Red Bulls complete transfer of Daniel Royer from Midtjylland

Daniel Royer


Reinforcements have arrived.

The New York Red Bulls have completed the transfer of Austrian international and Discovery signing Daniel Royer, pending receipt of his ITC and P-1 visa. Details of the deal were not disclosed.

“We’re pleased to add Daniel to our team,” said Red Bulls Sporting Director Ali Curtis. “He’s a talented player that is in the prime of his career. His ability to play different positions in the midfield gives us both quality and depth. Daniel is a very intelligent and mature young man, and we look forward to him joining the club.”

Royer  spent 2015 with FC Midtjylland in the Danish Super League. He made 23 appearance, scoring two goals. He also has previous experience with Hannover 96 and FC Koln in the German Bundesliga from 2011 to 2013 with a combined 29 appearances and three goals. The bulk of his career, however, has been spent in the Austrian Bundesliga where he has made 63 appearances for FK Austria Wien, scoring 11 goals from 2013 to 2015. Royer has featured in both the Champions League and Europa League, and has been capped with the Austrian National Team six times.

Royer has pace and is skilled with the ball at his feet; the same qualities that Jesse Marsch has found indispensable with winger Mike Grella. He will likely slot into the role of former Red Bull veteran, Lloyd Sam, on the right wing.

  • slowleftarm

    Disappointed but not surprised that this guy is the only acquisition this summer.

    • Smith

      They are also getting the Israeli guy on loan it seems. Our days of the big name transfers are over.

      • slowleftarm

        Yeah I forgot about him. I’m not looking for big name signings necessarily but for example the Timbers just signed Steven Taylor from Newcastle. Not a big name but he would have been a good addition. Someone of that caliber. They could use some depth at CB. Right now Duvall is the 4th CB.

        Maybe Royer is a similar caliber player on the wing. To be fair, I’ve never heard of him. Not sure he’s better than Sam but he is younger and Sam was declining so maybe he is better. I guess we’ll see.

        • Smith

          I agree about the defensive depth. Goals win games. Defense wins championships,

    • MTF

      You’re disappointed? How do you think Veron feels? He should realize that time is up on the ‘Veron with Red Bulls’ experiment. He’ll likely move to third on the depth chart behind the options of Royer and Muyl.

      • slowleftarm

        From the interview on this site with him recently it looks like he’s already realized this. He was talking about how it’s been a nice experience etc. I imagine he’ll be shipped out this winter.

        • MTF

          Agree 100%. Just didn’t work out with Veron and they’ll cut him loose in December. That being said, how much you wanna bet he comes off the bench late in the MLS Cup Final and scores the game winner for the Red Bulls! Instant legend!

  • Larry\\\’s A Simpleton

    Looks like RBNJ is really going for it this year. MLS cup or bust! HAHAHA

    • The Realist

      Yeah, they should sign big names like “MIX.”

      If you’re one of those stupid Connecticutions or Bushwick hipsters who spent money on a MIX jersey, you have to feel like an idiot right about now.

      • slowleftarm

        Tough to take these comments seriously given the latest game at RBA and the 7-0 earlier this season.

        • Larry\’s A Simpleton

          lol at brainless witless f.cosmos fanboys. these jerkoffs cant even troll properly.


  • Sammy the Red Bull

    I am willing to wait and see with this guy, he may be a good player for us, time will tell.

    But Ali was a big disappointment during this transfer window. They talked about having money and flexibility and they come up with this guy and maybe a last second loan deal from within network. They waited till the absolute last second in this loan deal and it’s for a guy that was told, either go to the NYRB or be relegated to RB Leipzig reserve team.

    Last year Ali brings in a guy nobody ever heard of, on big money who is apparently not capable of playing in our system.

    Ali built up a lot of good will after least season and rightfully so, but he has not distinguished himself during these transfer periods.

    • slowleftarm

      Yeah, this is underwhelming. I don’t think anyone other than casual fans want “big name” has-been signings from Europe but spending a little money would go a long way towards making this a better team. Another CB and a backup striker are needed. I know they have the Israeli guy on loan as a backup striker but I’m talking someone with at least a little pedigree.

      • Sammy the Red Bull

        Agreed, not looking for a superstar, don’t even want one. But I find it hard to believe these two guys, one from our own network, are the only two guys available that fit into our structure.

        DC United has no money and made moves. Seattle made moves. Portland mad moves. Atlanta United, which isn’t even a real team yet, made a few very good signings.

        Seems to me we suffer from a little paralysis from analysis at the moment.

  • Black lives matter

    Sucks to be a red bull fan and no way red bull wins MLS cup. The west conference is a massacre and if nycfc or tfc get hot, they will be tough to beat.
    In other news, I have read part owner of cosmos, the Arabic side has connections to the owner of red bull. In addition to the cosmos/red bull dilemma, rumor says garber didn’t denied Cosmos entrance to MLS, garber did not like the ownership group and cosmos never got their act together.
    You never know, but It wouldn’t be surprising to see cosmos and red bull together in MLS at red bull arena.
    1. Red bull becomes cosmos
    2. Jersey sponsor Red bull
    3. Stadium sponsor Emirates
    4. Both ownership groups combine their $$$
    5.USL pro ( cosmos) team can play in Long Island
    If red bull owner and cosmos Arabic part owner have connection, it could definitely happen. Garber just wants a sweeter ownership group without Seamus obrien.

    • #1 Killer of Blacks….other Blacks.

      I am with you BLM. Get it done!

    • slowleftarm

      Same garbage from you El Paso. Don’t you have something new to say other than this same bizarre fantasy about Cosmos coming to MLS and playing at RBA?

    • Larry\’s A Simpleton

      mls laughs at the f.cosmos and their worthless brand.

      love the way this site allows the racist hmophobic f.cosmos fanboys to ruin this site. way to go martinez! grow some balls dave and ban these turds. or are you a sell out for clicks?

    • MTF

      I have read that Jerry Jones, owner of the Dallas Cowboys, was once seen drinking a Red Bull. You never know, but it wouldn’t be surprising to see the Cowboys and Red Bull together in MLS.

      1. Red Bull becomes Cowboys FC
      2. Jersey sponsor Red Bull
      3. Stadium sponsor Stetson Hats
      4. Both ownership groups combine their $$$
      5. Synergy – the soccer club provides kickers and punters to the Cowboys

      If Jerry Jones and Dietrich have a connection, it could definitely happy. Cowboys FC…America’s team for that other football!

      • slowleftarm

        This was a great post, MTF.

  • Jolly roger

    Yawning. ….. just a bunch of amateurs,top to bottom

    • slowleftarm

      You’re referring to Cosmos fans I assume?

      • Jolly roger


        • slowleftarm

          Cosmos management? Yeah amateurs is being kind.