POLL: Should Bob Bradley’s Job Be On The Line Against Guadeloupe?

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United States Coach Bob Bradley has certainly been a part of some big, memorable moments since he took over the helm of the Men’s National Team. From the Confederation’s Cup victory over Spain in the semifinals in 2009 to the last minute heroics of Landon Donovan in beating Algeria on route to the Round of 16 of the World Cup, Bradley has left an indelible mark on the American side, adding to the growth, development and competition of this nation throughout his reign as boss.

His recent bit of history making may have put his job in jeopardy. The American side lost their first ever match in CONCACAF Gold Cup group competition this weekend in a disappointing 2-1 performance against Panama at Raymond James Stadium. This also marked the United State’s first loss to Panama ever. They began the game with a miserable showing in the first half of the competition, and in typical fashion for this Bradley coached side, came back stronger in the second half. This time, it simply wasn’t enough.

The formula is beginning to be counterproductive. Though they still hold strong to their second place position in the group, the U.S. have allowed the door open for an upset, putting Bradley’s job under the microscope. The fortunes of this tournament now rest on the teams Tuesday encounter against Guadeloupe at LIVESTRONG Sporting Park in Kansas City, a dire position few saw coming in the opening rounds. The U.S. can clinch a spot in the quarterfinals with a victory, but various scenarios exist that can see the United States finish as badly as last in their group.

What does this mean for Bob Bradley? Already under scrutiny for a highly criticized 23 man selection this tournament, Bradley needs to show what he can do with his uninspired, young and untested side in quick order if he hopes to remain the man by the touchline. It is no secret that former Chilean head coach Marcelo Bielsa has been interested in the position. Will a loss or early elimination create an opening for a change? What would you do given the current state of affairs? Have a vote and share your thoughts on Bob Bradley’s future right here:

  • Pat

    If I could vote for the first 4 each I would. Bob doesn’t have anymore tricks up his sleeve. He’s plateaued. Barring a huge statement game tomorrow night that catapults the team to the Championship, thanks for the ride, but bye bye Bob Bradley

  • Kick-Ass

    Bob Bradley should go regardless of any outcome. He has nothing new to offer and he knows it, but stubbornly clinches to the job not caring to take the USMNT down the drain with him. It is time for change. We do have many young player that can touch and pass the ball, but BB do not understand this type of play so he stays with the same scheme of lets fall behind and then we can work very hard to catch up. This is the same pattern every single game. Bob if you really love the USMNT, please resign so that we may move forward.

  • Al

    After reading this article, Dave Martinez is no different then the rest of the people who are keeping Bob Bradley on board. When will we stop bringing up that stupid 09 win vs Spain? Does anyone realize that it took basically a MIRACLE to even get to that game? It wasnt because the US won throughout or played well, in fact they played aweful, and people were calling for his head after Brazil game#1. The fact that it came down to 3 teams beating each other and the US scoring one more goal then Italy and Egypt is why they even made it. Same goes with the WC2010. If it wasnt for Landon’s MIRACLE goal in STOPPAGE time, the US would not have even gone on to the knockout round. Why do we need to depend on Luck instead of skill to give this man any credit? The only teams he beats consistantly are the weakest in FIFA, Concacaf’s Carribean teams. He needs to leave NOW…he is taking away fans just as quickly as they started to get on bored. STOP GIVING THIS MAN CREDIT FOR THE CONFED AND WORLD CUP!!!!

  • Al, miracle or not, you can not take away his achievements. You are damn right, he has had a lot of luck on his shoulders, but he reinforced that luck with the tactical simplicity and soundness to put the U.S. in position to win. He hasn’t been horrible, and in fact advanced American soccer during his time.

    Does that mean he warrants another complete term? Not at all. The achievement curve seems to have peaked, and fresh blood may be exactly what this team needs up top. But before you blast the guy for his recent poor form, you have to give credit where it was due, and that does not equal an endorsement on my part, just a larger picture of the question involved.

    • Al

      What achievements? Ok i’ll give him the 09 gold cup….what else has he achieved? what tourneyments has he won? How many copa america’s did he do well in? ZERO

    • Kick-Ass

      What tactics are you writing about? As far as I can remember BB has relied on the strenght of the players to catch up and sometimes win. BB does not have an idea about tactic. If he does, tell me what is it exactly the idea that the players try to implement everytime they step on the field. The USMNT lacks an identity type of play. We currently have young players that can touch and hold on to the ball and all we need is a good coach with an idea.

      • For Al and K.A.,

        His Gold Cup run and his tactical change to take a chance and bring in a Charlie Davies to the main stage and let him set fire to the Confederations Cup is one move that he has done. Tactically, he was able to fit players into natural positions, while nurturing the next generation of American stars. He solidified a 4-4-2 that played well into the hands of the US team going into the World Cup, but hasn’t been able to transition them to a more complex, perhaps threatening formation. This is where he will be judged. If he fails this Cup, the U.S. once again should entertain looking abroad for their solutions (Bielsa)

        • shavit

          #1 Charlie Davies is not that good. He may be good by american standards, but spotting a sub par talent while letting G. Rossi slip past, and then continuing to play Altidore and Findley is nothing to brag about.

          #2 The US should win the Gold Cup by default. Any coach with a reputation built on this tournament is NOT good enough.

          #3 Did you really argue that he was a good men’s national team coach because he can put players in their “natural” positions? Are you kidding? is this how low the bar is for you?

          #4 Who did he nurture? G. Rossi? Subotic? … No really, I am at a loss.

          #5 Forget the 4-4-2 … we still play long-ball nonsense like the US did back in 92 and the MLS still does …

          Bring in Klinsmann and let him have full control!

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  • Mullet

    I hope Cantolope or Guadelope wins tonight

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