EoS Staff Predictions: MLS Knockout Round (and MLS Cup winners!)

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Since the eyes are always on the prize, we also asked our EoS staffers to take a stab a the teams and outcomes they expect in the MLS Cup Final.

Here is what we have:

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[one_half last=”no”]CHRISTIAN ARAOS[/one_half][one_third last=”no”]RED BULLS 2-1 GALAXY[/one_third]

[one_half last=”no”]MC BOUSQUETTE[/one_half][one_third last=”no”]RED BULLS 2-1 WHITECAPS[/one_third]

[one_half last=”no”]RYAN BRISTER[/one_half][one_third last=”no”]CREW 2-1 TIMBERS[/one_third]

[one_half last=”no”]MARK FISHKIN[/one_half][one_third last=”no”]RED BULLS 2-1 DALLAS[/one_third]

[one_half last=”no”]DENY GALLAGHER[/one_half][one_third last=”no”]RED BULLS 2-0 GALAXY[/one_third]

[one_half last=”no”]MATTHEW KREMKAU[/one_half][one_third last=”no”]RED BULLS 3-2 DALLAS[/one_third]

[one_half last=”no”]DAVE MARTINEZ[/one_half][one_third last=”no”]REVOLUTION 2-1 DALLAS[/one_third]

[one_half last=”no”]JAKE NUTTING[/one_half][one_third last=”no”]RED BULLS 3-2 DALLAS[/one_third]

[one_half last=”no”]BILL REESE[/one_half][one_third last=”no”]RED BULLS 4-3 WHITECAPS (ET)[/one_third]


The overwhelming majority see the New York Red Bulls taking the Cup (7 votes) with one voter choosing Columbus as the eventual winner and another, the Revolution. This, of course, means every staffer believes an Eastern Conference side will beat the traditionally more powerful Western team at the grand finale.

Where did the Red Bulls go wrong in the other brackets? Ryan Brister sees New York advancing past New England, but falling to the Columbus Crew. Dave Martinez sees an early Red Bull exit, falling to the Revolution in the conference semifinals.

The favorite Western Conference opponent is FC Dallas (four votes) with the Whitecaps and Galaxy trailing (two votes each).

How do you see things shaping up? Share your predictions in the comments section.

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  • Brad

    Say it ain’t so Dave. Man I love you but c’mon….have some faith. Don’t be afraid to believe! THIS IS THE YEAR! BOOK IT!

    • Ha … So one of my main misgivings was the Revolution beating DC. I think NE plays well vs. RBNY. Now … different story. Then again … my picks are in! Just being honest. RB still have the most fun team and system to watch in MLS. Bar none.

  • Cosmo

    MLS has a serous problem with the season schedule if they don’t switch in 5 years or less to the August to May.
    Right now, everybody watches NCAA football from Thursday to Saturday and it’s all day Saturday.
    The NFL has Thursday and Sunday and the NBA has begun and is on mostly every night and MLB has their playoffs going on as well and espn or fox won’t give MLS prime time spots.
    Then if you add the NHL, it only gets worse for MLS
    MLS needs to do something fast and if MLS expands into warmer cities then it should help MLS change their season schedule sooner than later.
    Start in august, break from December and come back after the Super Bowl or during Super Bowl week with one game the Saturday before super Sunday.
    During the winter break, have a tournament in Hawaii and scrimmages versus ligaMX teams and NASL.
    I also read that NCAA plans to move march madness into April or May.
    Hopefully MLS expands into warmer markets after 24 like Sacramento, San Antonio, Charlotte, Vegas, besides st.louis and Indy.

    • slowleftarm

      Sounds like you’ve never been to the northern part of the US in January/February. No one is going to games in that weather. Simply not feasible.

    • Gazza

      Why doesn’t NASL move to Aug to May schedule then?