Red Bulls complete Damari loan, signs on DP contract

Omer Damari Red Bulls


Bradley Wright-Phillips is finally getting some help.

On Thursday morning, the New York Red Bulls announced the acquisition of 27-year-old Israeli striker Omer Damari on loan from Bundesliga side RB Leipzig. Damari is signed to a Designated Player contract, making him the third Red Bull DP behind Gonzalo Veron and Bradley Wright-Phillips.

“We’re really looking forward to Omer joining the team,” said Red Bulls Sporting Director Ali Curtis. “We follow a lot of the Red Bull-associated clubs pretty closely, so we’ve gotten to see him play on a number of occasions, and we think he can add a lot of quality to what we’re doing in the final third.”

“There was good teamwork and communication in terms of bringing him aboard,” continued Curtis. “Fortunately, at the end of the day, we’re able to add a quality striker, also in the prime of his career, and we think he can help us this year.”

Damari played most of last season with Red Bull’s Austrian team, Red Bull Salzburg, scoring four goals in 16 appearances. He also made 10 appearances for RB Leipzig in 2015 but did not score any goals in that stretch. A majority of Damari’s playing experience has come in the Israeli Premier League where he played over 200 games with Maccabi Petah Tikva and Hapoel Tel Aviv combined, scoring 85 goals over that stretch. He is considered the top striker in the Israeli National Team pool.

Damari is an answer to the much needed vacant hole in the second striker position. New York Red Bulls have relied heavily on Bradley Wright-Phillips as the lone striker for nearly two season now but this latest signing will alleviate the pressure placed on the team’s all-time goal scorer.

Damari represents the second major signing for the Red Bulls this transfer window. Austrian winger Daniel Royer joined the club as a discovery signing earlier this week.

Damari will be the first player in the Red Bull global system to play for Leipzig, Salzburg and New York.

  • Sammy the Red Bull

    “Damari represents the second major signing.”

    Anthony, hold off on throwing around the term MAJOR signings, that remains to be seen. Hopefully both guys can have a positive impact and relatively soon.

    Royer’s season had started already so hopefully he is in game shape. Damari, who was still in pre-season needs to make an impact quickly since he is only signed till the end if the year.

    This may all work out and I really hope it does, but getting Damari at the last possible second and the way they got him, makes it look like Ali had no answers and no deals and had to go to big brother and plead for help.

    • slowleftarm

      Plus it’s not really a “signing” – he’s just here on loan. Very underwhelming work this transfer window by Ali and RBNY. It’s not like last year where they were blowing teams away at this point in the season. There are areas where this team needs reinforcements and I don’t think they’ve done enough.

      • Support Brooklyn

        I agree – doesn’t seem RB has a plan . Ali is losing his touch.

  • Jolly roger

    LMAO…those are some hellacious DPS we got there!!! My lord ,we are so lame it’s hard to believe.