Red Bulls fans fund protest billboard as team schedules a Town Hall

New York Red Bull fans have come together to make a very visible statement — just as the organization has extended an olive branch.

Looking for the proper form of protest over the recent dismissal of beloved head coach Mike Petke, Red Bull fans settled on the idea of buying billboard space near Red Bull Arena. Some seven hours after starting an Indie Go-Go campaign to fund the protest, the project reached — and exceeded — its funding goals. With an initial target of $3,200, the proposed billboard is now at $3,792 thanks to donations from 108 people at the time of this report.

In an interesting twist, Jason Ader, a local resident and the man who announced plans for MLS expansion in Las Vegas, put the fundraiser over the top with a $350 donation.

According to a release from the project developers, the intent of the billboard is simple. “The fans of the New York Red Bulls are raising money for a billboard in order to voice our displeasure over the firing of head coach Mike Petke and the direction of the team,” it reads.

That message will be on full display “on route 280 near Red Bull Arena” and will be up for a month, starting February 23rd. That will assure maximum exposure come the Red Bulls’ season opener against DC United on March 22nd.

The billboard message and design will be put up for a vote amongst the fans. It is unclear whether the billboard will contain a pro-Petke or anti-Red Bull message.

While Red Bull fans were busy crowd funding, Red Bull brass made their first attempt to stop the bleeding. The Red Bulls emailed season ticket holders, inviting them to a Town Hall to discuss the team’s recent decisions with the team’s decision makers. General Manager Marc de Grandpre, Sporting Director Ali Curtis and coach Jesse Marsch will field questions from a group of 300 season ticket holders at Red Bull Arena on Friday, January 16th at 7:30 PM. Red Bull will be sending an invitation to their season ticket holders this Monday.

The first 300 fans to RSVP will gain access to the event.

This will be the first interaction between Red Bull fans and the new front office staff since Curtis and Marsch came into power.

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  • Anthony

    I commend the fans for trying to do something, anything to send a message including canceling season tickets. For too long they have let Red bull run roughshot over them, insult them and take them for granted with little more in response than venting on the internet….its long overdue its time for the fans to strike back and take the fight to the oppressors.

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