RBNY Optimist: Petke Knows

RBNY Optimist

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The time has come.

I keep telling myself, “Just breathe. Relax. Enjoy the ride.” But, admittedly, that’s probably the most difficult thing right now.

We’ve been waiting so long — so very, very long — for this Sunday to arrive. And by “this Sunday” I don’t actually mean “this Sunday, October 27th.” What I mean is this Sunday, the day on which we have the chance to finally change aura of the New York Red Bulls from negative to positive.

We are ready to move out of the darkness and into the light.

One of the phrases that I’ve been repeating — here, on Twitter, and as a personal meditation mantra — in the two years since my smiling soccer ball head was first inflated to the proper range of 8.5-15.6 psi is: “Past performance is not an indication of future returns.” In the case of RBNY, this is my shorthand to remind myself and everyone else that just because the team has come up short — sometimes spectacularly — in the past, it does not mean anything about right now.

This is a different team. With a different style. And maybe, most importantly, a different leader in Coach Petke (MIKE PETKE!!!). It’s so satisfying to see Petke finally get the attention he so greatly deserves, as his passion for the team has overcome any possible shortcomings he has as a coach. Unlike every other coach this team has ever had in it’s history, Petke understands what this team has been through. He understands what the fans have witnessed over the years.

The key to this year’s success is not just in that understanding. It’s in his approach to the solution. Throwing money at this team has never solved the problem. Adding another DP has never been the “one big step” to get us to success. It’s in the culture. It’s in consistency. It’s in the chemistry. And somehow, this novice coach, this local guy who everyone thought would get run out of town by the superstars who had to report to him, found a way to change the culture and rewrite the script we’ve all been witnessing year after year. At the deepest level, Petke understands the “Past performance‚Ķ” concept. And he’s driven it home to his team, the fans, and the entire league.

Despite all this, could this Sunday wind up being a real life enactment of the nightmare scenario that many RBNY fans have playing over and over in their head? It sure could. But I have confidence that the pieces are in place — including that all important one in the Coach’s seat — to finally close the deal and push us into a new, positive era. Because I believe that we will win.

See you all on Sunday.

  • alex

    Petke better be the one to lift the trophy

  • in the two years since my smiling soccer ball head was first inflated to the proper range of 8.5-15.6 psi is: – LOVE IT

    Not doomed but not yet decided. Come on you Red Bulls!