Red Bulls introduce new road kit for 2016

McCarty header Red Bulls


It may not be the all red kit New York Red Bulls fans have been pining for, but this year’s road shirt is certainly — different.

The Red Bulls quietly introduced their latest road offering Saturday afternoon, unveiling a road design that certainly departs from recent offerings.

Red Bulls Road 2016

Like so many other franchises throughout MLS, the Red Bulls kit features a signature adidas three line design running from the armpit to the lower hem of the shirt. The middle of the shirt features perhaps the smallest Red Bull insignia since their 2008 offering, laid upon their traditional navy blue background. That blue background also features a feint line design throughout the front and back of the jersey.

The most distinctive feature, however, are the yellow sleeves — a look made complete by the full yellow shorts of the road kit. Like last season, NEW YORK is highlighted in large font beneath the player name and number, complimented by the signature Red Bulls insignia beneath. It also features the tag line “Love. Fight. Passion. Glory” on the neckline, with “EST. 1996” at the hem of the neck.

McCarty Red Bulls

What are your thoughts on the new road shirt?


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  • Cupid

    If red bull is here to stay and never to leave MLS, then garber should tell them to redo their logo.
    We all know they are own by red bull but it’s boring and unoriginal. Garber should tell red bull, redo your logo or try to do something different with your sponsorship space.
    It’s pathetic for a New York team, their colors and name is unoriginal.
    By the way, is it true nasl is putting a second team in New York and name it nyunited, and hopefully those indoor soccer teams have better names in order to put pressure on red bull.
    Too bad Garber didn’t get Qatar sports to buy red bull :(

    • MTF

      Not true…NY United is an amateur team. Why should the Red Bulls, or any other team for that matter, take orders about their name and logo from the league commissioner? If you don’t like it you can support NYCFC or the Cosmos, if you don’t already. There is no amount of pressure that will force Red Bull to do anything about their name or sponsorships, nor should there be. You are already about to see Red Bull sell the stadium name rights some time this year. It may come as a shock but some of us don’t mind the Red Bulls name at all. The fact that they’ve given us the best arena, best academy, best training facility, and one of the best teams in North America actually makes Red Bulls ownership pretty worthwhile. And no, I don’t work for the FO.

      • Cupid

        From what I read, the same owners from nasl Miami want a team in NY.
        About red bull now, they seriously need a new logo and every fan says the same thing of their MLS team, “we have the best stadium and youth players.”
        I thought Galaxy had best academy, or is it Dallas now, or Houston, or salt lake, or red bull.
        All MLS teams have above average academy and every team is making plans to make awesome training facilities.
        By the way happy valentines:) enjoy with your mother or partner.

        • Cupid NYCFC troll

          How orignal. I heard NYCFC is selling their team and 4 other teams are moving to New York. The Cosmos are folding this year according to Rachel Maddow on MSNBC. Yay Democrats.

          • Cupid

            I’m not an NYCFC troll! I’m just an uninformed moron. But I’m learning fast!
            Cosmos can’t get anyone to their games to watch. NYCFC get plenty of fans to the baseball stadium to watch the old Europeans lose regularly to the Red Bulls. See how informed I’ve become in less than 24 hours.

            • Larry\’s A Simpleton

              Dont pay any attention to the f.cosmos fans. just ignore them and their team. just like the rest of new york does.

  • Akshay

    Can you confirm the “Metrostar crest” on the inside of the jersey? Someone posted on the Twitters and would be cool to see if that is true or not.

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