Swope Park Rangers Announce Marc Dos Santos as Head Coach



Swope Park Rangers have announced that former Ottawa Fury head coach Marc Dos Santos will be their new leader.

Rumors had swirled for some time that Dos Santos would leave the Fury and an MLS move seemed likely at first. However, the mystery ended today as the new reserve team for MLS side Sporting Kansas City grabbed the NASL Championship head coach.

Dos Santos has experience in the USL with the Montreal Impact from 2009 up until their eventual move over to MLS in 2012. During that time he helped the team defeat the Vancouver Whitecaps in the 2009 USL Final, giving them their second lower division championship. From there, he was the first head coach for the Ottawa Fury in 2014, bringing them an NASL Fall Season Championship in 2015 and an appearance in this past NASL Championship game.

“I often need time to make an important decision but I must say this is one of the easiest ones to make,” Dos Santos said. “It’s clear to me that I’m joining a fantastic organization with a great group of people.”

Dos Santos isn’t the only announcement for Swope Park Rangers. They also unveiled their first signing, Christian Duke. The 24-year-old midfielder played 19 games with the Oklahoma City Energy in 2015 after being loaned down by his first club Sporting Kansas City.

Swope Park Rangers will take the field at the start of the 2016 USL Season.

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  • slowleftarm

    Looks like Dos Santos knows USL is a step up from NASL.

    • EPL fan

      Or its a better payday ando since use is directly connected to MLS a more likely Avenue to employment in MLS.

      That was too polite of me.

      I need to get back in condition

      • Carter

        I should say you should! slowleftarm is a die-hard NASL/Cosmos fan determined to pass as an RBNY-loyal troll in a strangely determined, long-term trolling endeavor, so you really need to bring your A-game.

        • The Realist

          I’m starting to think you’re right about Lefty.

          I’m a Red Bulls fan and hardly ever think about the Cosmos unless the Red Bulls play them.

          Lefty comments literally on every article about them.

          It’s like a fetish for him or something.

          • slowleftarm

            Because it’s funny. Generally I’m killing time at the office. Of course no one is discussing the substance of my comments and how damning they are about NASL’s status in the US soccer pyramid.

            • Dr. Freud

              You are obsessed and need help.

              Please seek it.

              • Slowleftarm

                Just because I wear rubber underwear every time I post on an NASL article doesn’t make it a fetish.

                • Resguard

                  you to it seems

                • Larry a simpleton

                  Wow! You do that too??????

    • Arsenal 10023

      So you take a D3 coaching job after leading your D2 team to the championship? Guess he wasn’t getting paid much of anything in Ottawa….seems very odd.

      Perhaps questioning whether NASL will survive – Atlanta and San Antonio likely shutting down, along with Minnesota leaving for MLS……

  • Cosmo

    The soccer pyramid in the U.S. Is a total disgrace. For example, MLS is suppose to be D1, Nasl is D2 or D3 and USL is supposedly D2 or D3.
    Then we have garber who doesn’t look eye to eye with nasl or klisnman and garber is basically a business guru, not a soccer commissioner.
    I’m not saying garber should be fire but he is in need of a serious soccer assistant next to him now, more than ever.
    Another huge example, MLS is suppose to be in a new era in which they keep talent but Castillo from fc Dallas should stay in MLS. MLS needs Castillo and I’m surprised another MLS team is not buying him, like Seattle or nycfc.
    All I gotta say, it’s going to be 5 crazy years of MLS from here to 2020 and what will happen with USL and Nasl.
    By 2020, MLS might have 26 to 28 teams, more soccer stadiums, MLS might not renew adidas but I don’t think so, nasl might 18 teams by 2020, USL might even have 18 teams.

    • HydraHamster

      That’s American soccer problems in general. What you said can be said about the USSF, all of our divisions, youth soccer and college soccer. All of them lack anyone with experience in soccer.

      • HydraHamster

        I mean, growing soccer.

    • slowleftarm

      USL has 28 teams next season El Paso.

  • HydraHamster

    I should be happy for my local club, but I feel Dos Santos could have picked a first division team instead of a reserve team. That’s moving backwards to me no matter how you look at it.

    • slowleftarm

      Nah, MLS reserve team > NASL.

  • Sammy the Red Bull

    In all honesty, D1, D2 etc is completely irrelevant in American soccer. It comes down to money and stability. Even if the NASL gets D1 status and/or USL gets D2, who cares? What really changes? The answer is nothing. Right now MLS have more stability and more money and that’s what is going to attract players and allow them to develop players.

    As far as Don Garber goes, I am not a big fan personaly. However, his job is first and formost to grow MLS and the brand of MLS. Growing soccer as a whole in America is not his job. If it grows as a by product of MLS being successfull that is great, but his focus and evey decision he makes is based on MLS not the greater good of soccer in the U.S.

    • Arsenal 10023

      D1 designation for NASL is very important – it will attract investors, a tv contract, and ultimately better players. Also fans would be more interested in seeing a D1 teams. Current D2 moniker equals minor league soccer.

      Therefor if you want money and stability you need to be D1.

      • Sammy the Red Bull

        Honestly, I really disagree. I dont think a D1 designation does anything. It doesnt make the owners of the teams any richer and it doesnt make the public anymore interested. I also dont see why investors would all of a sudden want to invest in the product just because it has a D1 designation. The product is still the product.

        Anyway, thats my opinion, I guess we will wait and see if it happens.

    • jimbo

      Yes, that’s Sunil’s job. So what’s his excuse?

  • tommy lan

    if nasl got “D1” status it wouldn’t change a thing,
    b/c they are still playing in a league that lost 7 straight games to 3rd Div. USL teams, and has lower level players, playing in front of very small crowds.

    That is why you will see more successful coaches from nasl moving up to USL or MLS, the same should start happening for any promising young playing talent they have (really none yet).

    You can label nasl anything you want, people still won’t follow it in media, go to games, or demand it on TV, its heading nowhere with MLS developing all the young future talent in their academies…

    • Resguard

      Have you not seen the EPL, you know when teams like Man U or Chelsea, or Liverpool, lose to teams that are in division 3 or 2nd division in their cup….

    • HydraHamster

      MLS would be nothing without it’s D1 title. Take that away and they would struggle like all the other lower division leagues that get a daily F-you by the USSF

    • HydraHamster

      Also, bring up the open cup lose is getting old. That lost was happen the same time as the FIFA scandal that included the NASL chairman and the company that was bringing money into the league. You did not see that type of loses last year, so stop acting like this one year means anything big. The USL will be nothing without it’s MLS partnership and the MLS would be nothing without it marketing off of Euro league veterans. Our divisions are screwed up.

      • slowleftarm

        Laughable. Every single team in NASL except maybe Cosmos would jump at the chance to join MLS. Atlanta, Minnesota, maybe San Antonio. MLS just cherry picks whatever teams it wants. You guys can blame the USSF for Cosmos failure but the fact is they overrated the value of their “global brand” and now that MLS has told them to take a hike this clown club is dead in the water.

  • Kevin

    They have to bring up that argument. It proves their point. Ask one of the trolls how the 2014 NASL Vs USL went, you won’t get a response. I’ve tried. I think its because the NASL had a winning record then. You can manipulate any statistic to go your way. The argument is silly.

    • slowleftarm

      NASL and USL are at similar levels and which one is better doesn’t matter much. This just shows that people who argue NASL is as good as MLS or that Cosmos are as good as an MLS team are crazy.

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