Red Bulls’ Petke, members of Crew perplexed over PK call


While the New York Red Bulls failed to put any real pressure on Columbus during Saturday’s 2-0 loss in Ohio, a phantom penalty call against them didn’t help matters.

“The penalty kick? I am not going to say anything to get fined, but it was an interesting call,” Head Coach Mike Petke observed. “I have no clue what the call was, who was it on, all I saw was seven to eight bodies plus Luis all packed into one.”

And if recent history is any indicator, Petke doesn’t expect to know the reasoning anytime soon either.

“I didn’t find out why I was suspended exactly from the time I got sent off in Kansas City until about four days afterwards,” he revealed. “Like I said many times, the refs job is to make calls that he thinks are right and he apparently saw something.”

While it may sound like sour grapes from a losing coach, he isn’t the only one left confused over the call. Several members of the Crew told the Columbus Dispatch they didn’t see a foul on the penalty call either.

“I saw nothing,” Crew midfielder Justin Meram told the Dispatch. “I thought he was pointing at the corner.”

“I didn’t even really realize it was a penalty until he called it,” midfielder Wil Trapp added. “I just thought it was a scuffle in the box.”

Even Head Coach Robert Warzycha expressed his bewilderment with the entire series of events.

“The penalty (Saturday), I think the referee saw maybe more than we did,” he said. “But if you score goals like (Federico Higuain) did on the second one, that’s why we come to the stadium. That’s why we’re coaching and playing, because you’re looking for goals like that.”

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