Ref admits obstructed view on PK call to Red Bulls’ Kimura

(Photo By: Rob Tringali, courtesy of the New York Red Bulls)

(Photo By: Rob Tringali, courtesy of the New York Red Bulls)

While issuing a statement in defense of his controversial penalty call during the New York Red Bulls, Columbus Crew match, referee Geoff Gamble told accused defender Kosuke Kimura he may not have had the best vantage point at the time of the infraction.

“I even talked to the referee after the game and he said ‘hey Kosuke, It was a tough one to call, I couldn’t really have a good sight,'” Kimura told reporters after the match.

It was no surprise to the Red Bulls fullback. Head Coach Mike Petke and a few of the players took to the lockerroom immediately after the match to replay the infraction.

“These guys watched it,” Kimura said. “There was no chance it was a PK.

“They chipped the ball and our defense line was ready to defend,” he recounted. “Markus (Holgersson) has to make a play then obviously (Jamison) Olave has to make a play and I have to make a play.

“I went over and it was too late,” he continued. “Obviously I thought he was going to take a shot one-time, that’s what I thought. I’m not going to get there because the ball is in front of him and then all of a sudden, he miskicked it.

“Then after that I have no idea but I saw the ball was going and then they call a PK. I had no idea (what happened).”

While admitting his look on the play may have been questionable, Gamble still defended the reasoning for his call.

“He said, ‘You kind of tripped him. He had a bad touch but he could have scored if you didn’t touch him,’” Kimura recounted. “I mean, I guess that happens.”

Regardless of the infraction, the defender chose to focus on the fortitude of his club in light of the damning call.

“At that time we were pushing for one more goal. It’s a home game; we had to win,” he said. “We played second half way better, we possessed the ball better, we created all the chances, but we have to finish those. If we don’t finish that, we have to pay later on.

“At least we came back strong at home. We didn’t lose. That’s huge.”