Recently released Zach Carroll trains with Red Bulls



HANOVER, N.J. – While the New York Red Bulls announced Saturday that they were waiving SuperDraft pick Zach Carroll, the club clearly still rates him.

Carroll was practicing with several Red Bulls first teamers at training Monday afternoon; an odd occurrence for the recently cut defender

New York head coach Jesse Marsch addressed the move after training on Monday.

“We want to keep him around,” Marsch said. “We like Zach a lot, but with the restrictions that we have, it’s difficult to keep him on the first team roster.

“We want to continue his development path with Red Bull, we just have to change his roster status.”

The Red Bulls drafted Carroll, a Michigan State alum, in the second round of the 2016 MLS SuperDraft this past January. Despite being impressive in preseason, Carroll had a hard time cracking the 18. By releasing Carroll, the Red Bulls can bring him back into the fold by signing him to a USL contract.

Waiving a player does have its own set of risks however. Carroll must pass through the waiver wire before New York can sign him to a USL contract.

“It’s possible that he gets picked up in the waiver still and we lose him, but we’re hopeful to keep him around,” Marsch stated.

  • Rei Toei

    Who are they making room for?

    • slowleftarm

      I assume Collin right?

  • artie

    As a college player you are better off NOT entering the draft. You get “USL’ed” while they keep presumptively rating non college players higher with many chances. Being a “captive” home grown player also not a good position to be in as you will not get outside looks until you are released. Seems the Rest of the World way is better as far as player movement and choice provided you got the right representation.

    • slowleftarm

      He’s free not to sign a USL contract if he doesn’t want to. That’s likely the best option that he has. That’s because he’s not that good, not because of MLS holding people “captive”. RBNY were starting fullbacks like Duvall and Lawrence at centerback over this guy.

      • artie

        You are right! True, but why draft the guy? Just in General, unless you are a can’t miss, you are better off not going through the draft process. MLS does a disservice, I think.

        • slowleftarm

          These days, most young US players who are any good don’t go through the draft. If they sign with MLS it’s as a homegrown (i.e. Yedlin, Morris, Miazga etc.).

      • Futbol1v1

        Obviously RBNY does not see it your way. Why else would he be back training with the 1st team when he was waived and no longer property of RBNY? He is a 22-yr old rookie — with potential, who got caught up in a numbers game after the team traded for Collin. The trade was less about Carroll and more about the other high-priced CB’s not playing to their pay scale. I hope he does sign with RBII and sticks around.

        • slowleftarm

          I have nothing against him but generally four year college players aren’t exactly elite these days and the fact that rather than play Carroll a single minute they instead 1) played fullbacks out of position and 2) traded for Collin suggest they don’t think he can hack it right now.

          Also, 22 years old is not that young for a soccer player. It’s only considered young relative to US sports.