Red Bulls remain undefeated after draw vs. Rapids


HARRISON, N.J. – Yes, the New York Red Bulls closed out their second month of competition undefeated, but their draw against Colorado was less than inspiring.

Rapids midfielder Gabriel Torres redirected a Dillon Powers set piece to give Colorado the early lead, but a Ben Newnam foul in the box minutes later allowed Bradley Wright-Phillips to sink a penalty and draw the match in front of 12,540 fans at Red Bull Arena.

“It’s getting annoying. It’s not the way we want to start the games,” midfielder Sacha Kljestan said. “I think it comes down to a little bit of focus. The mentality had been so good to come back, but why are we putting ourselves in that position? Set piece goals were definitely something we’ve been working on. We want to be one of the best teams in the league at defending set pieces, and so far it has not been good enough. Sometimes it comes down to good individual play and sometimes it comes down to just having a good mentality at the kickoff.”

New York once again deployed their high press, high tempo offense. However, Colorado forward Dominique Badji proved to be a handful against the system, consistently threatening the centerback duo of Matt Miazga and Damien Perrinelle throughout the evening. Badji managed the first meaningful chance of the match in the 13th minute off the counter attack, latching on to an over-end kick from his defense to split the Red Bull centerbacks. One-on-one with Luis Robles, Badji’s shot was denied by the Red Bull keeper.

Despite the Red Bull pressure, Colorado found a break in the 25th minute. Dillon Powers lined up a free kick from 35 yards out, sinking his shot into the path of Gabriel Torres who took a deft touch to beat Robles for the early lead.

New York would answer five minutes later, thanks to an errant tackles by Newnam in the box. Sacha Kljestan drew the foul and Wright-Phillips sunk the shot past Clint Irwin to tie the match.

Badji nearly put Colorado ahead in the 35th minute, turning Matt Miazga inside out and sneaking a shot past Robles that ate the far left post before rolling out of danger.

The Red Bulls came out aggressive in the second. While they struggled to breakdown the Rapids midfield, they kept the visitors pinned throughout most of the half.  Lloyd Sam managed the first meaningful chance, dancing past three defenders in from the left and unleashing a low shot at Clint Irwin for the easy save. Sacha Kljestan followed that effort with a curler from the right, banging his shot off the post in the 64th minute. One minute later, Felipe joined the attack, sending a Sam centering pass just wide of Irwin’s net.

New York continued their high press, but could not find the final ball, leaving two points at home in a disappointing draw. One silver lining? The result means the Red Bulls are now undefeated in the first two months of the season, trailing New England and DC United by a single point in the Eastern Conference.

The Red Bulls now make a quick turnaround, facing the Revolution this Saturday at Gillette Stadium.


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  • Anonymous

    This is the luckiest team. A point v LA at home off of a Filippe goal he didn’t even know he scored and a point v lowly Colorado gifted (as per Shep Messing) by Mark Geiger.

    It was easy to play high tempo with a bye every other week. Cannot do it with normal MLS sched and mid-week games.

    RBA was a ghost town last night. Lower tiers 50-60% full (except SW of course) and some upper tier sections had a few dozen people. Looked like about 10K.

    • Jones

      Red Bull Out is over loser, only 166 likes on your pathetic facebook page

    • yrmmsbx

      Seems so weird to hear this cursed franchise called “The luckiest team”

      They’re mostly famous for shooting themselves in the balls

  • Anonymous

    An announced 12K last night?!?! For an undefeated team on a gorgeous night?? Wow! As Shep would say, “that is horrific!”.

    No doubt about it, a lot of those empty blue seats have ‘FU Ali’ written all over them.

    • Smith

      I was there. I doubt that were even that many there.

      • Ali is my man

        The attendance has little to do with Ali. He’s an MLS hack and gets the deals done. If you want to draw the crowds you need to bring the big names. True fans may be indifferent but it matters to the average/casual fan.

        • Anonymous

          Ali had a HUGE effect on attendance. It’s not simply that they let Petke go, it is HOW Ali Curtis went about it. Complete FUBAR on his part. Thousands of fans wanted their money back b/c of Ali.

          • Anonymous

            Just wondering what you mean by “HOW” he went about it? Were you there for the conversation? Maybe it was completely courteous. (Petke’s actions since it happened haven’t shown bitterness.) You have NO IDEA what happened behind closed doors. Also what did you want them to do if they felt Petke wasn’t the right fit for their long-term vision? Continue letting him coach and secretly HOPE to lose to justify a firing down the road? THAT would have been a douchey way to go for everyone. Get over your freaking obsession with the guy. And stop saying “It was HOW he did it” with regard to the coaching change. Because you have no idea how it happened. Much as you might want to share an endless embrace with your dear beloved Petke and hold him 24/7, I’m pretty sure you were out of the room for this one.

            • Anonymous

              Petke himself and other players said it was a complete surprise. Didn’t have to be that way. But you know brtter and you think you speak for the 12,000 empty seats last game. Maybe you’ll get better treatment when you get fired from your job when you grow up and get a job.

              • Anonymous

                Oh, I forgot that A) professional sports employment is known for being so steady and constant, and B) bosses are expected to drop hints for weeks before actually firing someone. You’re delusional. On a side note, as someone who put herself through nursing school and has worked full time as a NICU nurse, while birthing and raising three children at home, I’m pretty sure I have leg up in the real job department over “soccer coach.” And probably you, too.

  • Niche Chavez

    If you want crowds, come see NYCFC!

    We’re neat-o!

  • Playing beautifully with some big names to boot wouldn’t hurt the fans interest either. Boring play with no flair in Harrison,NJ with no marquee names more often than not will lead to…..crickets

  • best part of game was the look on Dax’s face when he got pulled for Dane Richards. Sad state of affairs when that’s the most interesting highlight. But they are undefeated!! Can anyone seriously debate the lowly level of general play this league has sunk to?

    • slowleftarm

      Are you seriously arguing the level of play in MLS has been worse than in past years?! Wow.

    • Anonymous

      Dead on Jonny! Dax looked like he wanted to tear Marsch a new one. It looked like the camera caught him saying WTF?

      Expansion equals lower level of play collectively. It’s pure math. However, MLS now has sub-leagues available to develop talent (USL, NASL & NPSL)

    • Anonymous

      Taylor Twellman said 12 playoffs teams = boring safe play. He said road teams will park behind the ball and play for ties. That was a winning home record will be enough to finish top 12.

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