Red Bulls Luyindula befuddled by hamstring injury; out v. New England

(Image New York Red Bulls)

(Image New York Red Bulls)

New York Red Bulls striker Peguy Luyindula earned a surprise start for against Montreal nearly one month after picking up a hamstring strain against the Chicago Fire.

His quick exit was equally surprising.

The French striker collapsed, clutching his left leg in the first half of Wednesday’s encounter. He would need assistance as he limped off the pitch and made way for Fabian Espindola.

His leg was heavily bandaged after the match. Initial scans by team doctors revealed a hamstring strain that will guarantee Luyindula to miss time. How much still remains a mystery.

“I’m off for Saturday (against the Revolution),” he said with a scowl. “It’s impossible.

“They said (the injury) is not much, but obviously I want to come back with all my capacity. If not, I don’t want to do ten minutes here, ten minutes there. I know I can really help the team. Like that, I can’t.”

The injury is maddening for the 31 year old forward who claims to have never suffered two consecutive hamstring injuries in his entire career.

“It’s really frustrating,” he said. “If I was feeling in the beginning of the game that I was heavy or a little bit tired … I wasn’t frustrated at all, but now when I saw the beginning of the game that I did, the move I made and how I can find my partners from the beginning, I was confident for my game and the team game.

“When I felt this I said my God, once again! I am looking to find out why and come back with all my power.”

Luyindula recounted the run up to his injury and looked lost for answers. “It was on a run,” he began. “I took the ball, I tried to dribble, I made some good runs and I was OK. I came back to help the team defend and everything. I was making long runs and so I was confident on my body.

“On that run where Titi (Henry) tried to cross me, I came from maybe 15 yards and I was running fast to try to catch the ball and I felt it – mostly like a cramp on narrowly the same spot I felt in Chicago, but a little bit lower,” he explained. “I tried minutes after to go on it and I felt like my moves weren’t the same as the beginning of the game. I didn’t get the same power as before, so I think it was better to stop.

“I don’t know what it is,” he said with a hint of confusion. “I came late (in the preseason). I don’t have the same preparation as the other guys. I had to go to France to make my visa and then comeback.

“Maybe all these things make it so I am not in the same power that I have to be. That’s why I said I am going to talk with the doctors and try to find out how I can come back with all my capacity.”

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  • Dave from Dix Hills

    I really want him to do well. May be upgrade over Espindola if healthy.

  • bummer as I thought he looked good. He should just take as much time as needed up to and including the summer break.

  • jerichowhiskey

    More important than ever that Akpan steps up. From Petke’s remarks after the game, sounds like he’s starting in NE.

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