Report: Cosmos to take on Santos in Brazil for ‘Amazon Cup’

The New York Cosmos could be using their global brand appeal for a unique offseason tournament in Brazil.

According to reports, the Cosmos have agreed to take part in the first annual “Amazon Cup” where they will be paired with a familiar foe — Santos FC, the home club of Pelé.

“We have the entire agreement with the New York Cosmos. The Cosmos, for us, is in the tournament. And most likely the Santos Football Club will be accepting in the coming hours. I contacted the president Modesto Junior Rome and he confided that are interested in participating, ” tournament organizer Rivaldo Alves told FUTnet.

The Cosmos and Santos would be two of the four participating sides, which would also include Brazilian Division B side, Paysandu Sport Club and Division D battler, Clube do Remu.

The tournament will be held in the Northern Brazilian city of Belem, capital of Para, best known as the gateway to the infamous Amazon River. According to NDOnline, the ‘Amazon Cup’ would be a two day tournament, scheduled for January 21st and the 25th at the Mangueirão.

With the Cosmos on board, Alves and his “Queen Tourism and Events” hope to lure Santos after the new leadership takes office at the turn of the New Year.  While Remu and Paysandu seem odd rivals for the event, they happen to be the two largest and known teams in Para, and will be pitted against each other as part of the event.

Alves’ vision for the tournament would be to grow the Amazon Cup to include greater world football powers in coming years, centering the tournament around the town’s festival.

“Right now I’m in the city hall of Belem, which is now the maximum sponsor of the event,” Alves said. “The idea is to include the tournament in the city’s anniversary programming, which will celebrate 399 years and projected to 2016, when [Belem will be] 400 years, the participation of clubs like Chelsea, Milan and Real Madrid.”

Keeping with the club’s desire to explore the global football market, the Cosmos are leveraging their brand to the tune of just over $150k for their participation in the Amazon Cup, in addition to travel and accommodations.

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  • Anthony

    would have preferred a simple friendly between Santos and Cosmos to honor Pele as originally suggested, but i guess that is business these days, everything has to be a damn “_____ Cup” with sponsors and crap.

  • scott

    This could be a great step forward for the Cosmos getting their brand recognized again.

  • Chester

    Interesting cups & friendlies could be a big part of Cosmos global image going forward.

    SV Austria Salzburg
    FC United of Manchester

    These could all be fun.
    Maybe even that alt-world cup thing that St Pauli does sometimes

  • gregj

    Dave, it’s Remo, not Remu. 100 to 1 odds Santos does not play in this tournament.

  • Papão

    Paysandu is gonna destroy the small and disgusting remU (LMAO). We are getting back on track and, surely, soon enough the good old days will come back. I just don´t know if remU is gonna have enough players to take part on the tournament, some of them are leaving and others are MIA ´cause the club has no money and, apparently, is on the verge of bankruptcy. Tough situation of this tiny club…

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