Red Bulls, NYCFC face dog fight for Eastern Conference crown


If you thought the Hudson River Derby was behind us, think again.

The Red Bulls (12-9-7, 43 pts.) and New York City FC (12-8-8, 44 pts.) are both vying for the Eastern Conference crown, with City currently edging their Harrison rivals by a single point. Each team has an equal amount of matches to end the year (6), meaning the competition between these franchises will only grow.

But which team has the tougher road towards the top spot?

NYCFC have an equal amount of road and home encounters. Aside from a home match against Dallas, the Pidgeon’s remaining competitors are favorable, with matches against the Revolution, Fire, Dynamo, D.C. and Columbus. Of those clubs, only D.C. and Dallas are currently in playoff position.

The Red Bulls schedule is a bit more difficult. Due to their CONCACAF Champions League obligations, the Red Bulls are playing six matches in 24 days this month. That run began with a 1-0 victory against the Vancouver Whitecaps at BC Place. From there, they host rival D.C., face Alianza midweek, travel to Toronto, host Montreal and travel to Antigua to end the month.

The good news for the Red Bulls is they will host four of their remaining six matches, traveling to Toronto in September and Philadelphia to end the season. However, their opponents are stronger than NYCFC’s rivals, with playoff bound D.C., Montreal, Toronto and Philadelphia on schedule. Only Columbus are currently out of playoff position.

Of course, the Red Bulls and NYCFC aren’t the only Eastern Conference contenders. Toronto is currently tied with the Red Bulls at 43 pts. The Union, meanwhile, can make up ground with two matches against the Red Bulls. They are currently fourth in the East with 40 pts.

Still, the New York rivalry will take centerstage as the season comes to an end. The only question is, who will come out on top?


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  • Larry\\s A Simpleton

    Look at Grella acting hard lmfbao!! I imagine that’s the same face Slow makes when all the attention is on NYC’s only soccer team

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  • slowleftarm

    Not always because they received a lot of attention this year for the 7-0 and 4-1 thrashings they got from Grella and Co.

  • Larry\’s A Simpleton

    brainless witless dead cosmos fanboys strike again! opencup fan you really ought to seek help. or at leastget new material thats slightly amusing. you’re a failure at life, just like the independent soccer team you follow.

  • Larry\’s A Simpleton

    and grella is a whiny *****. just like his coach and new jersey fans

  • Master football

    East standings at end of season
    Red bull

    MLS cup
    Galaxy vs tfc
    Galaxy vs Philadelphia

  • Larry\’s A Simpleton

    blake is far to overrrated to carry philly. probably going to be toronto winning the east.

    nycfc has the easiest schedule of all. other than dallas they dont play a game against a playoff team so they may do it. new jersey, philly, montreal and toronto are going to eat each other alive, but giovinco will carry toronto to the east title with nycfc in 2 place.

  • troy

    Red Bulls all the way. NYCFC can’t take the pressure.

  • Georgie Porgie

    Tell me about it !

  • Georgie Porgie

    The RB’s are NYCFC’s bitch and will always be that.

  • slowleftarm

    Please Troy you are embarrassing yourself.

  • Troy

    Who are you ? Weird guy.

  • slowleftarm

    Sorry, that is someone posing as me. Happens a lot on this site. As a RBNY fan, I obviously agree with your initial statement.

  • Troy

    Yea whatever you are odd anyways.

  • slowleftarm

    Sorry that was someone posing as me. Its probably Angry Bill again the one Cosmo fan in New York. He is a pathetic littleman.

  • slowleftarm

    Angry Bill/opencupfan/EPL guy/Leo Glickman really needs a life

  • Troy

    Whatever. You are annoying anyways.

  • slowleftarm

    No you are impersonating Troy? Wow.

  • Shep

    hahaahahaha you are crazy you need help my friend.

  • Troy

    Slow I thought you were a RB fan WTF ?

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