Red Bulls’ Tim Cahill ponders offseason loan move


For the second straight year, Red Bulls’ midfielder Tim Cahill is leaving open the possibility for an offseason loan move.

This time, it isn’t the EPL he is targeting, but the A-League.

“First of all, the league is more than strong enough,” Cahill told the FFA after training this week. “What we have built in the years past is something to be very proud of.

“I think for me personally, playing in the MLS suits me better and the international team better and overall for a loan move, it’s one of those decisions that you assess later on.”

Cahill battled through injuries all season long, even incurring a knock in the Red Bulls final playoff appearance. Though he worked through pain in the past, the Australian midfielder reiterated a stance made clear shortly after the Red Bulls’ playoff ouster; health and recovery would be of paramount importance for him this offseason.

“I think the four weeks to six weeks that I have off just to do a rehab and reconditioning on all the little injuries and niggles (is what I need)… and it’s just a matter of seeing whether I can get my body right to go on loan.”

Of course, a loan deal isn’t strictly his decision. Red Bull Sporting Director Andy Roxburgh and the team braintrust did not allow a similar request last offseason.

Cahill hopes the coming World Cup changes that thinking.

“I play my last game on Tuesday (for Australia), go back to New York, chill with my family for a bit and go on holiday and then decide then. Something probably won’t come up until mid-December and if it does, it all depends if I want to or if it works for my body.

“The plan has to be for the World Cup, not really for me personally.”

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  • Fix your damn Schedule MLS & your big time players won’t have to go out on loan, you think someone over there would wake up once in for all.

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