Report: NYCFC eying Aqueduct as Bronx deal falls through

Aqueduct Racetrack

With New York City FC’s potential stadium locations bouncing like a roulette wheel, it seems only fitting that they start to size up the Aqueduct Racetrack.

Capital New York reports talks have broken down between NYCFC and the GAL Elevator Company in the South Bronx, forcing the fledgling franchise to return their focus towards Queens.

According to their sources, GAL agreed to, then declined on an offer made by the Manchester City owned franchise for the purchase of their land and relocation of the company. After months of negotiations, NYCFC officials stepped away from the bargaining table to pursue other options

That search has taken them towards the Aqueduct; a stadium site that has long existed, but has seldom been entertained.

The Aqueduct Racetrack, home to the Resorts World Casino, sits on an expansive 210 acre piece of land in South Queens. Redevelopment plans have consistently been pitched for the area, with the latest being a short lived proposal for a Javits-style convention center on property by Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Soccer is no stranger to the Aqueduct. Teams have entertained the area for years, dating back to the Metrostars in 2001. Then owners John Kluge and Stuart Subotnick proposed a Cosmos-style $70 million redevelopment plan that would include shops and housing centered around a 25,000 seat stadium. That plan never took off.

More recently, when MLS led the charge for a 20th franchise in New York, the league, along with members of the Bloomberg administration, pinpointed up to 19 potential stadium sites, including the Aqueduct.  The aforementioned Cosmos entertained the site as well before moving on to other plans in Belmont.

Both MLS and the Cosmos passed up on the site mainly due to its location and transportation issues. The A-line is the only subway reaching the site, with the Q37 line the only bus to go directly towards the premises. Its South Ozone Park location is also hardly the league’s ideal for an NYCFC stadium, either.

It does, however, come with its perks. The Aqueduct is already zoned for entertainment purposes, cutting into the city’s bureaucratic red tape. It is also land that has been seeking promising redevelopment for years in a downtrodden area that could use revitalization — an ideal aspect to the plan that surely speaks to the politics of Mayor Bill De Blasio.


  • Myles

    Well, if they take up that the Aqueduct, their fans are forbidden to complain about Chester, PA. (Seriously, though, NYC. Keep trying in the Bronx, Manhattan, or Long Island City. You will ruin the NYC SOCCER WARZ triangulation if you don’t!)

    • The real Stan

      You’re nuts it’s in queens and on the other side of it where the cosmos aren’t, think before you type

      • Myles

        What are you talking about. RBNY – New Jersey, Lower Manhattan, Brooklyn // NYCFC – Bronx, Upper Manhattan, West Queens // Cosmos — Queens, Nassau, Suffolk. 3 distinct areas where fans could be pulled from. Nuts? This is basic NYC Metro-area geography!

        Think before I type? Your message barely makes any sense to begin with.

  • Is the area worse then Harrison?

  • Too bad all that glorious land by 20th ave. in Astoria, Queens is taken by a utilities company or something.

  • Anthony

    MLS just needs to own up to their failure. It was ill conceived to award this expansion franchise without having any realistic stadium solution, something they claimed up until that announcement to hold sacred. If they would have just waited, and worked with potential ownership on possible plans instead of taking the first huge bag of cash, no questions asked, that came to them we would probably have a viable NASL team working towards a great stadium deal, with MLS support and a much better and more palatable team to bring into the league (Cosmos)…assuming they could work out the finer details.

    • Anonymous

      i could careless about MLS but your 200% right !

      • Anonymous

        not to mention all MLS really did was divide the Soccer community into 3’s when it could have been just 2 !

  • Why is MLS obsessed with the Cosmos? And where are all the NYCFC dopes who have been “oh the shiek has money they’ll get it done”? SMH.

    • Cosmos are Sexy !

      • Rufus T firefly

        Punk my man! . Haven’t seen you around here in a long time and with the cosmos being the mega bust they’ve turned into I was getting a bit worried. Thought you and the other cardboard cosmso fanboys may have gone the Jim Jones route. Good to see you!

        • Rufus T firefly

          MLS obsessed with the Cosmos? Hey Leo what color is the sky in your world? Other than comic relief MLS couldn’t give two shits about the fake cosmos. And from the looks of things neither does the rest of New York.

  • The real Stan

    Hate to admit it but how did the red bulls not build there ? I lived there for a couple of years, way better than Harrison and unlike Dave’s assessment of it not being ideal, the surrounding areas can’t be worst then the best part of the Bronx

    • Rufus T Firefly

      Red Bulls should have built out by Met Life Stadium. They would have done a lot better out there.

      • The real Stan

        I hear you but this space trumps anything in Jersey, if NYC or Cosmos build there NYRB will take a huge hit, I lived there same travel time to Harrison and it’s actually in NY

  • chepe pedos

    when I think about the cosmos , I think about a superstar team … legendary team, history… with NYCFC i think, umm.. nothing…

    • Rufus T Firefly

      Cosmos have a superstar team? roflmao.

  • Anonymous

    5 Boroughs 1 City… Not so much.

  • Scott McCarthy

    It’s funny how people are complaining about South Ozone Park, when the other option is the South Bronx.

  • Scott McCarthy

    The best part of NYC FC going to Aqueduct, The Borough Boys would have a short commute when the Cosmos tap out.

  • Scott McCarthy

    When I think about the Cosmos, I think a legendary team that folded and had it’s identity purchased and thought the brand was bigger than any league…Long Island is a death sentence for pro sports. Queens is a Borough, Long Island is not.

  • OpenCupFan

    actually i think it is a perfect spot for ManCity’s Triple AAA soccer franchise.

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    • Rufus T firefly

      they can’t share a stadium because the faux cosmos are going to be out of business by the time it gets built—not that anybody will miss them. what a joke.

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    • Anonymous

      What crowds?

      • Anonymous

        They should build a stadium that holds 18,000 hope to get it 3/4 filled make it look good. I love soccer but there isnt enough interest in NY to sell out stadiums. Doesnt matter where they put it. The city sucks and will give nycfc a hard time no matter where they want to build it. People who want to go will find a way there. Just get it
        Built then complain when its not convienant for these “crowds” to commute there. Or just except that it will be empty seats like NYRB games. Smartest thing to do is to build an 18,000 seat stadium at belmont to share with cosmos. Easy for everyone to get to. Cosmos will be gone soon anyway. Everyone wins

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