Red Bulls “riled up” by NYCFC’s social media gloating



Under Jesse Marsch, the New York Red Bulls have been a team that thrives on motivation to achieve results.

In that vein, New York City FC may have inadvertently given their cross-river rivals the ammunition they need for the third and final Hudson River Derby of the season.

Asked about the team’s mentality following Sunday’s defeat, Marsch went on, unprompted, about NYCFC’s social media behavior following the match.

“Listen man, we are all disappointed,” he said, adding, “Even when New York City puts the pictures on the internet, it gets everyone riled up.”

The content in question was a group photo shared by captain David Villa post match, featuring a jubilant and celebratory NYCFC side mugging for the camera — the kind of shot most teams reserve for post-championship winning victories.

The official NYCFC Twitter account later re-tweeted Villa’s original tweet, catching the eye of Marsch and the Red Bulls. It’s clear Marsch has taken note of the perceived slight, and will likely use it as motivation for the next time the two sides meet. That, of course, will be on July 24th as NYCFC visit the Red Bulls in Harrison.

“In down times, we look at ourselves carefully, figure out where we are at and how to get better,” Marsch said. “With the disappointment, there was still a lot of good.

“If we could have been better on the day, that game could have still been there for us.”

And with a little extra motivation, Marsch hopes his side gains that mental edge by month’s end.

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  • The rock

    the win of nycfc vs rb only makes red bull pool worst.
    Nycfc is barely on their second year and red bull has like 10 years running right.
    Red bull should be spending $$ on David villa type of players.
    My point is, the east is wide open and if nycfc get to the playoffs healthy, then anything can Happen with nycfc.
    Any news on mix leaving the team?

    • Christian

      Actually, they are in their 21st season if you count all those years they were the MetroStars.

      • The rock

        I was going to say 20 years but red bull fans get offended 😀
        Hopefully nycfc play rb in the playoffs and nycfc knocks them out and garber gives them an ultimatum.
        Red bull Germany is about to get all the cash and love, might as well avoid a new Chivas USA situation.

        • MTF

          What ultimatum should Garber give Red Bull? “Sign an expensive player and win MLS Cup or else!” You are silly. Red Bulls are not at all like Chivas. They are one of the better performing teams of the past five years. What should he tell DC United? “You’re a flagship team and haven’t won anything of late aside from an Open Cup. Get it together!” How about New England? Why should Red Bull sign ‘David Villa type’ players? David Villa is 1-4 against the Red Bulls.

          • Eric

            Schooled again Jerkoff haahahahahahah MORON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kuyakew

    God forbid a team celebrates a win or takes a group pic.

    They’re looking petty.

  • Sigh… Maybe Marsch should be concentrating on getting his players READY on matchdays and not worrying about stuff like this. Championships are not won in July, remember? I understand that they were tired after playing a brutal schedule, but to bitch about this is kinda infantile. Man up, Jessie! Your squad got beat. No excuses.
    Besides, if MY team finally beats your squad after five tries, I would be celebrating too!

  • LOL

    NYCFC is what, 1-6 vs the NYRB and the Cosmos combined. The law of averages says they were going to win a rivalry game eventually.

  • Get over it. There was a bit of Red Bull gloating on Twitter after the 7-0 win and they sent a Red Bulls broom to the front office. I think this pic was more for the fans than to really gloat. If they were gloating they would have put #RBNY in the tweet. Hey Jessie, Copernicus called…the world doesn’t revolve around you and the Red Bulls.

    • MTF

      To clarify, the Red Bulls organization didn’t send a broom to NYCFC…one of the supporters clubs did. I believe they sent brooms to both Kreiss and Marsch last year. NYCFC was due to finally win, but the picture looks a bit ridiculous. They should be more relieved than celebrating like they won the Champions League.

      • Eric

        I thought I told u to shut up u better DUMMY UP DUMMY

        • MTF

          Learn English please.

          • Sammy the Bull

            why don’t u buzz away buttboy jackass

  • Andre

    Didn’t NJRB post the pic of the retirement home tifo? What a bunch of pansies. By that I refer to the fact they can dish it out but can’t take it apparently if youo by this article.

    • Andre

      Sorry I was typing on my phone. To clarify:
      Didn’t NJRB post the pic of the retirement home tifo? What a bunch of pansies. By that I refer to the fact they can dish it out but can’t take it apparently if you go by this article.

      • Yakki

        RB is such a pathetic franchise please disband it immediately – so average !

  • NYCFC did you a favor by loosing 7 to 0…that was not a normal game…something that in all reality does not ever occur.. psychologically something went wrong with the team that was not the norm….ANy New Yorker, even a NYCFC would not want them to loose all the ten years of work for them to get to this point…To me, they should have thought of NYCFC concept years earlier…they didnt…Let them be proud of thier 7 to zero win..that will never occur again…trust me…that was agift from NYCFC..

    • slowleftarm

      Yea ok go eat raw chicken you animal !

      • slowleftarm

        To be fair, although that wasn’t me, that was the closest Angry Bill has come to posting something that I might have posted in all of the many times he’s posed as me. Angry Bill – who do Cosmos play next in the Open Cup?

        • Red Fighter

          who is this angry bill u keep referring to ? does he post as angry bill ? Please explain

        • Eric

          You are such a BLOWHARD why don’t u just blow away

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