Poll: Would Ronaldinho be a good fit with New York Red Bulls?

It’s rare when the Worlds of super-stardom and community pandering collide to form a near perfect fit, but this may be one of those times.

David Beckham and his Hollywood stature fit La-La Land like a glove. Can Ronaldinho and the Ironbound be the East Coast equivalent for the New York Red Bulls?

The two time World Player of the Year won a legal dispute against his now former club Flamengo for over $20 million in unpaid wages. The decision frees him of his contract, though Flamengo can appeal.

This presents a second opportunity in as many years for New York to approach a figure that can potentially meet a pair of essential needs for the team. He’s a playmaker with a keen eye for distribution and a lethal ability to find the back of the net. His Brazilian background and legendary status amongst his countrymen would also pander to the local Portuguese market surrounding Red Bull Arena; an area which the team has desperately tried – and failed – to reach out to.

Clearly, the attacking midfielder / forward is not at the prime of his career, but even with the struggles at Flamengo, he managed put up some impressive numbers, including 26 goals and 14 assists in 68 total appearances with the club.

The question at hand: would you take a chance on him? After all, the Red Bulls do have a third DP slot available!

Have a vote and your take below:

  • DJ

    Whoever voted yes is a dope. He is a sex craved headcase. He is a disaster and pandering doesn’t work.

  • Derby

    Put a “Only if we get rid of Marquez to make room for him” as an option and I guarantee it will win.

  • Voted Mixed. What Derby said. Can’t see him and Marquez on the same field at this stage.

  • Simon_M

    while it would be awesome to have 3 former barça players on the pitch at the same time, i am wary of having 2 highprofile headcases as DPs. marquez is a great player for sure when playing the game
    but he’s an even greater a-hole and a danger to the success of the team when he’s on the pitch and not playing the game. and when he’s not being awesome or an a-hole he’s really not doing anything.
    i’m not saying it would be the same with ronny. don’t get me wrong, i love ronny. his name is on my barça jersey. but i know the greatest danger with him. Apathy. if he gets bored he’ll be ineffective.
    but as long as he’s interested he’ll be amazing. he and henry and marquez will take us to the CCL.

    but i wouldn’t count on it.