Red Bulls Global Director Houllier denies Henry to Arsenal chatter

gerardhoullierevilhandsThough 20 days remain until Thierry Henry’s rumored January 6th return to Arsenal, there has been no evidence that the legendary Gunners striker is going anywhere. In fact, as traction of a move continues to build, New York have denied the possibility even exists.

Red Bulls Global Director of Soccer Gerard Houllier says there is a reason for that; the Gunners haven’t called.

Speaking to French news outlet Canal Plus, Houllier denied a move was in the making despite Henry’s recent training time with the club and insinuations to the contrary by Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger.

“I find it strange what we hear in the media,” Houllier said. “If Arsene needed him, he would have called me or [sporting director] Andy Roxburgh, but this is not the case.”

In fact, Houllier didn’t believe Henry would be making the move at all. “I do not think both parties need to have this second comeback,” he explained. “Moreover, he became a dad. I think he will want to enjoy the holidays.”

Thierry Henry, Tim Cahill and former Red Bull Rafa Marquez have been the focal point of transfer and loan rumors for weeks. For Marquez, his surprise move to Club Leon came as a shock to many. On Cahill’s front, Everton boss David Moyes recently admitted the club would not seek his services but QPR boss Harry Redknapp said he would consider it. Of the three, Henry always seemed the likely choice to make a preseason move, even with comments from new Sporting Director Andy Roxburgh to the contrary. Whether that will happen still remains to be seen.