At cusp of Red Bulls return, Zubar recounts injury plagued season


HARRISON, N.J. – Oft-injured New York Red Bulls defender Ronald Zubar just finished a strong, full training session, looking ready to once again compete for minutes with the first team.

However, every break in play saw the 29-year-old center back limping his way to the next drill, showing considerable discomfort in his left leg.

It has been that kind of year for the veteran French defender, who has consistently taken steps forward in his recovery, only to have nagging pain and discomfort take him out of first team contention. If it isn’t his quadricep, it is his hamstring. Something always seems in the way.

As Zubar tells EoS, a last ditch attempt to heal his nagging issues came earlier this summer; a process that saw him traverse Europe in search of answers.

“I went to France and Spain to see muscle specialists to make sure we got treatment in a good way, and to check if I don’t have allergies in the foot or anything which can come from something you eat or whatever,” Zubar tells EoS. “We checked my body from head to toe. Our body, everything is connected. That is why I went to see these people.”

The treatment didn’t include surgery. Instead, Zubar opted for a less invasive procedure and tact that would allow him the chance to rejoin the Red Bulls this season. “We did therapy that sends electricity right to the muscle,” he explained. “I needed something like this to help me. Hopefully we just keep going and back on the field next week and be ready for Jesse and the roster.”

Both head coach Jesse Marsch and Zubar express patience in the veteran defender’s recovery. However, after a wait Zubar looks set for selection when the Red Bulls resume league competition against the Chicago Fire.

“We don’t have a target but this is one of our plans we try to set up day after day to see how my body reacts in training, my head, how things are going,” he said. “Give me ten days to go. I’ve been a month training. It’s a good possibility.

“The idea is to make sure I finish the season because obviously it has been a hard season for me,” he continued. “It’s something nobody would ever wants to have a season with injury but sometimes it happens. It was my year, unfortunately.

“Now I am focused to come back on full training. I played 35 minutes with the USL team. That was great to step on the field and get a few minutes. So far, everything is going right, but that was the same last time too so I don’t get too excited. Im just focused on having a good training session, keep my recovery and that’s it.”

However, once recovered, Zubar will be looking to regain his long lost starting position.

“That’s the plan!” Zubar exclaims. “That’s why I am here man! Jesse hasn’t said nothing but I am here to compete.

“Right now we are doing well. The way we defend, I am a defender so I look first at the back five, including Luis [Robles]. I am enjoying watching them play and I am going to push them and put pressure on the guys. You put pressure on them, it makes everyone better. It’s the way it should be and I will try to do it.”



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  • good to hear but I’m a bit confused by the beginning of the article. If he is limping between sessions that doesn’t seem like a good sign?

    • In between sessions … off the field … yet when he was playing, not a hint of discomfort. Oddest thing.

      • Andrew Bissonette

        Its not really odd at all Dave. When you are out running around and are focusing on a dril or something, the adrenaline helps numb whatever pain you have. But, when the drill stops, the adrenaline stops and the pain comes back. Simple biology.

        • ElMetrofan

          Still not a good sign nontheless

  • slowleftarm

    When are they going to devote some article space to the Giants and the Jets? You know…..manly sports.

    • slowleftarm

      Come on man, the previous guy who posed as me was better. This homophobic nonsense does say a lot about you though. And none of it’s good.

    • El CB

      To apparently phony “slow left arm”. You mean the “manly” sport where the players interrupt three plus hours of standing around, huddling, setting at the line of scrimmage, taking timeouts, waiting around for a hundred TV commercials to play, with a grand total of about 12 minutes of actual play divided between the offense and the defense. if they did that outside the stadium they would be arrested for loitering

  • El CB

    Dax is the best defensive center mid right now in MLS. As long as he and Robles stay healthy, it seems that with the back line personnel that RBNY has now, it does not matter who of that back line plays and RBNY is in good shape defensively. I know much has been made of Miazga and Perrinelle’s play this year but they should count their lucky stars that Dax is sweeping in front of them

    • Kevin

      Dax couldn’t even play for the Cosmos.

      • slowleftarm

        You mean because Hempstead can’t pay him enough? Makes sense given that they draw 3k a game and the league has no TV revenue.

        • Anonymous

          You can’t even fill your stadium unless you’re playing Man City lite. You guys would barely be in playoff contention without the three wins against them. They’re the best thing that ever happened to you. They made you relevant.

      • Jim

        You mean the same Cosmos who wanted Conner Lade badly? hahahahaha

  • RedBallz

    Sorry I’m late to the party. I just realized the closest thing I had to a girlfriend was Mike Petke. Gotta go and say “New Jersey” 100x. Winning.

    • slowleftarm

      No problem RedBallz….only thing you missed was us jerking each other off while remembering that one time we won a Supporters Shield in 20 years.

      • slowleftarm

        Thanks you for the imitation. I’m flattered. I’d be more flattered if you didn’t write such stupid **** but then again you are a complete moron.

        • slowleftarm

          Ma!!! Someone’s being mean to me on the computer thingy! Ma!!!

  • sal

    Why are we getting on American football El Cb? Every sport is unique in its own way. Just to play some of these sports as a professional takes skill. Why do people **** on other sports is beyond me.

  • Zubar blows and is a big fail. Can we please move on to something meaningful?

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