RBNY Optimist: This Is What We’ve Waited For (Now Enjoy The Ride)

RBNY Optimist

Staff Writer

These are the days that make an Optimist’s heart proud.

All that cheering, all that rooting, all those positive vibes being expelled, and now we find ourselves in October, right in the thick of it. And this time, it’s different. We’re not just fighting for a playoff spot, not even just contending for the top slot in the Eastern Conference, but we are actually, really, quite realistically in the running for the Supporters’ Shield.

This is what we’ve waited for. For far too long, we’ve only been able to hope and dream that we could get to this part of the season — any season in the team’s history — and be in such a great position as the playoffs approach. And in the process, we’ve handled Sporting Kansas City, Real Salt Lake, Montreal and the Sounders (who, by the way, INVENTED SOCCER) with a steadfastness that befits a contender.

This is what we’ve waited for. A final three matches of the season with the team playing tenacious, dedicated, full-effort soccer. A roster with enough depth to take on other top teams without one or two of our key players and still come out with a result. And with two of the last three matches at home in front of large, boisterous crowds willing our team to victory.

This is what we’ve waited for.

So, I ask you; I implore you; I beseech you: ENJOY THE RIDE.

I don’t know what the next two months will bring. Nobody does. Oh, sure, there are plenty of RBNY fans that will tell you they know exactly what will happen, because when we’ve looked this good in the past, we’ve imploded. So, therefore, it’s a foregone conclusion. It’s just a matter of waiting for it to happen, right?

I choose not to think this way, but I don’t know anything more than anyone else. Therefore, maybe that’s exactly how it will pan out, but the larger point is that we don’t control that. We only control how we choose to spend our valuable time rooting for our team. That’s why, no matter what happens, enjoy the ride.

Be in the present and live in the moment. You can decide to spend the next few weeks reliving the past and waiting for the worst. Or you can sit and think ahead and worry about the durability of our veterans, or who we will be matched up with in the playoffs, or SNOW, or any of the thousands of things that can derail us in our quest for a trophy.

Or you can just enjoy the next few weeks for what it is — an opportunity to cheer on our team as they try to achieve something meaningful.

We’ve waited so long to be in this position. Savor it.

Tomorrow night, in a packed Red Bull Arena, on an exquisitely beautiful evening, when the national anthem is over and the South Ward is bringing the noise like there is no tomorrow, take a moment and soak it in. Look around. Feel the crowd, the tension, the excitement.

This is why we are fans. This is what we waited for. Enjoy the ride.