Red Bull Roundup: Robles, Miller on the mend, playoff schedule, Petke on Caricola, more


In a night of celebration, there was a bit of worry between the sticks for New York Red Bulls’ goalkeeper Luis Robles.

A collision in the box with defender Ibrahim Sekagya dropped the 28-year-old keeper for several minutes in the second half of the team’s 5-2 victory over Chicago. He emerged from the trainer’s room after the match with a large ice pack and bandages on his knee.

The question, of course, is whether Robles would be able to battle back from the injury to start in the team’s Eastern Conference Semi-Final match this Sunday. Head coach Mike Petke said the keeper was already receiving treatment as of Monday with the hopes of returning to training for Thursday’s session.

“All indications are that it’s not super serious,” Petke noted. “It’s something that’s already improved over the last two days now since the game and it’s going to continue to get better and he should be ready to go.”

He isn’t the only player on the mend. Roy Miller, who has been out of action since a late-August exit from New York’s epic defeat to Chivas USA, is back in training. The Costa Rican fullback spoke to about his recovery, saying he is “80%” fit to go.

“The training sessions will help me get into a rhythm,” he said. ‘Obviously, it’s not the same as playing in games, but at least I’ll have a base from which to work from if I’m called upon.”


The New York Red Bulls are set to face the winner of Thursday’s Houston Dynamo, Montreal Impact encounter. Less than three days later, the winner of that match will face the Supporters’ Shield champions.

November 3rd at 3:30 p.m. ET, New York will begin their MLS Cup quest on the road in the first leg of the Eastern Conference Semi-Final. The home fixture will then take place three days later at Red Bull Arena, Wednesday the 6th at 8 p.m. ET.

While the midweek fixture dampens New York’s home advantage, keep in mind; their opponents will be forced to play their third game in a seven day period.


Much was made in the lead-up to the Chicago Fire match of an impromptu tournament set amongst the players and coaching staff in training.

Luis Robles gave reporters a taste of what happened.

Andy (Roxburgh) implemented this strange fun rule we have had the last couple of weeks. I think the guys have had a lot of fun so we didn’t really feel the pressure.

“We had the diaper dandies, the middle age crises and the AARP team,” he recalled with a smile. “There was more pressure in that tournament to win and represent your age group than anything.

“Petke played in that. He was the captain of AARP. I think our average age with Robin was about 36, 37 and we won.”

For those who didn’t know, Petke scored the game winner.


Petke has said it all season; he doesn’t believe in curses.

Still, putting Caricola to rest is certainly something he can smile about.

“I think that’s terrible that that guy,” Petke said with a laugh. “It shouldn’t matter if people say he is cursed or cursed the team. If anything, this put away what people have been saying after all these years.

“It’s just a great feeling,” he acknowledged. “I just hope he is enjoying Italy right now, having a cigarette and a cappuccino. That’s what he liked back in the day. That’s gone now. That’s gone.”


Luis Robles on Andy Roxburgh winning the Shield: “He is one for one, here one year and he has a trophy. It’s a very good record for him.”

Thierry Henry on his thoughts on Jamison Olave: “It’s better for me not to anger him. He is an animal.”

Dax McCarty on the team’s Supporters Shield Win:
“I thought we just had too much passion and too much commitment to win the Supporters’ Shield and I don’t think (Chicago) could hang with us.”