RBNY Optimist: The Optimist’s Pledge

rbnyoptimistHere we are, on Opening Day Eve-Eve. Our future lays before us like the undulating indoor/outdoor carpet of the first hole on the world’s most amazing miniature golf course.

Can you feel the excitement? Can you really FEEL it? Just like Friday night is the best time of the week — based on anticipation alone — opening weekend is an Optimist’s dream.

We are undefeated. We are all tied for first place. Only the most dyed-in-the-wool pessimist bellies up to the bar at a time like this and predicts disaster for his or her team.

It’s the easiest time of the year for us all to be RBNY Optimists.

So, with that in mind, here are some words to try to live by as the season starts and the golden glow of these unsullied days starts to wane. Words to aspire to. Our new year’s resolutions. Our promises to the team. Our pledge.

Win or lose, I will cheer my team on with hopefulness in my heart and enthusiasm in my lungs.

I will remember that the season is long, and not despair at two losses in a row, or gloat at two consecutive wins.

I will give OUR coach, Mike Petke (MIKE PETKE!), a chance to find his “sea legs” and not decide that “he’s absolute crap” after the second consecutive loss, nor will I tweet #PetkeOut after three consecutive games without a win.

I will make every effort to be at as many games in person in Red Bull Arena as is humanly and monetarily possible.

If I am a season ticket holder, I will attend as many games as I can, and for the games that I cannot attend, I will make sure that the tickets are used — by a fan — and at least a few times, by someone who has never before been to Red Bull Arena.

If I am not sitting in the South Ward, I will make an effort to sing along for as many songs as possible, and, at minimum, ALWAYS with “I Believe That We Will Win!”

I realize and believe that past performance is no indicator of future returns.

I will cheer as loudly as I can, whether in the stadium or at home on my couch. And when the team is playing poorly, I will cheer LOUDER.

I will keep in mind that rooting for a sports team is supposed to be fun, not torture, and how I react to how my team is playing at any given moment is up to me. So I will keep having fun.

I will not take myself, or my team, too seriously and will keep a sense of humor about whatever happens.

I will reserve the phrase “That’s So Metro” for freak snowstorms that arrive within one week of Hurricanes of the Century, essentially making our home field unplayable due to the fact that my team has resorted to clearing said field with some brooms and car scrapers due to a lack of foresight and preparation.

I will do all of the above, because: 

  1. I want to
  2. It feels good
  3. When the season ends, I can look back and say “I had fun”
  4. Next November, when Thierry Henry lifts the MLS Cup in victory, I will be able to say it was all worth it.

So, are you with me? Let’s go!