Report: Henry will not return next year, Red Bulls explore selling club


A bad week for the New York Red Bulls and their fan base just took an even uglier turn.

Fresh off of a CONCACAF Champions League ouster and a blowout loss to the Los Angeles Galaxy, piles on the bad news with a report stating there is “zero chance” Thierry Henry returns to the Red Bulls.

To add salt to the wounds, the Red Bulls may be hanging a ‘for sale’ sign on their New York franchise and all of its extensions as well.

As discussed on EOS, SI cites a “loss of interest” from Red Bull ownership, stemming both from their global football losses and the increased investment in German D2 side, RB Leipzig, for the possible sale of the club.  According to Grant Wahl, the team could be sold within “48 hours” if an investment group presented a $300 million purchase plan for the franchise rights and their infrastructure, including that of Red Bull Arena and their Hanover training grounds.

As for Henry, a new wrinkle has emerged in his possible future plans.  While most anticipate his retirement and exit from professional football at the end of his current Red Bull contract, SI hints that his playing career may not be over — but his time at Red Bull will be.

  • Andrew Bissonette

    This is both bad but not unexpected news, and great news on the ownership front.

    I do find myself wondering though, if we are sold, what is Red Bull Arena going to look like in the future? There obviously won’t be a big Red Bull logo on the seats and maybe they’ll completely change the seating color altogether.

  • john

    With Cosmos stadium plans not going anywhere and the addition of NYCFC (which pretty much rules out Cosmos ever getting into MLS) surely this would be a great opportunity for Cosmos to buy a readymade stadium and MLS franchise.

    A stadium all be it outside the 5 boroughs, but that is nearer the heartland of the old cosmos base in meadowlands, and is one of the best in MLS AND is already built and doesn’t require planning.

    Add the 6,000 cosmos fans to the 18,000 nyrb fans a rebranded mls ny cosmos with near sellout crowds, would be a win win for MLS and cosmos owners.

    The new cosmos stadium complex was touted at $400 million, MLS wanted $100m franchise fee, so at $300m this is potentially $200m cheaper!

    • Andrew Bissonette

      Try 4k Cosmos fans and they aren’t going to buy the Red Bulls anyways. If you thought the Red Bull name was bad, you’ll see an equally bad outcry at having the Cosmos name attached to this club. The only correct way to go is to get the Metrostars name back. Hell, I wouldn’t even mind it being “NJ Metrostars” or “(NY or NJ) Metrostars FC”.

  • MP Vaughan

    Personally, I couldn’t care less what the team is called as long as the owners are committed to investing in the team and doing things the right way. If this report is accurate, I think it’s great news because it’s been clear over the past few months that the current ownership is not interested and has been cheaping out.

  • Ben

    As a cosmos supporters I dont want my club to touch anything near the Pnik Cows

    • MP Vaughan

      That’s cool. Keep watching minor league games in front of 3k in Hempstead. No one notices unless you post on articles about big boy teams.

      • Ben

        At least I’ll have a club actually trying to grow the club instead of selling an energy drink

  • Metrored

    How is Red Bull selling “salt in the wound”? Most of us would be ECSTATIC if Red Bull sold.