Red Bull News: Soler Speaks, Ream, Rost, Tax Problems, Vega Update, And More

Before we dip into yesterdays press conference with Erik Soler and a couple of other loose ends, a devastating ruling was dealt against the New York Red Bulls yesterday in the town of Harrison.

After a year long court challenge disputing the tax status of Red Bull Arena, the Town of Harrison won a critical ruling that will force Red Bull to pay not only it’s real estate taxes, but it’s property taxes as well. This counters a ruling made just last year which bestowed a tax exempt status to the occupied land.

According to The Observer, Harrison claims it is owed “$1,290,225 in taxes on the stadium for 2010, based on a partial assessment (it opened in March 2010) of about $22.1 million and an additional $1,867,477 (based on an assessment of $30 million) for 2011.”

For the land itself, the town is claiming $215,863 owed for 2010, and an additional $227,413 for 2011. As if that was not enough, Harrison is also “awaiting payment” on a $150,000-a –year rental fee the previous two years occupancy.

Interestingly enough, it is Red Bull who engaged in this action after Harrison tried to impose taxes that went against current precedent of it’s tax exempt status. The judge who made the initial decision, Christine Nugent, reversed her own decision in favor of the town.

No word on whether Red Bull will appeal this decision.

With that aside, there is plenty happening around the Red Bulls! Erik Soler dropped some tidbits yesterday on the direction of the team, Rafa Marquez is once again in someone’s sites, and we have the latest on the ongoing Renny Vega rumors. Click the jump for more!


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Erik Soler addressed the media via conference call yesterday, expounding on many of the pressing issues surrounding the Red Bulls as they begin training for the 2012 season. Here are a few highlights provided by the New York Post Soccer Blog:


– “I would say that it’s more likely that he could end up abroad than it was before Christmas. So that means that we are in the process of discussions and it’s getting closer.”

– “We’re working on another very exciting option. Should Tim end up somewhere else, we have somebody else in the pocket.”


– “We are in discussion with a couple. If it happens now or in summer, it’s hard to say. For most of those players, it’s more complicated. But I’m confident we’ll have a DP this year, and it might be in the summer. We’re not signing someone next week. It would be someone with quality going forward. We think last season was a disappointment in many ways, but we had some good things we did. The fact we had attackers score a number of goals, wide players who scored a number of goals. If we can add someone centrally who can score, that would be good.”


– “We are continuously looking at options in all different positions if there is anything coming up, and we also have to respect the fact that Juan (Agudelo) is now with the first (United States) National Team. I’m quite certain he will be called into the Olympic team. They have qualifiers in March, the (tournament) in the summer, so there’s going to be a lot of issues with Thierry not playing all the games, and Juan with traveling”


– “Frank’s status will be more known within a week from now. We want to keep Frank in a position where he should be playing but also working with us on the business side. He’s a very smart guy, we used him for various things this season and it worked out very well. Given his age, one idea could be to have him for the coming season and then add this young American so he can work off of Frank. But that’s not decided a hundred percent yet. We believe that this goalkeeper that comes in will have a definite potential to be our future number one goalkeeper.”


– “Markus Holgersson is a player that we hope we can announce shortly. He’s a central defender. That’s his best position. He’s a big, physical, strong defender.”

Soler also spoke about the possible addition of a young American keeper, and addressed Carl Robinson’s status, claiming he was not in the teams plans. For more, check out the Post’s write up, including some choice insight on Thierry Henry and more.


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Venezuelan keeper Renny Vega continues to talk about the possibility of playing for the Red Bulls. On the “El Clasico” radio show, Vega gave some insight on the current communication status between himself and New York.

“Sometimes they call me, sometimes they don’t,” said the Vinotinto keeper. “I still don’t know anything about the situation. Regardless, there remains a possibility to travel to New York (to the Red Bulls) in the coming months.”



Once again, Rafa Marquez has been reportedly negotiating with Club Flamengo of Brazil. Flamengo has fallen rather flat in their transfer attempts this window, and are looking to make an aggressive push for the Mexican captain, with one report claiming his current salary demands “would not be an issue.”