No Farm Club: Kreis praises Angelino, Facey’s Man City ambitions


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One of the biggest sources of off field criticism forNew York City FC is its connection with Manchester City as part of the City Football Group’s network of clubs.

When Sporting Director Claudio Reyna revealed that NYCFC would be able to take players from Manchester City’s Elite Development Squad on loan, the club immediately became labeled as Manchester City’s farm team. That label comes with the definition that NYCFC and its interests are subservient to Manchester City’s.

For some, “Lampardgate” provided merit to those criticisms, and so does the arrival and use of centerback Shay Facey. Left back Angelino’s arrival has rehashed those criticisms — and NYCFC’s newest addition added fuel to the fire Tuesday afternoon at his introductory press conference.

The 19-year-old Angelino said he would primarily be using his loan stint in New York to earn a spot on the Manchester City first team — a comment that caused a stir throughout social media.

“I came here and I’ve got the chance to play with Iraola, Villa, Lampard and now Pirlo is coming as well,” Angelino said. “It’s just going to be a great opportunity for me. I can learn a lot from these guys, they’ve played a lot of games.

“I’ve got this chance and I need to take it to improve and learn those things from them and to make a good name for myself here and go to back to Manchester and play for the first team or see what the future has for me.”

New York City FC Head Coach Jason Kreis, however, praised both players motivation when speaking to reporters afterwards.

“They feel like they are very hungry and they feel like they have something to prove,” Kreis said. “They’re still a part of the club that signed them. We are a part of Manchester City and so what we’ve seen with Shay is that he’s very hungry to show the people at Manchester City that he’s improving and that he can take the next step and I think we’ll see the same with Angelino.

Kreis said having players whose ultimate end goal is to be on the Manchester City first team is understandable given the differences in quality between MLS and the Premier League.

“How many players in this league wouldn’t have their end goal to play for Manchester City?” Kreis said. “I think everybody that’s involved in the game wants to play at the absolute highest levels, and at the moment, the highest levels are in the Premiership and in Europe.

“It should be every player’s goal to play at the highest level they can and to earn the most money that they can and provide for their family as best they can,” Kreis continued. “I don’t see a difference between that and any player in this league.”

  • JP

    Farm Team Players. Farm Team Coach.

    • CiTyBlUe

      Jealous loser

  • Anonymous

    Farm Team

    • CiTyBlUe

      Jealous loser

  • Luis

    LOL farm team to the core

    • CiTyBlUe

      Jealous loser

  • David L.

    How is this different than any other loan of a young player between any two teams in the world?

    • Anonymous

      It isn’t. Every young player on loan with a long term contract has the ultimate goal of trying to impress his parent club.

    • Larry’s A Simpleton

      It isnt. f.cosmos fanboys are so desparate for attention they throw all sorts of **** against the wall hoping something sticks.

  • CiTyBlUe

    Who gives a flying fk what jealous and envious idiotic haters like these morons here commenting idle bullsht like farm team. So what, your just jealous that your team doesn’t have the luxury of taking the best European youth on loan. That’s right we have the best youth at european level for u10, u12 and u13, our u18 just won the International Cup. NYCFC FANS, DO NOT CARE WHAT THESE CRETINS THINK, DO WHAT CITY FANS DO, LAUGH AT THEM AND PITY THEM FOR THE LOSERS THEY ARE, THEY HAVE SAD LIVES AND NOTHING BETTER TO DO THAN HATE.

    • OpenCupFan

      Farm team trolling.

      • CiTyBlUe

        No NYCFC supporter is going to care about you trolls or what you think. Your opinions are hollow and pointless, you mean nothing adare just envious and bitter because you pathetic clubs don’t have the same luxury. Grow up the lot of you.

        • Larry’s Slow Left Arm is a Simpleton

          If Jason Kreis says we’re not a farm team, we’re not!

          Our jersey does not look like Man City’s!

          We did not have a press conference for Lampard only to have hom stay at Man City longer!

          Shay Gaceys is NOT here to develop for City!

          I love this team!

          I dance naked in my mother’s basement to old Moby CDs while videos of the Sheik Condemning people play in the background! It is a multi-media experience akin to Andy Watgol’s Factory!

          NYC is BLUE!

          • The Sheik

            You are a loyal fan…though I am concerned about your immoral dancing.

            Anyway I have written a poem:

            New Jersey is Red
            City is blue
            I got rid of the dissidents
            I’ll condemn you too!

          • Anonymous

            I would be surprised if Facey didn’t end up at NYC permanently. He doesn’t have the stature to play as a CB in a bigger league.

        • Anonymous

          Do you really believe anyone at all is jealous of your blood-soaked atrocity?
          You should be deeply ashamed.

          This isn’t about winning or losing a ballgame

          • Nomad

            I don’t think that these are very principled fans.

            • The Sheik

              I decide what the principals are, who has them and who shall live.

              I must now add you to my list of dissidents.

    • Rip73

      Amen. It really is the dumbest and most ignorant complaints I’ve ever heard.

    • Not and NYCFC fan

      I agree with everything you said except the part about the best u10, u12 etc. That distinction belongs to Barcelona, Real Madrid, Atletico and the rest of the upper level La Liga teams (and Some Bundesliga teams as well). But, that said, MC is among the top 10, 15 in in Europe. Still not bad. Free loans of super talented youths. Nothing wrong with that.

  • I think you guys are part of putins troll army

  • chepe

    Sorry to say , but it is a farm team. The problem I am having is, why bring these Manchester city players , when we have great talent here who need opportunity . I don’t follow this team , to me its just another chivas USA , but with more money .

  • Anthony

    It is a farm team, not because they take someone on loan, because their entire existence is predicated upon being a free outlet for MCFC to develop talent for the one team that matters MCFC. It is a place to send players and still maintain full control over their development regardless of whether the farm team wants or needs them (same for Melbourne and Japan). It also gives them a nice way to divert NCFC’s massive costs to other clubs so they can avoid prosecution under FFP and field better teams at MCFC which their rivals cannot. Its a scam, its a farm club and if you support than you a fucking wanker.

  • Yawn

    NYCFC is aiming to preserve its farm team image and will not rest until there are farms all across the 5 boroughs.

  • sergio

    Why do people believe that getting young talented players on a free loan from one of the greatest football clubs in the world is a bad thing? It’s pure ignorance. Most clubs, including the Redbulls, end up losing their best young players to overseas clubs anyway (bye bye Matt Miazga.) in this case, a club gets, for one or two years, a top level young talent, without having to spend a cent to develop him. Often, that player could go to the championship or a lower tier EPL or La Liga team but instead comes here, a tough physical league, with some talented players and aging legends, to develop and play. there is nothing wrong with that. I think it’s great. An no, this is no the same as Chivas. MC is of a much higher quality of club and business than that mess of an Organization.

    • Anonymous

      plus NYC isn’t called ‘Manchester City USA’

  • Larry’s A Simpleton

    guess the f.cosmos fanboys got me on this one! damn it really sucks to go to the bronx (with 28000 other fans game in game out) and have to cheer guys like villa, lampard, pirlo, mix etc. eww farm team.

    maybe ill go out to nassau county with the 2000 who usually show up (on a good day) and cheer for…cheer for…cheer for….****, i cant name one player worth cheering for on that **** storm. dnny selter? laughing my fat black ass off.

    **** that! i wouldn’t waste my time with the f.cosmos if stover came to midtown to drive me!


    I love the haters from Red Bull USA. How many Red Bull teams are there? 5? They’re just angry because RB only cares about $$$ and not winning. RB is clueless about the market they claim to come from.

    • Johnny Feelgood

      RB kicked your ass in your baseball stadium. Priceless!

      • Larry’s A Simpleton

        you mean redbull.3 must really suck to be 3rd in the pecking order behind such powerhouses as redbull salzburg and red bull leipzig (a fekkin 2nd division team no less!)

        guess you clowns are axiouly waiting for red bull to spend big money to bring….to bring….to bring…..****, guess red bull aint spending any money on bringing anybody to jersey..

        hows tha #redbullout thing working for you guys?

  • timmy j

    if the red bulls are the best team per results in NY area, but they are lowly 3rd in the pecking order, where does that leave cos-shmos – eighth in the pecking order below USL?…

    oh sorry, they are “worldwide” yet can only draw 3k to games on a turf lacrosse field in long island. maybe you can add some Cuban defectors to the total for a whopping 3.1k.