Reports link Red Bulls Thierry Henry to loan, Marquez to permanent move; Cahill sought after by QPR

Days ago, Red Bulls President Andy Roxburgh told that “no club has made a request for a loan for any of our players.”

Despite the denials, the chorus continues to sound louder overseas and it looks more likely by the day that both Thierry Henry and Rafa Marquez could be headed towards offseason loans.

We start with the Daily Mail, who report the return of the French legend to Arsenal for the Gunner’s FA Cup swing against Swansea City on January 6th. According to the report and various other outlets, Arsenal and the Red Bulls have agreed in principle to a loan but have yet to hammer out the details of it’s length. New York reportedly wants to have him back for March while the Gunners are looking for a year long loan.

While the rumors continue to build, Henry has been busy in and around the Gunners’ clubhouse. Check him out with his mother this weekend taking in Arsenal’s clash against West Brom:

While Henry’s flirtations with Arsenal go on, Rafa Marquez continues to chirp about his desire to play for Atlas. An interesting wrinkle to that situation was presented this afternoon as a rumored transfer to Mexican side Leon surfaced instead. According to Telediario out of Mexico, talks between Leon and the Red Bulls are advanced and a deal can be announced “within hours.” That deal would include the “termination” of his Red Bull contract and joining Leon for the Copa Libertadores tournament.

Of course, this type of chatter has been ongoing for New York’s DP for weeks now. Each one of the Red Bulls top players has been pining over a return to their home clubs. Even Tim Cahill, who is so eager to rejoin Everton for a short spell, continues to have his name throw around the English Premier hot stove – this time with QPR hoping to land the Australian legend.

Whether any of this comes to fruition remains up in the air, but the chatter continues as the January transfer window nears.