Red Bull Boss Mateschitz Shares Thoughts on Mass Immigration

Matt Kremkau


Red Bull founder Dietrich Mateschitz offered his thoughts on mass immigration and politics in Europe to the Austrian publication Kleine Zeitung. The often elusive boss of Red Bull soccer had strong words for world leaders calling the open boarders policies of major European countries “unpardonable.”

“If a company were to make mistakes on the same scale, it would have gone broke,” said Mateschitz. “I am talking about the fact that none of the people shouting ‘refugees welcome’ or ‘we can do it’ were preparing their own guest rooms or tents in their gardens to accommodate half a dozen migrants. Even then it was clear to everyone that most of the people did not correspond to the definition of the refugee. In any case, not the Geneva Convention.”

Immigration has been a hot-button topic not just in Europe but also in the United States where recent executive orders by the Trump administration have been met with protests. The issues have permeated almost every aspect of American life, including the entertainment world with a majority of MLS supporters groups flying “Refugees Welcome” banners at games. Mateschitz is the latest MLS owner to express a differing viewpoint than the fan base with AEG and NYCFC’s ownership group.

“It seems that no one dares to tell the truth, even if everyone knows what the truth is,” Mateschitz said. “The elites want citizens to be frightened and easily manipulated. Policies which are¬†steeped in political correctness have been imposed in the name of self-proclaimed, so-called intellectual elite who have nothing to contribute to our country neither economically nor culturally despite their best intentions.”

The Austrian publication Not criticize Mateschitz for his use of the term “elite” considering he is wealthy. The Austrian sports enthusiast fired back calling himself a “humanist” and “someone who basically opposes any dogma.” An interesting use of terms the global Red Bull soccer brand has followed a pseudo-dogma in team philosophy.