Cosmos remain unbeaten with win over Scorpions


UNIONDALE, N.Y. – The New York Cosmos didn’t just win Saturday evening — they made a statement.

The Cosmos extended their unbeaten streak to eight games with a thorough 3-0 win over the visiting San Antonio Scorpions in front of 5,032 fans at Shuart Stadium. Raul opened the scoring in the 18th minute on a penalty kick, with Roversio and Leo Fernandes scoring the final two goals in the dying minutes of the encounter.

With the victory, New York goes to 5-3-0 (18 pts.), keeping them atop of the NASL table with two games remaining in the season. They have also separated themselves from the Spring contenders, with only Minnesota United, the Tampa Bay Rowdies and Jacksonville Armada mathematically in the race for the season championship.

Forward Lucky Mkosana presented New York their first opportunity of the match, drawing a foul from former Cosmos’ player Joseph Nane within the Scorpions area in the 18th minute. Raul stepped up for the chance and slotted far right for the early lead. The goal is Raul’s third of the season, tying him with Leo Fernandes for the Cosmos scoring lead.

Roversio made it 2-0 in the 81st minute, nodding home a picture perfect free kick from Ayoze, beating Scorpions keeper Daryl Sattler to double the Cosmos lead. Fernandes finished off a fantastic sequence in the 86th minute, following a lofted pass from Raul to an onrushing Mkosana. The Zimbabwean’s header looked wide, but Fernandes was there to redirect it for the final dagger of the evening.

The Scorpions struggled to create quality chances on a stout Cosmos defense. The speedy combination of Omar Cummings and Billy Forbes were held back by New York’s veteran back line, allowing Jimmy Maurer to earn yet another shutout — his NASL modern era record-breaking 18th all-time.

New York now face a busy run. This Wednesday, they open their U.S. Open Cup participation with a match against Jersey Express. They then look back to NASL competition on May 30th, taking on Minnesota United.


  • Esteban

    Big win for the Cosmos. NYCFC has already given up a goal to RSL and already look awful. I’m predicting the Cosmos run NYCFC off the field for a huge set up against Red Bull, plus they’ll have the Spring title locked up by then and can test the first team for the matchup.

  • Kevin

    So here’s my question to all of the various cosmos supporters. I’ve been a,season ticket holder since they started in 2013. I make the haul from the Jersey shore to Hofstra for almost every game. It seems to me the line of supporters has lessened back behind the far goal. Please dont take this as an insult,my kids think your as much of the entertainment as the game itself. But with at least 4 massive banners promoting your groups,shouldn’t it be mandated that say at least 25-50 of your members are there for every game. Maybe I’m wrong and could very well be,but your groups and the loyal season ticket holders like me are the heart of this fun team and its disheartening to here them announce 5000 people in attendance again.

    • Anonymous

      there was well over 25 people not every supporter sits in the section and also a busy vacation weekend

  • willy wonka

    its gonna be a fun open cup :-)
    Cosmos and NYC are at the same level with no injuries, and red bull don’t want to lose since they know if they lose,everybody will be making fun of them.

  • Anthony

    The Cosmos can clinch the NASL Spring championship next week against Minnesota and are poised for a memorable June, win a title, history in Havana, beat NYCFC in open cup


      NYCFC open cup game will billed as the Unbeaten vs. Beaten down

    • John

      Nobody cares look at the crowds , no one is there.

      Very sad that for all the effort put in by the cosmos that no one even know where they play or care to go see them.

      • OpenCupFan

        Looking at everything but the quality on the field – must be an MLS apologist.

        • John

          What quality cosmos are paying against second division scrubs that are worse than the scrubs that are in mls.

          Sorry but no one in New York cares about the cosmos , the press does not cover them , no real television, no fans in the stands, how are they relevant in NY?

          • Smith

            Actually, the Daily News had a couple of paragraphs on last night’s game.

            I look forward to Cosmos-NYCFC in the Open Cup. Both should play their best 11. Let’s see what happens.

          • OpenCupFan

            Love it, at least you recognize MLS are scrubs. The salient point here is, one is claiming to be a top level league in the world.
            Thing is fans all over the world support clubs that aren’t Real/Arsenal/Barcelona/Bayern etc, but they support their local clubs and those clubs do their best for those fans.
            Cosmos do that, they enter every game and every competition trying to win. That’s something to laud, not some franchise that plays in a famous baseball stadium but keeps its best players in ManCity. Or a club that brags about a nice stadium in Jersey but makes excuses about its loss to the Cosmos.


  • A truly fantastic night last night. Huge win against a quality team. Energetic passionate crowd. Incredible pride on the field. NASL is a new league, the Cosmos attendance will continue to build, as will the television audience.

    Most important thing is that the Cosmos are the best team in the United States right now. It’s just not debatable. They play a tactically aware, high quality game, unlike the MLS kickarounds and breakaway derbies that I watch.

    • Ken Ramirez

      I feel the same way, but until we win the Open Cup against the MLS NY teams, LA Galaxy and the Sounders, nobody will be aware of this fact. USOC 2015 final of Sounders-Cosmos would be legendary and it would benefit the Cosmos, NASL and the Cup.

      • bench warmer

        Cosmo won’t win cup, but they sure can put up a fight.
        Right now, the best teams in mls are fc Dallas, rb,NE, sounders, Vancouver, and cosmos are at the level of Houston or like nyc with no injuries.

    • John

      The cosmos are not on tv so there are no ratings to increase and 4000 people on a beautiful suturdqy night is not support. You can fool yourself in thinking progress is being made but where is it ? Terrible attendance , no media coverage , playing at a lacross filed I Long Island that’s progress ?

      • Smith

        It was actually 5,200. Your point is taken, but let’s keep it factually correct; you know, like NYCFC hasn’t won in 10 games.

        • Smith

          I meant 5000.

      • Resguard

        But they are on television, every game they play is on tv… they had over 5000 supporters, their media boxes are always filled at games. As for the field well they have been working on it NY is a difficult state to figure these things out.

  • “not at the level of rb”… what a laugh.

    Tres a cero!

  • Hydrahamster

    A lot of cities would kill for a team like the Cosmos. The sad part is, no one cares about the growing quality and product on the field when they are a second division team. NYCFC did nothing to win fan support and national TV coverage, but buy their way into MLS with the Yankees and Manchester City ownership. They are on a losing streak while the Cosmos are on a winning streak. An average of 5000 fans per game does not match the overall quality. The reality of Americans is that money rules all. Money buys popularity no matter how horrible the product is on the field. Winning the Lamar Hunt US Open Cup may not solve the problem. The main thing the Cosmos and the NASL needs is yearly competitions. That’s something MLS will always have over them. NYCFC is a lower quality than the Cosmos, but the NYCFC will always be a team with meaning within the USSF. The only thing holding the Cosmos and the other lower division clubs are the USSF. The only thing that can fix that problem is American soccer fans showing they want traditional and a more organized united division pyramid. Sadly the soccer fans as a whole are not like that.

    I’m hope the NASL become first division one day because MLS is anti-traditional soccer. Our first division needs to be a gateway for the lower divisions to grow off of, not be held prisoner.

    • Resguard

      Preach Brother Preach! lol

      You said it really well, American fans don’t understand a lot of the political side of the game, and most don’t care, they want, is advertised as the best.