to get a stadium, so we rebrand like skc did it or we lose fans and interest.
    Look at the Brooklyn nets, rams practically moving to LA, and if you google red bull, you get formula one racing info and red bull extreme games.
    How many more seasons until garber sends daddy red bull a letter stating, we can no longer use the red bull brand as a team name in MLS due to growth and sponsorships, will you be open for a rebrand.
    I say 5 years or less.

    • slowleftarm

      Here’s a true story – a guy in my wife’s family is from Italy. He watches Serie A religiously, an AC Milan supporter. I took him and his wife and kid out to RBNY a couple of years ago and he literally had no idea the team was there and that Henry played for them. None. Had never heard of RBNY. Now he’s an NYCFC fan (he lives in the city) and goes to games frequently because they actually make efforts to let people know they exist.

      Marketing is important, especially in a crowded sports market like NYC. If they had marketed RBNY properly a few years ago maybe someone like the guy I mentioned above would’ve come out to RBA and become a RBNY fan. Instead it took NYCFC to get him to pay attention to MLS. It was lack of marketing that cost them, not the name of the team. At least a couple of years ago, there were ads on the PATH trains, billboards in the city etc. Now I don’t even see that.

      • The insider

        Expect big marketing in 2016. Trust me.

  • The insider

    Listen – I am an insider

    Don will never chase Red Bull out because they invested big in the league when so few wanted to. Get over the name.

    As for Scheer, she left NYCFC because they are an even bigger mess off the field than on it. It’s a disaster over there. Unhappy coach, unhappy stars, unhappy staff, turnover at all levels (remember Tim Pernetti). On top of that, they answer to Big Daddy Sheik and have a terrible team. As big a mess as you think this is, it is far worse. If the fans had any idea of what goes on, they’d be on suicide watch. Trust me.

    • DanGerman

      Have to call BS on you “insider”. The red bulls are focused on Leipzig and not on nyc. Their lack of marketing combined with their sudden interest in “developing” players instead of signing them just shows you that it’ll be more of the same next year. As a matter of fact it’ll be worse because last I heard they’re RAISING ticket prices and are going to invest the same amount, which is dead last in the league. Unfortunately I don’t think anyone cares really (not fans mind you but the higher ups in the league and club) why spend on marketing when you get that NYCFC marketing wake mention (you know the OTHER nyc team). I really do hope that someone buys the club from red bulls.

      • the Insider

        Believe me or not. Time will prove me out.

        RBNY wanted to clean house of big salaries and old allegiances, get rid of the metro die hards and keep costs down.

        They did and the team is playing better and drawing better than anyone would have predicted in Jan. They are now willing to spend money on players (Veron) and Marketing (Scheer) again.

        As for NYCFC, it’s a disaster like yo haven’t saeen since the Stillitano era Metrostars.

        You don’t have to believe me. Time will prove me right.

        • DanGerman

          WHAT METRO DIEHARDS! They all left when Red Bulls took over! That comment alone shows that you’re full of it aka the Bull in Red Bulls. The club is slashing salary so it can spend it on RB Leipzig so they can have a team in the Bundesliga. I can see it now they’ll probably lose in the semis in the playoffs but Marsh and Ali will talk about how this is just the foundation for the youth movement to come and then miaza will get transfered to RB Leipzig and so will abang and anyone else who’ll get that team promoted but they’ll just tell you its all part of the plan to make room for the new kids coming up.

          • the Insider

            Believe what you like.

            Hold on to your dreams.

            You will see and you will believe.

            • DanGerman

              I’ll believe anything once I see it but honestly what you claim is far fetched IMHO

          • 5 Boroughs SC

            No Metro diehards? I take it you haven’t been to a Red Bulls game at RBA. It wasn’t the hardcore supporters that left after the Red Bull takeover, it was the idiots knowns as the OUTER Borough Boys.

    • Anonymous

      They didn’t threaten her with a clitorectomy or anything, did they?

    • Just Curious

      Are you Decepticon Lazerbeak?

  • Texas heat

    For slowleftarm, that happens every where with MLS teams, specially with different ethnic groups. ( that’s why I think the name of the league is wrong and doesn’t gain interest from Europeans, South Americans, Mexicans and Americans)
    How many non MLS fans know they have a professional soccer team in their city or suburb? Not many of them and it’s a sad story.
    Let’s be realistic, every MLS team should have more than 13,000 season tickets holders, simple as that and zero excuses.
    Like I said before, I have nothing against red bull, NYC and cosmos but I do think NYC has set the bar for red bull and cosmos, in sales and marketing.
    One opinion for fans bashing NYC, don’t forget they are an expansion team and play in one of the most stress and saturated sports market of the world, we should be pressuring rapids, fire, and other teams.
    As for the insider who thinks garber won’t tell red bull daddy to rebrand or step it up, you must be smoking something.
    How many lawyers from MLS helped red bull get their stadium?
    For how many years has MLS support red bull marketing?
    Red bull didn’t make it on his own, MLS help them

    • slowleftarm

      So the reason “ethnic” people don’t like MLS (which isn’t true btw) is because of the name? The substance of what happens on the field trumps superficial things like team names etc.

      • DanGerman

        Slow you already answered your question on this, marketing is extremely important in NYC and only one team is marketing a soccer club.

        • 5 Boroughs SC

          The minor league team on Long Island with only a handful of fans? Keep dreaming.

          • DanGerman

            Nope buddy the only team that can lay claim to being you IN NYC. The Cosmos need to market more for sure but so do the Red Bulls.

            • ’96

              +1 that NY2 markets a soccer team* and plays in NYC**.

              *Man City
              **For now

        • the realist

          And a **** poor one at that!

          • DanGerman

            Sure are but they’re an expansion team, whats the red bulls excuse for having the same amount of championships as nycfc but with a ten year headstart?

            • the realist

              They were run by “big splash” owners before settling on a real plan. You guys will learn how that works out.

              • DanGerman

                You realize “those owners” are still this teams owners, right? And setting on a plan is currently don’t spend a dime on the team and hope for the best. RB have benefited from a weak eastern conference but there’s no way the win anything this season but RB will spin this as a sign that their new philosophy is working. It’s not that this team is good its just everyone else is just mediocre this season.

                • Niche Chavez


                  And our team is deeply sub-par!


                  Andrea Pielo gives me a woody!


                • slowleftarm

                  They won the 2013 Supporters Shield which, though an imperfect trophy, is a far better indicator of which team was the best team in a given year than MLS Cup.

  • David Carlin, Farm Animal Molester

    Texas heat hit the nail on the head with his first post. Sorry, but that rebrand totally turned me off to the team, not to mention the way they went about it. They even thought building that stadium and bringing in DP’s like Henry, Marquez, would make people “forget” about the name. Well guess what? It didn’t happen. Henry and Marquez didn’t help selling out the stadium. Even the year they’re having now isn’t selling the stadium. They need to rebrand the team. It’s their only hope. Even though the damage is already done in my opinion. What cracks me up though is all the morons that jumped the redbull ship for NYCFC because of the name. Sorry, but the Manchester City off brand is no different either. They better start winning or their attendance numbers will drop quick. .

    • the realist

      Red Bulls actually draw better than the Metrostars did. Check the numbers. They don’t miss you.

    • EnglishRBNY

      im so sick of the constant digging at the name and the calls for a rebrand. It’s like a broken record for the last 10 years over and over. I think (and don’t throw a **** fit if I’m not 100%) but after this season the franchise will have been Red Bulls longer than it was MetroStars (which I personally think is a bad cartoonish mls 1.0 name).

      It comes down to this…do you like football yes or fucking no? Oh you do? Lovely. You live in the New York Metro area….ok… Here’s three choices for you. Non of them are perfect. But if you want to enjoy the beautiful game and see it grow in the U.S. Pick one, grab a beer and a seat. Try and fucking enjoy yourself.

      • #redbullshout


        I wiLl NOT enjoy myself!

        I will whine and moan and be self-righteous and weep into my 1998 Mike Petke Metrostars jersey as I cry on a cot in my mother’s basement in Hackensack!

        • #RedBullOut

          • #redbullshout


            I’m also a member of #yankeesout!

            We want thr NY baseball team to change the name back to the Highlanders, rebuild hilltop park and honor Jack Chesboro!

            • slowleftarm

              This was brilliant.

            • Based on ticket prices at New Yankee Stadium, and what it’s done to the vibe, perhaps there should be some kind of supporter movement. Of course, not related to the name, as the Yankees weren’t named after an energy drink, #RedBullOut isn’t nostalgia, and the comparison is idiotic.

              • The Realist

                Bayer Leverkusen

                Wrigley field

                Metro (media) Stars.

                Come on, man. Sports has always been a business.

                Grow up.

                The Metrostar days sucked as evidenced by the record, attendance & investment.

                Do you really miss 1999 that badly?

                • Oh man, what a reach on those comparisons.

                  • The Realist

                    Look, either you root for the team or don’t & either way is ok, but to act like Red Bull has been all bad for the team when (a) they had a terrible corporate name before this (b) played at Giant stadium & (c) couldn’t draw crowds in the Metrostars days is ridiculous.

                    Grow up.

                    • #RedBullShout

                      No, I refuse to listen!

                      Red Bull is evil!

                      The Metrostars were great!

                      Miles Joseph and Brian Kelly are all time legends!

                      I go to sleep at night watching the 1996 Metrostars highlight video on VHS and dream of being on the bench with Chris DiSilva!

                    • Thanks for the concern, but I’ll keep on doing both: rooting for the team and looking forward to Red Bull selling. Red Bull certainly hasn’t done everything incorrectly; they built a great stadium and have produced decent play on the field.

                      It doesn’t outweigh the identity issues, the, lack of community outreach, discounting of cup competitions, recent scaling back of investment, management turnover, and other issues.

                      And, on the other side, no one is pretending that the MetroStar days were halcyon, so that’s just putting words in mouths. It was similarly damned by incompetent management, but produced an identity unrelated to a product (Metro did not push a MetroMedia product; that point is utter silliness) that people are holding on to. Did you know that a lot of people wanted the owners of that era to sell, as well? A big difference is that new owners then didn’t necessitate a change in identity and name, while a change in ownership now would.

                      By all means, though, tell me to grow up again.

                    • Oh, one other point: Most #RedBullOut people wouldn’t have a problem with Red Bull GmbH selling to new owners that rebranded the team to something other than Metro, assuming that they were competent and the identity was local. So much for the nostalgia tag.

  • Niche Chavez

    It’s time for another CALL TO ARMS!

    • EnglishRBNY

      @redbullout foot soldier

      I’m not having a go at you. I read your words and feel your pain.

      If it’s that bad, and it sucks so much. Make the jump.

      The team you once loved is long gone. It’s spiritual and commercial successor has devoured it whole and pooped out the bones.

      You need a fresh start, because it’s never going to be right for you. You will always be tourchered by the memory that was.

      Unless you actively are seeking the life of a martyr, move on. Set yourself free from the torment.

      Go and enjoy your football somewhere else. Seriously.

      • Vinny Ginzaloon

        Be organic.

        Go see the Brooklyn Italians.

      • I’m good! But thanks. It doesn’t suck that much; Red Bull will sell at some point, and I don’t jump ships.

        Disagree about the team I love being gone.


        • EnglishRBNY

          You should google “AFC Wimbledon and FC United of Manchester. (If you don’t already know about them)

          I think you’d enjoy the history and fans reactions that resulted from horrible buy outs and movements.

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