Red Bulls aren’t panicking after opening day loss



Any gegenpress system requires strong legs, stamina, quick thinking and aggression, in large doses. Just by the nature of human makeup, you aren’t born with those attributes — they are honed through training and practice.

In the world of soccer, establishing that standard from day one of the season is unrealistic at best.

In that light, yes, the New York Red Bulls are crushed by their result — or lack there of — on opening day, falling to Toronto FC 2-0.

But has panic hit camp?

Not quite.

“I think we have to be cleaner and sharper around the goal. Getting a few more shots and making a few more plays? Ya, but that will come when we are more sharper,” head coach Jesse Marsch told reporters on Tuesday. “That doesn’t concern me.”

The Red Bulls were stifled by a disciplined Toronto FC defense and counterattack in Harrison this past weekend. In fact, the team was quick to credit the Reds’ head coach Greg Vanney for his tactical stance after the match.

“I thought we played fairly well,” team captain Dax McCarty said. “It wasn’t that surprising what Toronto did and the way they tried to play. They played their game plan and did what they wanted to do a lot better than we did. We just didnt execute on the day, we werent sharp and ultimately, that is what cost us.”

Despite their inability to crack Toronto, New York showed the more dominant side for 85 minutes of their encounter. Based on that, and their success to this point, the team remains confident about their prospects on the season.

“They came in with a gameplan to make it harder on us,” March acknowledged. “That kind of tactic will be more effective [now] than it will be later.

“If we are sharper on the day and create opportunities, that will add more other days than it did Sunday.

“[There is] no concern,” he concludes. “That is where we are right now and we have to work to get better and better.”

Defender Gideon Baah echoed his coach’s sentiment, adding his desire to make up for their opening disappointments in a unique road trip to Montreal.

“Everyone is eager for the next game,” he said. “The first game didnt go as expected. We let the fans down, we let our supporters down. We were eager to get to Sunday’s game and make amends for what we couldn’t make in the first game.”


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    • Nobby Stiles

      Time to Panic

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  • Green sauce

    I don’t think their owner cares if RED BULL ny win or lose.
    This team is here for marketing, if the owner cares so much, they would have gotten beckham before galaxy or listen to their fans. In addition, when I read that red bull have the best academy and best training facilities from their fans, doesn’t Galaxy or Philadelphia or Rsl have the best academy.
    Practically in 5 years all MLS teams will have over average training facilities and academy, then what will make red bull so special.
    But if you ask me, with all these new owners coming into MLS with big money, I wouldn’t be surprised that garber has a plan to get someone to buy red bull, San Jose, Chicago, Dallas. If Miami can get Qatar sports, why can’t garber lure some Asian and Russian money to MLS.

    • Eric B

      Beckham? Seriously? They got Thierry Henry, who’s a much better player.

      And if they listened to their fans, they never would have gotten Marsch, who led a team to overachieve and win a supporters shield last year (the truer measure of success compared to the crapshoot that is the MLS Cup playoffs, even if it carries less prestige).

      • Green sauce

        It’s an example and if you do realize, Galaxy would have gone for Henry as well but they had some other dps already, and garber wanted Henry to go to red bull.
        Even more, if nycfc existed back then, Henry would have gone to nycfc. In addition, red bull plays in the east which is a weaker division and MLS has a dumb unbalanced schedule. But seriously, red bull is about to get a reality check once Miami, Atlanta join the east and when Orlando, nycfc and DC get their stadium. Red bull needs to win MLS cup before NYC and before any new expansion team from the east.

        • MTF

          I think you’ve got it wrong. I don’t think Henry wanted to go anywhere but New York. Henry considered New York a second home before he’d even moved here in 2010.

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