Regional Reader Wars: March Madness! Luxembourg, Represent?!

Welcome to the return of Regional Reader Wars! This was a popular little segment back in my “Offside” days where I pull the curtain back a bit and shine a spotlight on the people and places that visit this site on a month by month basis. I round up the top five visiting countries, states/provinces and towns on Empire of Soccer, making for an interesting look at the scope and reach of the global game and, of course, our fledgling site.

Our first month of operations saw a healthy and steady growth in readership week to week, with a diverse array of visitors throughout the world coming on by to say hello.

Here is a look at the top 5 for the month of March:


usflag1. USA
2. United Kingdom
3. Canada
4. Luxembourg
5. Estonia
Honorable mentions: Argentina broke the top 25 with a 23rd place finish this month, but I expect more from the country my parents were born in! Norway was edged out by the Estonian Express (of visitors), debuting at number 6. And can someone please explain to me why Luxembourg was so interested in us? Fourth place? I demand an explanation! ;)


newyorkflag1. New York
2. New Jersey
3. Pennsylvania
4. Florida
5. California

Honorable mention: England (yes, “England” is a region according to analytics) came in 7th place overall. The ever popular Krung Thep Maha Nakhon Bangkok came up at 31st place, while Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur trailed at 41. Don’t ask me to point these out on a map folks. I have NO idea.


NYCFlag1. New York City
2. Elmhurst
3. Woodside
4. Harrison
5. Yonkers

Honorable mention: Queens, represent! I hardly ever get these type of numbers for the Queens borough, but well done people! New York City always proves tough to dethrone, but it was nice seeing Harrison at 4th place … maybe interest is gaining in the neighborhood after all ….

Anyhow, honorable mentions go to Jersey City at 6th place (barely edged out by Yonkers), Miami at 7th overall, and Montreal decided to take a look into New York soccer with a 24th place finish. Oddball area of the month? Jonkoping comes in at 97th place.

Hope your city represented well! And if you want to know where your town ranked, just hit me up in the comments section – I’ll be glad to let you know.

Thank you all for making our first month of operations a success.

Catch y’all next month for Regional Reader Wars II!

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  • Sasha

    Great site Dave! Keep up the great work. How about getting on TV such as SNY and being there “Go TO Guy for Soccer”!!! In regards to region, Nyack, NY Represent!

  • rbny4me

    montreal might be due to me… i check the blog most days… i’m originally from hoboken and currently live in montreal

  • Anonymous

    Nice! Not a bad showing sir, though I do see some other IPs on the same area – You’re not alone.

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