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The Gods of Soccer are with us…so far.

Two weeks ago, our beloved Red Bulls salvaged a tie out of a near certain, epic meltdown-style loss. This, of course, led to days of hand-wringing from some corners of our fan base. Some — rightly — celebrated an amazingly clutch goal from Tim Cahill at pretty much the final whistle. Meanwhile, others lamented dropped points, some gave up all hope of maintaining our spot at the top of the table, and a few inexplicably berated their fellow fans for cheering at the end of the match, claiming that we should have booed the team off the field for losing the lead to begin with. (Um…what?)

But, somehow, some way, two weeks have passed and just about every match result that could have doomed us has turned out positive. There’s a strange feeling that things are breaking our way. This is a feeling to which RBNY fans are clearly unaccustomed. Like “Opposite Day” on SpongeBob SquarePants, the Red Bulls are looking like contenders, while teams like Seattle (who, you all remember, invented the sport of soccer) are dropping points faster than Chivas USA on a road trip.

All of this leads up to Sunday’s big showdown in Houston. The math is not complicated: win the next two games and we get to watch TH14 and Tim Cahill raise that humongous discus better known as the Supporter’s Shield. (Momentary aside: Trophies, I get. Cups, I totally understand. But, can someone please explain the origins of winning a “Shield”? Are we expecting an impending attack from the Achaeans? Should I be unsheathing my sword?)

There’s nothing like the certainty of self-determination to bring out unease in long-term Red Bulls fans. As always, I am here to help you think about it another way.


We have never, ever been in a better spot this late in the season. Our road to this point has been an amazing one. A journey not to be forgotten. We’ve experienced wins and draws against some of the best teams in the league, and absolute beat-downs by some of the worst teams in the league.

And through it all, we’ve had an amazing season that won’t soon be forgotten.

While 40% of our conference is separated by a single point around the famous “red line” that separates post-season play from a trip to the golf course, we have already clinched a playoff spot in one of the tightest MLS races ever. In the West, it’s even worse, as not even the first place Timbers are assured of the playoffs at this point. Their fans get to be stressed for two more weeks!

I understand the historical importance of this moment to our club and don’t, for even a second, want to minimize how fantastic it will be to close out this season with two wins. I will be glued to my couch, or more accurately pacing a trough in the floor in front of my big screen for the entire two hours on Sunday.

But recognize that, in the grand scheme of things, no matter what happens this weekend, we are playing with “house money.” We have had a great season, and we are in great shape to have a fantastic post-season.

It’s all good.

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  • Buzz

    “It’s all good.”

    Well, not everything. You’re still here.

    • Dave from Dix Hills

      LOL all the pessimists with this fucking team. **** EM. #TeamOptimist