#RedBullOut purchase billboard space by Lincoln Tunnel


So reads an electronic billboard in North Bergen, NJ leading towards the Lincoln Tunnel.

#RedBullOut, an organization of New York Red Bull fans who have grown sick of the team’s Austrian ownership, have purchased space by the Tunnel helix to publicly display their displeasure. Sparked by the unexpected firing of head coach Mike Petke, #RedBullOut have since begun crowd funding to push their initiative forward.  Besides purchasing of ad space, they have also organized a protest for Friday’s Town Hall at Red Bull Arena, offering to give attending participants free #RedBullOut shirts to publicly voice their displeasure.

The ad above will run through the weekend, displayed along several other unrelated advertisements.  The billboard will feature for eight seconds at a time.

According to the group organizers, this is only the first of several such displays planned “over the coming months.”

Here is a clear view of the entire ad:

Billboard 1

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  • Metrored

    Love it!

  • JD

    A bunch of idiotic cry babies. Do they remember how awful the Metro days were? Do they really think a change in ownership is going to make things better than they are now? Donald Trump Jr. is a parasite feeding off unfavorable news, trying to make a name for himself. His ownership would be the downfall of this team as his assets are speculative at most. There is a reason MLS didn’t look at him twice in Vegas. I for one, enjoy having the best stadium, best academy, best training grounds, and one of the best teams in the league. I have never seen a bigger bunch of cry babies than this #RedBullOut group.

  • JD

    BTW here is the average place in the standings for each Eastern Conference team that has been around since 2006.

    RBNY: 3.66
    KC: 3.66
    NE: 4.33
    CHI: 4.44
    DC: 4.44
    Crew: 4.44

  • Get a Life JD

    You dishonor fans.

  • Alex

    I agree!

  • Don Garber

    Good post. Just like I told you to write it. Check is in the mail.

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