Cosmos Notes: Raul questionable with ankle sprain, Moffat out for the season? More


New York Cosmos star Raul is questionable for Wednesday’s return encounter against the Atlanta Silverbacks.

That is the latest from head coach Giovanni Savarese, who reveals his world renown striker was not able to train on Tuesday.

“Right now we do not know,” Savarese said of his game status. “We will see tomorrow if he’s fit to travel, but he wasn’t able to train today.

“We have to wait and see first how he feels tomorrow and we will take it from there. As you have seen, he has only missed one game the entire season and he’s one who likes to play. We’ll see what happens tomorrow and then after we’ll discuss it and know exactly who is going to travel, but he’s a question mark right now.”

Raul picked up a non-contact injury against the Atlanta Silverbacks mere moments into the second half with what appeared to be a rolled ankle.

“Right now it looks like it’s a sprain, but we are doing the MRI to know exactly what it is, but it doesn’t seem like it’s something very severe,” Savarese said of Raul’s ankle injury. “Nevertheless we have to make sure it’s something we take care of.”

With Raul likely out, Savarese is inclined to lean on Ruben Bover for Wednesday night; the same player who came in for the Cosmos after Raul’s injury and reignited the attack.

“We have Ruben who can step in. We have a few players, we have a roster we feel very happy, very comfortable and as I’ve always said I feel everyone is a starter,” Savarese said. “Of course it’s not easy to replace Raul, Raul is a special player but I trust the guys to do a good job whoever steps on the field.”

On Kharlton Belmar

Days prior to Raul’s untimely injury, the Cosmos signed Portland Timbers II striker Kharlton Belmar. With an opening in the lineup, the absence of Haji Wright and the continued struggles of Gaston Cellerino, the Cosmos’ newcomer may have a role to play as early as this Wednesday.

“I think maybe for this Wednesday he might be able to travel with us. He might be able to be part of this game coming up,” Savarese said. “He’s a good kid. He’s honest, he likes to work, He scored goals in the USL, he brings something we don’t have. He is coming with a very good attitude, to work. For now, we don’t have Haji [Wright] because he went to the U-17s so its good to have a player who can come in, fill that gap and be able to give a little for us.”


  • MOFFAT OUT FOR THE SEASON?: Adam Moffat will remain out with a foot injury for the return leg against Atlanta and Roversio is questionable with a calf issue. In the case of Moffat, his injury may be serious enough to eliminate him from play this season, according to Savarese. “He’s not yet ready to play. We’re still working with him, still see how he’s going to improve. We don’t know exactly what game he’ll be able to make it because he’s not trained yet. We have to just see day by day how he progresses. He’s not one who is fit to play yet,” he said. “There’s a possibility that he might not be able to make it back to play in a game this season. There’s that chance, but you know how I am, I am more positive than that and we are still analyzing and evaluating day by day with the hope he can come back for a game.
  • SAVARESE ON FACING ATLANTA AGAIN: “It’s more what we have to do than what Atlanta is going to do because we know already exactly what they’re going to do because its going to be very similar to what they did yesterday. We are the ones who have to improve in certain areas. I thought we still had a good game yesterday. We need to better. If we’re good, we need to be perfect. I think our movements yesterday in some parts of the game were very good, but we missed that final pass, that final shot, that final movement to create space to get a win.
  • CONGESTION: Wednesday’s match is the second of three this week. The team plays FC Edmonton this weekend.
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  • Kevin

    ugh, sucks no Moffat. He’s an important part of that attack with his long shots. Funny how Cellerino has been labeled having “constant struggles”, he’s played about 20 minutes since he was signed.

  • William

    Cellerino played about 8 minutes of one game in the second half and the Fury game the first half wowowoow what a sample of play – please. Moffat is gone for the season and with Flores gone to play in El Salvador others will have to step up. I believe they are on the verve of turning this around and will push hard to the playoffs.

  • slowleftarm

    Doesn’t matter. Due to the crazy NASL format the last 2/3 of the season are meaningless for Cosmos. Senna was even allowed to take a vacation this summer.

    • Ned

      Thank you, slowleftarm! As always, we’re pleased to see your predictable comments on every single Cosmos-related story that pops up. You put us other Green fans to shame with your diligence.

    • Anonymous

      All seriousness you need to stop waiting for these articles to pop up…. go outside take in the beautiful scenery.

  • William

    Its matter for Home Field advantage throughout playoffs – I cant even follow the MLS format it needs to be revamped.

  • Mike

    Eep. I hope Gio can navigate us in this rough spot.

    • William

      I think they are on the verge of turning this around and this rough patch will develop that thick skin for the playoffs – they play hard and well this past Sunday.

  • Kevin

    Is Flores going to lose that much playing time?

    • William

      I think it will be prob 2 or 3 games – he will probably be back for the 10/31 game.

  • Bobby Wheeler

    If the Cosmos play a game and no one cares does it still count?

    • REAL OpenCupFan Knows mls bots are Suckers

      Does 20 years of mls count?

      • William

        the Harrison Metrostars are pathetic a team with no identity and team that no one cares about with a culture of losing for 20 years and these people come on here and put their chest out ? how so ? explain that to me Metrostars fans where does this smugness come from ? its like the Ranger fans a franchise founded and mired in losing for 100 years yet so arrogant ?

        • slowleftarm

          So they’ve already sold nearly enough season tickets for 2016 to fill Cosmos lacrosse stadium but no one cares?

          • Anonymous

            20 years no cups…..

          • Anonymous

            Oh wait I forgot ticket sales mean more than winning championships? Where is your logic, you are extremely pathetic

  • Kevin

    If a Cosmos forum never appeared on EoS would Jack ass, mls fans know what to do with themselves

    • William

      So true !!!!!! MLS is done it has peaked and the Harrison Metrostars will be relocating soon.

      • slowleftarm

        I think you have the Metros confused with Cosmos who rumor has it will be play in Hartford next year.

        • William

          don’t think so as the Harrison Metrostars have dirty money from their joke owners – if u want I will post the link to them moving

  • Kevin

    come on slow left i though u were one better than Simpleton Larry, now ur making stuff up too. Just so you don’t completely buy into Larrys secret agent information . Hartford has a team that is preparing to come into the league in the near future. Arguing about soccer is one thing, buying into what is made up should be below you at this point

    • William

      but when it is ever about soccer on the Cosmos forum ? its some sort of personal attack on the Cosmos, Erik Stover, their owners, the place where they place, the NASL and their fans its never about whats happening on the field.

  • timmy gen

    that’s b/c no one cares what happens on the field with the cosmos, they are playing against teams that lost 7 straight games vs. USL 3rd div. sides – pathetic. They should easily win every game against such low level minor league competition.

    Plus, no matter how many games they win it is obvious to any casual observer that they cannot continue for long drawing only 3000 fans to a college lacrosse turf field, and generating no buzz in the market with 2 big league MLS teams.