POLL: Will The Red Bulls Make The Playoffs?

Image Credit / AndrewZarate.com

It has been a week of highs and lows for the New York Red Bulls, both on and off the pitch. Like a roller coaster, they slowly scaled and eventually overtook a mighty opponent in F.C. Dallas for three points earlier in the week before they went into a straight nosedive with the poor result against Real Salt Lake, and the drama that ensued from it.

Now, New York faces the final, and perhaps most pivotal moment of the season. Tied with the Portland Timbers for the final wild card berth, holding only a goal differential advantage, this weekends clash between both sides may dictate the future of either side.

Can the Red Bulls overcome the teams mediocre play and the Rafa Marquez debacle, and still manage to make the playoffs? Have a vote, and your take, after the jump.

  • dave johnson

    With all the stuff surrounding this side, there is no way. Portland is no slouch either. That being said, they will win and get in the playoffs becuz NY is THAT unpredictable.