Report: Cosmos’ Kranjcar Close to Deal with Rangers



Croatian international Niko Kranjcar’s days in a New York Cosmos shirt could already be over.

The Scottish Sun is reporting that the 31-year-old midfielder has come to a verbal agreement with Rangers and is set to sign a two-year contract with the Scottish club. Rangers Manager Mark Warburton crossed the Atlantic to court Kranjcar in New York just last month while he was deep into the Spring Season with the Cosmos.

The move would reunite Kranjcar with Joey Barton, his midfield partner at Queens Park Rangers from 2013-2015.

Kranjcar’s influence was definitely felt for the Cosmos when he was able to take the field during the NASL’s short spring. After starting as a second half substitute in week one, he went on to make six starts and play 404 minutes for the Cosmos during their campaign.

The veteran’s vision and technical ability benefited the Cosmos in many instances and helped him notch one goal and one assist before being sidelined by a groin injury four minutes into the club’s week eight match up with the rival Tampa Bay Rowdies.

Kranjcar’s deal with the Cosmos only ran through the Spring Season, allowing him to keep his ear to the ground if interest in Europe came stirred during the summer transfer window.

  • The rock

    Only if cosmos were in mls….. Right
    What’s the deal with cosmos seriously?
    Cosmos need to win us open cup no matter what.

    • slowleftarm

      LOL…and how is that going to happen exactly? That’s like saying Torquay United NEED to win the FA Cup. Ok, but since that’s not really possible, what is plan B?

  • Pancho villa

    Yes they need to win the US cup , but these split seasons seem to be a good deal for both players and clubs . any big name player can come in and join an American team for a season and it will be a good business for both .. These deals aren’t bad

  • George

    Fix your league system, get renegation and promotion system going like EVERYWHERE else and Cosmos will play in Premier league and clubs like NYC FC will most definitely not. This will clear this the air, valuable players might come, maybe even coaches to. manage teams youth academies start working properly and maybe, just maybe natives will one day play football! Who knows…

    • Stt

      NYCFC would be just fine.
      The blood-soaked savage who owns them would pump in truckloads of money to fill that trophy cabinet

  • Yeah Right

    I am sure that was not a hard decision, play in front of 3,000 on astoturf in Hempstead or in front of 50,000 at Ibrox in Glasgow.

  • Smurf040

    This news blows!!! It was a thing of beauty watching Niko play. Too bad he got hurt at the end of the season. He will definitely be missed!! Wish him the best of luck!!

  • Rest of the World

    Lived through the cosmos heyday….attended metro stars games first few years….very excited when cosmos came back. Sadly, this is all a big tease. We need a serious overhaul of US soccer in general. Zero development in any league.

    • slowleftarm

      Ok what do you propose?

      • Metrobull since 96

        Get rid of single-entity and make “clubs” compete against each other for talent and fans.
        Replace the hard salary cap with either a luxury tax or a cap based on your income in the local market.

        And when NASL has 20+ super profitable clubs (stop laughing!!) then, and only then, can you begin to talk about pro rel

        • slowleftarm

          I’m fine with all that. Cap should be loosened and/or raised. Pro/rel is a possibility down the road but by that time NASL will probably be defunct.

        • Gazza

          There are ZERO professional soccer leagues in US/Canada that have a hard salary.

          Only MLS is Single Entity so if you want to get rid of it build a better league and put them out of business.

      • Rest of the World

        Stop bringing retired players to finish their careers here.
        I can’t get excited about Raul, Lampard, Beckham, Kaka coming here for their last 1-3 years.
        Hold onto and develop young players (and PAY THEM).
        From Tim Howard to Matt Maizga…all left w/out any regard for what the league could have done with them (to promote our sport here).
        This is a very old play book.

        • slowleftarm

          Miazga turned down a contract with RBNY so what then? Not much you can do if someone wants to go play in Europe. Nothing wrong with that – the EPL is a higher level than MLS and players want to compete (and get paid) at the highest level they can.

          Are you seriously saying Miazga should have said “forget my ambitions and the money I can earn, I’ll stay here because MLS can do great things to promote the game if I’m here.” Please.

          • slowleftarm

            I agree there’s no need for stiffs like Raul and Fat Frank to come here but is that really hurting soccer in this country? I don’t think it is.

            • Rest of the World

              If I were an owner/manager…freeing up a spot for someone I can develop for the long term is better than the premature ejaculation of an approach our leagues are taking.

              • slowleftarm

                Ok what great young midfielder is Pirlo keeping out of the team? Fat Frank isn’t blocking anyone from developing because he never plays.

                • slowleftarm

                  Don’t get me wrong – there are far better ways to spend $6m than paying the salary of a fat, unmotivated, anti-American who never gets on the field but I don’t think that is a major problem with US soccer.

  • The rock

    Point of story is that cosmos need to be in mls and stop hating on mls.
    MLS competes against nba, nfl, nhl, nascar and all those soccer leagues.
    Cosmos need mls and once mls gets more freedom n money things will get better.

    • Rest of the World

      Best post on this page.

    • MTF

      Yes, the Cosmos need MLS, but MLS no longer needs the Cosmos. The Cosmos initially expected to join MLS and I’m sure Garber wanted them and their ‘iconic brand’ in New York. However, the sides couldn’t make it work mostly because Cosmos ownership has fundamental problems with MLS’ structure and rules and balked at the $100 million expansion fee. Now Garber and MLS have moved on and Garber has stated there won’t be three teams in New York. He got deep pocketed ownership in Man City / Yankees and now has two teams in New York drawing ~25,000 and ~18,000 respectively. I’m sure watching the Cosmos struggle to draw 4,000 in Hempstead has Garber sleeping well and not regretting what might have been. Cosmos are not in an enviable position.

  • Sammy the Red Bull

    I have no problem with an older player coming to the U.S., regardless of league, if he still has that fire and wants to play. Henry, Beckham, Villa, Kaka, are all guys that play and played hard, did everything for their team and still played at a relatively high level.

    I hate the guys that come for the paycheck and think we should all be happy that they even showed up, ala Rafa Marquezz and Fat Boy Lampard.

  • OpenCupFan

    I wonder if YES will manipulate the broadcast to avoid putting any Cosmos fans on camera – like MSG did last year for the USOC game in New Jersey (home of the mlsNJ team with the soda can mascot).
    #bushLEAGUEmls -> 20 years and ZERO player development

    • OpenCupFanToo

      #BushLeagueNASL Playing through a Fifa window.

      Zero Player development?? Gyassi Zardes, Perry Kitchen, Deandre Yedlin, Tim Howard, Brad Guzan, Landon Donovan….but, hey keep on spouting your false rhetoric.

      • Joe Strupp

        I think open cup fan is crazy but to be fair the only world class players in that group you listed are Howard ans maybe Donovan. In 20 years that really isn’t very impressive.

        • OpenCupFan

          Yeah, and neither of those was developed by #bushLEAGUEmls – check their youth development

          • Joe Strupp

            Well. Howard joined Metro at age 18. In the pre-youth team era of MLS, that counts. He had played for the NJ Stallions before but he’ll be the 2st to tell you he really learned the game with Metro.