RBNY Optimist: New York’s Red (and White)

RBNY Optimist

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I think we can all agree that last Sunday’s match was one that most New York Red Bull fans would like to forget.

With the team shorthanded and seemingly void of ideas, RBNY fans were right to be disappointed in the result against Philadelphia. In particular, the 700+ traveling supporters deserved much better as they filled an entire section of PPL and raised their voices throughout the match in support of the team.

As proper Optimists, however, we learn never to get too low or too high about any particular match. The good news is that this week, the team returns home and is back to full strength with Olave, Cahill and Juninho back in the fold.

The thing that really excites me about this week’s match is the prospect of an almost full — and sure to be rocking — Red Bull Arena.

With a Sunday afternoon time-slot and a “T-Shirt for every fan” promotion courtesy of Adidas, the atmosphere should be fantastic this week. For the first time that the Optimist can remember, the team is declaring a “Red Out” for the match, which will be powered by the Adidas’ “All in for Red” T-shirt giveaway.

As the excitement builds for a near sellout (can we dream about a FULL sellout with those upper corners filling up with red-clad fans for only the second time since the 2011 All Star Match against Manchester United?), I’m fascinated by this promotion and what it means for the identity of the team in the medium and long-term.

It’s clearly meant to tie into Adidas’ more global “All in” campaign, and RBNY has always been “New York’s Red and White,” but is this emphasis on RED a more subtle shift that’s setting us up for the future? After all, Red vs. Blue is a pretty global way to look at rivalries. Starting with Pokemon and working it’s way up through Halo, it’s a way to separate teams and supporters in the very boldest sense.

Our national politics have been split into Red vs. Blue by the mainstream media as way to identify political leanings of parties and entire states. Some of the biggest rivalries in the EPL have always been cast as Red vs. Blue as well. Arsenal vs. Chelsea in London and Liverpool vs. Everton in Merseyside are two of the biggest. And, of course, the one that most people recognize, especially lately, is the rivalry of the Manchester teams — United and City. That’s MANCHESTER CITY (Citeh?).

Hmmmm. I don’t see it as any coincidence that just as the City influence starts to build with the introduction of NYCFC (or, as I prefer, New York City Soccer Club), the Red Bulls choose to start emphasizing their “Red-ness”. After all, it would have been just as easy to print up 25,189 “All in for New York” T-shirts, wouldn’t it?

But, they didn’t.

It should be a great promotion, leading to some fantastic live crowd shots on National TV, and optimistically, a win by the good guys. But, I do believe that this is just the start of what should be a gradual run up to 2015, with (hopefully) stronger and bolder marketing to set this team apart from the Team for People Who Hate MLS™ — those lily-livered Sky Blue (sorry, ladies of NWSL!) interlopers that will emerge proclaiming their superiority in Blue.

Me? I’m all in for Red. This weekend and forever.

  • Dave from Dix Hills

    Hey if it means bringing back those sweet 2006 RBNY jerseys, ill be all in too.

  • zach plumb

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