Do recent expansion teams meet MLS criteria?


COMMENTARY | In less time than it takes a women to give birth, Major League Soccer has managed to spawn not one, but three separate soccer franchises.

Now that is an achievement!

New York City F.C. broke the ice in May, shocking the American soccer world with a dream union between two of the most powerful sporting franchises known to man; Manchester City and the New York Yankees. In November, Orlando City was awarded the 21st franchise, marking Major League Soccer’s first foray into the Florida market in 10 years.

This past Tuesday was the pièce de résistance; the return of David Beckham. Like a scene from ‘The Bachelor,’ ‘Golden Balls’ handed his rose to Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos Gimenez and said ‘I choose you.’

Before you could say “PUSH,” three soccer franchises were born.

Unlike a young babe, MLS franchises do ask to be brought into this world, and in doing so, Daddy-MLS has put together a long-standing four point criteria for granting life.

Here are your requirements:

(1) A committed, financially potent ownership with the proper business model
(2) A stadium (preferably soccer specific) or approved plans for a stadium where ownership controls venue, in
(3) A proper soccer market (geographic location, demographics, support from sponsors, TV interest)
(4) An established fan base.

Have the new teams satisfied their criteria? Let’s take a look:

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  • FTL

    Miami’s soccer “fans” should be thanked. Without their horrible support, the Miami Toros never would have moved and the Fort Lauderdale Strikers would never have existed. Without even worse support(some announced crowds under 400 and never more than 2,000) for USL side Miami FC, the current Strikers wouldn’t either. Thanks Miami!

    Classic Miami bandwagon going on. People only interested now because of Beckham. Come 2017 or whatever when they realize he isn’t actually playing, it’ll be the same sad story in the stands. Hope they build the stadium with orange seats and decent sightlines for Hurricanes football.

  • Dave from Dix Hills

    NYCFC Such a joke. And it seems FTL has no love for Miami hahahhaahahaha!

  • One clarification: Beckham FC will be the 5th pro team in Miami (forgot the Panthers). I couldn’t watch all of MLS’s Miami announcement, but from what I saw I was a bit embarrassed on behalf of the league, hearing so little about an actual plan to build and market to a fan base in Miami. More transparency would help fans in general support this project, rather than question it.

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