MLS Cup recap: Portland wins sloppy final

Portland TImbers

It wasn’t a shimmering example of the league’s play, but the 2015 MLS Cup produced a lot of entertainment. The Portland Timbers held on to a 2-1 lead they claimed early in the match, and won their first title on the road in Columbus

Cup finals notoriously start cautiously, as teams try to avoid mistakes early on. That was not the case today. The hosting Crew erred first. Steve Clark tried to do a bit too much with a backpass from Michael Parkhurst, and Diego Valeri’s pressure paid off as the attempted clearance bounced off him and into the goal. Thirty seconds in, the Timbers had stunned the Columbus crowd. It’s the fastest goal in 20 MLS Cups.

Columbus was shaken by the early goal, and perhaps that showed on the second. The referees missed what should have been a throw-in to the hosts, and Tony Tchani was dispossessed as he went towards the sideline to take it. The whistle never blew, and Portland went back down the field and scored. Lucas Melano delivered the final ball, a good cross headed in by Rodney Wallace.

The Crew found themselves down two just six minutes into the match, but to their credit, they didn’t let their problems escalate. They would eventually settle down and score a sloppy goal of their own. Adam Kwararsey came off his line and failed to reach a ball over Kei Kamara’s head in the 18th minute. Kamara used his strength to control the ball, turn, and get a shot off that found the back of the net through traffic.

Having stabilized things, Columbus appeared to have the edge over the run of play going into halftime. But in the second half, they lacked that same spark, and allowed the Timbers to take command

Portland came achingly close to getting a third after halftime. The ball bounced down off the crossbar, off Michael Parkhurst’s arm, and then off the base of the post, but refused to go over the line. The Crew were able to survive the pinball action and clear the ball from their danger area. Later, a Fanendo Adi header bounced off the post, off Steve Clark, and out for a corner kick. Clark made a great save on a Nat Borchers header off a corner kick.

The hosts pushed for an equalizer, but in truth a second goal for them seemed less likely than a third for Portland. They grew desperate, but a team built on patient possession was lacking when it came to firing balls into the box. Kwararsey was not tested enough in the end.


  • Anonymous

    Caleb Porter is Coach of the Year.

  • EPL fan

    A very sloppy game with crap goalkeeping

    Hard to watch.

    ****, really.

  • Cosmo

    Boring game
    It would be nice to see crew stadium pack every game but half their fans probably don’t know they have a team.
    What’s even worse, timbers army was louder than all the stadium full of crew fans.
    Then the national anthem was terrible and the trophy presentation was awkward.

    • Anonymous

      Just as awkward as watching Columbus take the East Final at RBA.

      Not a good year for the higher seed host of the semis and finals.

  • john

    At least the MLS did not have to give away free 4,000 tickets like the Cosmmos had to do in order to have a full stadium. Cosmos reps were driving around Hemptsead during the week giving tickets away.

    MLS is growing and getting more popular getting new teams , major investors and there is really no stopping its growth as the Major league in th USA.

    And for EPL next time a british team beats Barcelona let me know.

    • EPL fan

      Who said anything about the Cosmos?

      I’m just commenting that the game was **** which it was.

      What are you…Don Garber’s dad or something?

      • lenny

        Lmbo !!!! Its probably don garber himself…the game was ok , but to be honest the league has alot to do on the uncle fell asleep during todays game , which is a sign that mls is still the same it was 8 years ago

  • rebel fighter

    Just happy that another year has gone that RB hasn’t won the MLS cup. Congrats to the Timbers.

  • Larry’s A Simpleton

    LOL. f.cosmos fans and poofs from the uk are such bitter twats. better hope rusian mafia and arab oil money doesnt go away or the vastly overrated barclays becomes the Scottish premiere league 2.

    • EPL fan

      You’re a complete and utter flicking moron. Are you telling me it was a well played game?

      If your father could go back in time and put a condom on, I am sure he would.

      • John

        So when is. British team going to beat Barcelona EP? They can’t becSuse they all suck.

        • EPL fan

          The fact that English teams are **** doesn’t mean that MLS teams arent, you stupid ass.

          • John

            The British teams suck specially the teams that have a majority of English players . England sucks as a soccer nation the only World Cup they won in 1966 they cheated to win it. Go watch your crappy English players chase the long ball because they have no skill to move the ball around.

            English soccer is a joke

            • EPL Fan

              As opposed to the high level of skill on display at MLS Cup today, Sunil, you ****.

              • The Real insider

                why is that the **** players on MLS can beat that great England team. English players suck as does english soccer.

                • EPL fan

                  English soccer is on the decline but that doesn’t stop MLS from spending a fortune on washed up old geezers like Lampard and Gerrard does it, you moron?

  • OpenCupFan

    game was sh!t, like every other single #bushleaguemls game
    y is #bushleaguemls such a crapfest?
    seriously though, you can clearly understand why #bushleaguemls fans talk so much about how stadiums look, it is a calculated attempt not to talk about the crap game on the field.
    really though, if I stepped in a pile of dog sh!t, I’d scream “mls!”
    this is why dog shows get higher tv ratings than #bushleagemls – like infinitely higher in fact
    one time I was in this shady bar and had to use the toilet, but I couldn’t because someone had “mls” all over it
    sh!t, no wonder our USMNT is so bad
    maybe you’re starting to understand why a league where everyone makes the playoffs s$cks – wait a minute, why the hell are you even having a regular season if it doesn’t mean anything?
    Omg, I just took a monsters dump, good news, it stink as bad as a mls game – fact
    Support your local independent soccer clubs!
    Cosmos – best soccer club in America!
    #bushleaguemls games are like watching the sack races at the company picnic – congrats to McWendy outlet Columbus on being this year’s sack race champions!

    • Larry a simpleton

      Yeah, well..we have great stadiums and fantastic naked dance parties!

      So there!

    • Larry’s A Simpleton

      thanks for proving what twats and retards bitter f.cosmos fans are! Hey jsprech, the .cosmos couldnt sell out a championship match in their home stadium even when they gave away 4000 tickets.

      face it retard, the f.cosmos and the nasl sucks ass. nasl is a minor league and always will be div 2. that is until the usl get d2 status and they drop the f.cosmos down to d3 where the belong

      • EPL fan

        Who is jspech?

        Also who brought up the Cosmos?

        Not I.

        You actually ARE a simpleton.

  • Nick Chavez

    People just don’t understand the potential of MLS or the global synergies at work between the CFG teams. They don’t understand a true super club. I do. I have been a Madrid fan for 13 years.

    NYCFC cannot be denied. Even today when I was walking around Columbus with my lady friends, I heard people saying “That must be Nick zchavez. Look at how worldly he is. Look at his facial hair. I think i’ll root for NYCFC too.”

    You know, I don’t always watch MLS but I do enjoy being ogled at MLS Cup.

    Stay thirsty, Larry.

  • Larry’s A Simpleton

    I love the way these retarded poofs that follow the f.cosmos constantly prove how dumb they are. MLS= great stadiums, thousands of fans attending matches, thousands in ad revenue, games on national tv. all the **** the nasl and f.cosmos can only dream of.

    RIP f.cosmos! lmfbao!

    • Larry’s A Simpleton

      oh and the barclays league sucks too. if they russian mafia and oil money goes away and they have to rely on english players the barclays becomes the nasl of europe

      • Larry’s a Simpleton

        Oh and I’m sitting naked in a tub of tapioca right now. What so you think of that, baby?

        I’ve got tapioca up my ass, baby!

        • trollleftarm

          Either that or it’s coming out.

  • Ali C is my man

    Red Bulls must be kicking themselves. They were far better over the season than either of these teams.

    • HydraHamster

      Most teams in the Western Conference are better than that crap that displayed yesterday.

  • OpenCupFan

    Everybody go home, nothing to see here. #bushleaguemls still looks like @ss. Nothing’s changed.
    And yes, Cosmos B NPSL Final had better attendance than any craptastic mls playoff game. #embarrassing

  • jason

    red bulls easily had over 20K in attendance at playoff games, and others were there as well – cosmos b game which was really credit to Chattanooga had around 18K amd their season avg. was around 4K like the cosmos – get your facts right

    • EPL fan

      Just because the MLS Cup final clearly ducked doesn’t mean Open Cup us right about anythin. He’s clearly as big an idiot as Fat Retarded Larry and Slow Left Arm.

      • EPL Fan

        I meant “sucked” obviously. Damn auto-correct!

        • Haljalikeakick

          I love roast duck. No spell check needed. I also ducked when my wife threw her high heel at me.

  • Crap league crap final. Anyone who utters the belief that this league is worth a damn on a global scale is a blooming idiot. And with more teams coming talent pool,what litlle there is,will continue to dwindle. Kick and run **** ball. Columbus had one real shot on goal?? Superstar kamara?? This league blows dead dogs

  • And the fact that a team as mediocre as redbull is able to make it so far is telling as to the utter lack of quality. When guys like McCarty are a star in any league, you got problems. Don’t get me wrong,the guy works hard, but for him to be in the elite of the league is downright scary

    • fred rerun Stubbs

      Who said Dax was elite? Until you wrote that I never heard anyone anywhere use elite and Dax together.

      • yaki

        every pundit in soccer america is calling him our best defensive mid hope for the USMNT and advocating for a role in WC qualifiers. I would say that is “elite”, despite the fact its our putrid USMNT

        • yaki

          And he made MLS best 11 didnt he? Or was it just this website?

  • Concorde

    Unfortunately for MLS this is the only game of the season a lot of folks in Europe might even think of watching. And they see right through the “entertainment” of quick early goals and crowd drama. At a technical level this game was crap. I’m not even fan of the lower American leagues or the EPL, or no more than anyone else that is, just like to watch any soccer that is good and beautiful. In France where MLS actually has a weekly show and gets a tiny bit of coverage in l’Equipe which is almost impressive, they had only this to say –

    • Well that about sums it up…27 seconds of action,then a goal on a totally ridiculous blown throw in call and a crew goal on another ridiculous goalie mistake. There you have it…the whole game in a nutshell in English

    • HydraHamster

      It’s nothing, but proof that the only thing growing in MLS is the club numbers and the attendance.

  • Anonymous

    The MLS Cup should have a band for half time entertainment.

  • Kevin

    Larry thanks for being obsessed with the Cosmos. I love that no one brings them up, because this forum has nothing to do with them .But since you have no clue, you always seem to have something to say. They need all the attention they can get. Thanks for caring so much

    • Larry’s Left Arm Is a Simpleton

      I CAN’T HELP IT!


  • Smith

    I have been an MLS supporter since the outset. That may have been the worst final yet. Incredibly, the first one, back in 1996, was a much higher quality and entertaining game (with the exception of Clint Peay, of course)

  • OpenCupFan

    Ratings are in –
    the judges give this game a 0.0 score
    ironically, this was also the tv audience 0.0 !
    mls bl@ws, and the viewers know it!